Friday, April 15, 2011

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Four-wide drag racing: Nationals at Charlotte had predecessors
Yahoo! Sports
But many years ago, four-wide drag racing was a common occurrence. Does anyone know this? Everybody knows. That's a saying that probably is used a bit too much these days. In this era of misinformation from the highest level, who is to say what ...
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Top four reasons your city needs a drag strip
Yahoo! Sports
Over the many years, I've expounded more than a few times to numerous different cities and newspapers about the difference between drag racing and street racing - and why there needs to be a differentiation between the two. You can read more about it ...
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Shirley Muldowney still drag racing's queen of speed
Fayette Observer
By Thomas Pope CONCORD - Shirley Muldowney gained almost as much notoriety for his quick temper as her ability to drive flame-belching dragsters. And to this day, eight years after she hung up her driving suit for good, she's proud of the backbone she ...
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Drag racers slate volunteer meeting
North Island Gazette
By Staff Writer - North Island Gazette Having unveiled an ambitious, three-event drag racing schedule with $5000 in prize payouts for the coming season, the North Island Timing Association will host a volunteers meeting Thursday, April 28 beginning at ...
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Odessa's Stainless Fabricators celebrates 25 years
Drag racing provided an outlet for all that youthful energy. While racing, "I ran into some guys in New Jersey and took a job polishing stainless (steel) in 1978." From there he learned welding. "I worked for other people and held two and three jobs," ...
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Brian Thiel Racing to get support from Lucas Cattle
Radioactive Drag Racing News
Thiel, a 2011 NHRA Rookie of the Year contender, will drive the Lucas Cattle Company Dodge Charger in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series at multiple national events. "I am excited to promote the Lucas Cattle Company, as well as bring awareness ...
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Motor sports notebook: Austin track lures big events
Houston Chronicle
Hagan and several other drag racing stars will be on hand for an autograph session from 6:15 to 7:05 pm Discounted tickets are available for the game by logging in to and using the offer code 'NHRA' at checkout. ...
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Brazilian Drag Racing [VIDEO]
Brazilian Drag Racing: Looks like Brazil wants to give the US a run for it's money as the reigning kings of jackassery...
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