Monday, February 28, 2011

Former Anheuser-Busch Sports Marketing Manager Joins ADRL As Director Of Sponsorship Development

O'FALLON, MO (February 28, 2011) – The American Drag Racing League (ADRL) announced on Monday that Karen Holschlag has been named the new Director of Sponsorship Development for the world's premier eighth-mile drag racing league.

The appointment comes after Holschlag's successful and standout 26-year career at Anheuser-Busch, Inc., the maker of Budweiser Beer, based in St. Louis, Mo.

While there, Holschlag served as Sports Marketing Manager for more than 20 years, negotiating various team, event and series contracts for the beverage industry giant. Some of the teams and series that Holschlag handled were the NHRA, Kenny and Brandon Bernstein, Indy Car, CART Series, Formula One Boat Racing and Michael Andretti. Her extensive motorsports background was one aspect that interested both the ADRL and Holschlag regarding the newly-created position.

"The things that appealed to me about this position is I will be able to utilize my contacts and experience in the motorsports industry and get back to what I enjoy," Holschlag said. "I appreciate this opportunity and I am excited to work with the ADRL and take the league to the next level."

Besides Holschlag's experience with major series contracts, she also spent time creating promotional sales and sponsorship programs that maximized brand awareness and benefitted all companies involved. Holschlag will also bring valuable event experience from her background handling both Top Fuel and Funny Car Shootouts, the Indy 500 and the LPGA Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill.

"I feel like I have a lot to offer the ADRL. The sport has grown a lot and there is a lot of potential for the future," Holschlag said. "The ADRL offers a great business model and unique concept, and I'm confident the ADRL will continue to evolve and progress."

Holschlag's hiring comes with strong excitement from the ADRL as it enters its seventh season. The 2011 ADRL Tour begins on March 25-26 with CarSafe Dragpalooza VII presented by LenMar Motorsports at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas.

Working with ADRL Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Evans, Holschlag will help create even more worldwide exposure for the ADRL and its drivers through various local, regional and national sponsorships and promotions.

"We are thrilled to have someone of Karen's caliber as our Director of Sponsorship Development. Her track record speaks for itself and she has proven herself as a valuable asset in the motorsports world," ADRL Executive Vice President Jeff Fortune said.

"We are looking forward to the relationships she will create as the ADRL continues to grow on a worldwide level."

Jay Turner relives terrifying crash at Mardi Gras Nitro Jam

Nitro Harley class gearing up for western stretch

BATON ROUGE, La. (February 28, 2011) – The scene was terrifying, the mood in the air tense. For a couple of moments it wasn’t known whether or not longtime Nitro Harley competitor Jay Turner was hurt, or worse.

The sold out crowd at State Capitol Raceway stood on their seats, leaned on the fences, anything to try and catch a glimpse of the man who, just moments before, was rushing down the quarter-mile on only one tire, blasting fire out of the pipes at over 150 miles per hour all to the amusement of one of the largest crowds to ever watch a drag race in the state of Louisiana. But now all they were seeing were the flashing lights of emergency crews surrounding the two-time champ.

For a few minutes the loudest sport in the world was reduced to silence. For a few moments thousands of fans, officials and even fellow competitors were reminded just how dangerous this sport can be. Despite all of the pageantry, despite all the flashy cars and can-you-believe it moments the sport of drag racing creates, behind the wheel, or in this case behind the handlebars, are human beings doing what they love most all while trying to put on a show for the fans.

And then word came down from the top end. Jay was alright. He had cheated death once again.

It was a moment those in attendance will never forget and it was certainly a moment the veteran rider from North Carolina will never forget.

One moment Turner is barreling down the Louisiana strip in the fastest bike class in the world, running the second quickest lap of the session to place him in the final later that night, the next he is sliding on his back toward the wall at over 150 miles per hour, bracing as best as he can for impact. It was a terrifying moment for the fans and an even scarier moment for Turner.

“All I could think about was how bad this was going to hurt,” Turner said. “Everything was smooth and great until the handlebars came off the bike in my hands and my body rose up. As soon as that happened the wind caught me and suddenly I was in for the ride of my life.”

For what seemed like an eternity Turner slid on his back just past the finish line, eventually curling into a ball moments before impact with the left side retaining wall. In a cloud of smoke Turner slapped the wall, eventually tumbling to a stop a few hundred feet from where the incident began. Further ahead of him his bike slammed into the sand trap, leaving nothing but pieces and a frame to clean up.

“I slid for as long as I could on my back and I wanted to try something else so I curled into a ball and rolled,” Turner said. “It all happened so fast it didn’t even feel real. When the handlebars came off the left side was still hooked to the bike via the brake line and that is what pulled me off the bike to the left.”

Within seconds of coming to a stop Turner was surrounded by one of the best safety teams in the business as the International Hot Rod Association’s Safety First crew tended to him on the track. After a few tense moments Turner was helped to his feet and he walked to the ambulance under his own power all to the thunderous approval of the Louisiana fans. He was a little shaken, but he was alright.

And then something strange happened.

While Turner was sitting in the back of the ambulance, all he could think about was his bike and what it would take to get back out on the track and finish the weekend. While he knew it was an impossible feat to return that same night, Turner had an idea that eventually led to one of the most exciting comeback stories the sport of drag racing has ever seen.

“When I was in the ambulance I knew I wanted to come back. I knew I had to get another bike and conquer this track,” Turner said. “Of course I was sore and, even though the damage wasn’t as bad as it looked, there was no way we were getting that bike back out that weekend.”

With an idea in place, Turner immediately went to work lining up another bike to finish the weekend. At the same time, the crowds gathering outside his pit area began to grow as fans lined up just to check up on him and make sure he was alright.

“It was heartwarming that there were so many people who were concerned about me and checking up on me,” Turner said. “It makes you even more motivated when you see just how much this means to some people.”

After some much needed rest and a long morning of preparation, the stage was finally set on the final day of the Mardi Gras Nitro Jam at State Capitol Raceway as Turner rolled out a brand new bike and made two more passes to close out the weekend. And while a few gremlins with the new bike prevented him from producing the kind of numbers he was capable of, he was still pleased to be able to get back out there and put on a show for the fans.

“Honestly when something like that happens of course it sticks with you, but when you are on the bike all you are thinking about is making a smooth, clean run,” Turner said. “The moment I fired that thing up I never thought for a second about what happened Saturday night. All I wanted to do was get down the track and that is what we did.”

Matching the persona created by these rough, outlaw types that make up the Nitro Harley division, Turner shrugged off much of the attention that was drawn to him over the weekend as “no big deal” as he went about the weekend business as usual. What mattered most to Turner, he says, was that he and his teammates were able to put on a good show and put together solid runs after struggling during the season opener back in January.

“The first race was a struggle for everyone because it was so early in the year. By the time we got to Baton Rouge we were able to put it together and get all four bikes down the track,” Turner said. “We also put down some great numbers and of course that is our main goal as a group to make our shows better while running quicker and more consistent times.”

Of course Turner’s weekend was anything but ordinary as the veteran racer lived through a horrifying accident and followed it up with a return to the track that will leave Nitro Jam fans talking for some time. And even though Turner didn’t win during his two-day stay in Baton Rouge, that honor went to Steve Dorn and Mike Scott, Turner’s amazing feat will forever be a reminder of just how dangerous, especially on two wheels, this sport can be.

Now Turner and his band of roughriders will pack up and head west along with the rest of the Nitro Jam show for a pair of stops in Arizona and Texas at Southwestern International Raceway in Tucson the weekend of March 25-26 and San Antonio Raceway in San Antonio the weekend of April 1-2.

Don’t miss the Nitro Harley division and three additional nitro classes including Top Fuel Dragsters, Prostalgia Nitro Funny Cars and Fuel Altereds as they do battle alongside a number of extras including jet dragsters, the “Cool Bus” wheelstanding school bus and the monster showdown between the Grave Digger monster truck and the Super Shockwave jet truck. Visit for more information!

Steve Legare getting geared up for upcoming PMRA season

Updates to nitrous-fed Camaro will put team in midst of Pro Modified action

TROIS-RIVIÈRES, QUEBEC (February 28, 2011) – After a season getting his feet wet in Pro Modified Racing Association  action, Steve Legare plans on making his mark in the upcoming PMRA drag racing season.

"For the 2011 season we have made lots of changes, and we'll be ready for the first race," he said.

The Legare Racing Team campaigns a 1968 Chevy Camaro, and Legare noted there have been many updates to the green Pro Modified for 2011. The car, which came from Finland's Hakan Nilsson and captured the FIA world title in its class for 2004, is a Tommy Mauney car powered by a 728-cubic inch Fulton Racing Engines powerplant. Legare added the engine has received not only new heads but a complete rebuild to the bottom end, along with a lot of tweaking to the nitrous system and the Braswell Carburetors.

An AFT four-speed Lenco sits behind the big engine, and this car will be one of a handful of non-supercharged entries in the PMRA.

"We are hoping to run with more consistency this year," Legare said. "Our goal is to get into the low six-second range."

Working with driver Steve Legare and car owner Jean-Luc Legare is crew chief Luc Desrosirers, the Maltais Brothers and Alex Perigny. Jean-Luc is the man that makes it happen and if not for him none of this would be possible. Sponsors include SLR Performance Dyno Service.

Legare is hoping for a successful season, and the team will be ready for opening day.

"Just about everything will be re-done on the car," he said. "We're planning on being very competitive this year. It will be tough competition taking the supercharged teams."

"I would like to sincerely thank my daughter Selena and my father Jean-Luc for letting me do what I love. And thanks to the PMRA for making it happen."

Photo Credit: Canadian Drag Racing Photos - and Dave Erauw Photography -

Top Fuel and Funny Car Superstar Ron Colson on Racin & Rockin!

Click to see the photo! 
Racin' and Rockin': Top Fuel and Funny Car Superstar Ron Colson on Racin & Rockin! by Bill Pratt. Join us on Monday, February 28, for a conversation with one of the top funny car racers in the sport's history: Ron Colson! Most famous as the driver of the legendary Chi Town Hustler and Hawaiian funny cars, Ron's career spanned decades. He did seat time in Gassers, Top Gas Dragsters, Top Fuel Dragsters, and fuel Funny Cars. In addition to his stellar driving career, Ron was involved with the United Drag Racers Association and edited the excellent United Racer drag newspaper. He ALSO was one of the first stars in the sport to look out for the fledgling Drag Racing List! Please join us as we showcase Ron and his immense contributions to the sport. Plus! Danny White's Drag Racing List of the Week and John Bockelman's Hit Records! AND... Jeff and Dustin will play two solid hours of music after the show on the Racin' & Rockin' After Party!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011



POMONA, Calif. – Morgan Lucas defeated Shawn Langdon in a matchup of former high school classmates in the Top Fuel final Sunday at the season-opening Kragen O'Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Winternationals presented by Valvoline at historic Auto Club Raceway at Pomona.

The other winners of the first of 22 races in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series were Robert Hight (Funny Car) and Jason Line (Pro Stock).

Lucas powered to a performance of 3.835 seconds at 316.38 mph in his GEICO Powersports/Lucas Oil dragster and was too much for Langdon, whose Lucas Oil/Speedco dragster lost traction for a moment and slowed to a 4.047 at 313.73. The two Lucas Oil Racing teammates graduated in 2001 from Jurupa Valley High School in nearby Mira Loma, Calif.

"I've never been in the points lead in Top Fuel before, and I don't really even know how to feel right now," said Lucas of his fourth career win and first since Oct. 2009. "Getting to race my teammate Shawn, who I went to high school with, this is just a dream come true, it really is. We were really fortunate in 2009 to get three wins, then we went on a big drought last year in 2010. I think that is one of those things that makes you appreciate success. I think as a team we're really going to appreciate this day and just enjoy it because, you know what, who knows when the next one is going to happen."

Lucas qualified ninth and defeated Brandon Bernstein, Terry McMillen and Del Worsham to advance to the final. Lucas said winning one of NHRA's "majors" is a big deal for him.

"The thing about it is this is probably one of the most special races there is," Lucas said. "In my eyes, it's here, Gainesville, Indy, and the Finals. Those are the races that if you're going to win one, those are the ones you want to win, and maybe a little, in a selfish way, the Lucas Oil Nationals in Brainerd just because of family."

In Funny Car, Hight used a quicker reaction time to defeat 2010 Full Throttle Series runner-up Matt Hagan in a close final round. Hight powered his Auto Club Ford Mustang to a 4.056 at 312.71 to edge Hagan's DieHard Dodge Charger at the finish line, which posted a quicker, but losing performance of 4.023 at 310.20. It is Hight's 19th career win and his third Winternationals victory.

"To win the Winternationals, the first race of the year, at Auto Club Raceway is just awesome," Hight said. "The biggest deal for me is how long it's been since we won, even a round. It goes clear back to Brainerd last year. What's really important to me is this is the fourth year in a row that my guys have stayed together, the complete team 100 percent of them, and that makes it so easy to get out here and do what you know how to do. And it makes it that much more special when you win because you pull together, you stay together. You become a family, and that's what makes these times so special."

To get the victory, Hight's Auto Club Mustang got progressively quicker in each round, starting with a 4.121 to outrun Bob Tasca in the first round and then finishing with the 4.056 to hold off Hagan in the final.

"You look at the class, it ain't that easy to get wins," Hight said. "Look at the guys I had to beat today: Bob Tasca; John Force, the 15-time champ; [Ron] Capps; Hagan. It's not that easy. If we would have slipped up just a little in the final, we would have been dust."

In Pro Stock, Line defeated Greg Stanfield to win for the 22nd time in his career and second time at this race. Line claimed his second win at this event with a run of 6.529 at 211.89 in his Summit Racing Pontiac GXP, while Stanfield trailed with a 6.595 at 210.70 in his Safety Sentry GXP.

"You can't start any better, I guess," Line said. "I've said before the year started that I wanted to win all the races, and if you want to win them all, you have to win the first one. It was kind of a strange weekend with the weather and everything else, but it was a great weekend, a great way to finish it. It feels awful good to win here, that's for sure. It's been kind of another strange offseason for us, so to start this way feels good."

Line, who qualified 11th, advanced to the final by beating V. Gaines, Vincent Nobile and teammate Greg Anderson in the first three rounds.

"My confidence wasn't that high [entering eliminations], but I kept thinking about Greg last year at Vegas and Dallas, where he qualified in the bottom half," Line said. "I thought, 'You know, if we can get down the right lane decent enough to win first round then we have a shot at it.' We actually went .53 and .53 in the right lane. The car, I would say, it was phenomenal. It drove like a Cadillac today and not a Pontiac. It was pretty good."

The NHRA Full Throttle Series continues March 10-13, in Gainesville, Fla. with the 42nd running of the Tire Kingdom NHRA Gatornationals at Gainesville Raceway.

POMONA, Calif. -- Final finish order (1-16) for professional categories at the 51st annual Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals presented by Valvoline at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona. The race is the first of 22 events in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series.


1. Morgan Lucas; 2. Shawn Langdon; 3. Del Worsham; 4. Antron Brown; 5. Terry McMillen; 6. Spencer Massey; 7. Doug Kalitta; 8. Tony Schumacher; 9. Steve Torrence; 10. Troy Buff; 11. Mike Strasburg; 12. Larry Dixon; 13. T.J. Zizzo; 14. Brandon Bernstein; 15. Bob Vandergriff; 16. Ron August.


1. Robert Hight; 2. Matt Hagan; 3. Ron Capps; 4. Mike Neff; 5. John Force; 6. Jeff Arend; 7. Jim Head; 8. Cruz Pedregon; 9. Bob Tasca III; 10. Bob Bode; 11. Tim Wilkerson; 12. Paul Lee; 13. Tony Pedregon; 14. Gary Densham; 15. Jack Beckman; 16. Johnny Gray.


1. Jason Line; 2. Greg Stanfield; 3. Ronnie Humphrey; 4. Greg Anderson; 5. Vincent Nobile; 6. Kurt Johnson; 7. Ron Krisher; 8. Erica Enders; 9. Allen Johnson; 10. Warren Johnson; 11. Rodger Brogdon; 12. Shane Gray; 13. V. Gaines; 14. Buddy Perkinson; 15. Richard Freeman; 16. Larry Morgan.

POMONA, Calif. -- Sunday's final results from the 51st annual Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals presented by Valvoline at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona. The race is the first of 22 in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series:

Top Fuel -- Morgan Lucas, 3.835 seconds, 316.38 mph def. Shawn Langdon, 4.047 seconds, 313.73 mph.

Funny Car -- Robert Hight, Ford Mustang, 4.056, 312.71 def. Matt Hagan, Dodge Charger, 4.023, 310.20.

Pro Stock -- Jason Line, Pontiac GXP, 6.529, 211.89 def. Greg Stanfield, GXP, 6.595, 210.70.  

POMONA, Calif. -- Final round-by-round results from the 51st annual Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals presented by Valvoline at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, the first of 22 events in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series:


ROUND ONE -- Morgan Lucas, 4.254, 264.60 def. Brandon Bernstein, 7.201, 89.32; Doug Kalitta, 3.830, 318.92 def. Steve Torrence, 3.831, 317.42; Shawn Langdon, 4.010, 315.27 def. T.J. Zizzo, 4.574, 201.76; Del Worsham, 3.803, 322.11 def. Bob Vandergriff, 10.849, 74.77; Spencer Massey, 3.782, 324.83 def. Ron August, 17.900, 20.73; Tony Schumacher, 3.782, 327.03 def. Troy Buff, 3.912, 301.60; Antron Brown, 3.790, 325.37 def. Mike Strasburg, 3.976, 260.46; Terry McMillen, 4.188, 207.88 def. Larry Dixon, 4.486, 223.91;

QUARTERFINALS -- Lucas, 3.858, 317.12 def. McMillen, 3.945, 266.32; Brown, 3.828, 320.66 def. Kalitta, 4.373, 190.70; Worsham, 3.810, 322.11 def. Massey, 4.106, 229.04; Langdon, 3.841, 309.63 def. Schumacher, 5.375, 127.59;

SEMIFINALS -- Langdon, 4.033, 313.95 def. Brown, 4.427, 168.81; Lucas, 4.049, 220.80 def. Worsham, 4.291, 186.59;

FINAL -- Lucas, 3.835, 316.38 def. Langdon, 4.047, 313.73.


ROUND ONE -- Jim Head, Toyota Solara, 4.217, 282.72 def. Bob Bode, Chevy Impala, 4.265, 272.23; John Force, Ford Mustang, 4.115, 310.48 def. Paul Lee, Chevy Impala SS, 4.456, 202.03; Jeff Arend, Solara, 4.331, 235.39 def. Johnny Gray, Dodge Charger, 8.512, 79.41; Mike Neff, Mustang, 4.145, 301.47 def. Tim Wilkerson, Mustang, 4.381, 222.69; Cruz Pedregon, Solara, 4.573, 283.97 def. Tony Pedregon, Impala SS, 4.869, 231.68; Robert Hight, Mustang, 4.121, 305.84 def. Bob Tasca III, Mustang, 4.216, 303.37; Matt Hagan, Charger, 4.060, 308.64 def. Gary Densham, Charger, 4.987, 158.02; Ron Capps, Charger, 4.134, 306.67 def. Jack Beckman, Charger, 5.355, 158.28;

QUARTERFINALS -- Neff, 4.243, 293.28 def. Head, 4.231, 284.93; Hight, 4.107, 308.92 def. Force, 4.123, 309.70; Capps, 4.117, 306.40 def. C. Pedregon, 5.225, 157.85; Hagan, 4.106, 305.08 def. Arend, 4.161, 295.59;

SEMIFINALS -- Hight, 4.070, 312.35 def. Capps, 4.079, 307.16; Hagan, 4.138, 302.14 def. Neff, 4.122, 306.95;

FINAL -- Hight, 4.056, 312.71 def. Hagan, 4.023, 310.20.


ROUND ONE -- Ronnie Humphrey, Pontiac GXP, 11.738, 75.52 def. Warren Johnson, GXP, foul; Jason Line, GXP, 6.538, 211.89 def. V. Gaines, Dodge Avenger, 6.646, 210.24; Greg Stanfield, GXP, 6.566, 211.43 def. Buddy Perkinson, Ford Mustang, 7.664, 128.18; Ron Krisher, GXP, 6.533, 212.06 def. Rodger Brogdon, GXP, 6.576, 211.53; Greg Anderson, GXP, 6.540, 211.86 def. Shane Gray, GXP, 6.588, 209.69; Erica Enders, Chevy Cobalt, 6.545, 212.43 def. Richard Freeman, GXP, 8.088, 131.00; Vincent Nobile, Avenger, 6.561, 211.73 def. Allen Johnson, Avenger, 6.559, 212.39; Kurt Johnson, GXP, 6.585, 210.77 def. Larry Morgan, Mustang, foul;

QUARTERFINALS -- Humphrey, 12.640, 69.36 def. Enders, broke; Anderson, 6.531, 211.00 def. K. Johnson, 6.587, 209.72; Line, 6.535, 211.66 def. Nobile, 6.555, 211.30; Stanfield, 6.561, 210.80 def. Krisher, 6.629, 210.90;

SEMIFINALS -- Stanfield, 6.538, 210.90 def. Humphrey, 6.561, 211.56; Line, 6.532, 211.76 def. Anderson, 6.563, 211.10;

FINAL -- Line, 6.529, 211.89 def. Stanfield, 6.595, 210.70.

POMONA, Calif. -- Point standings (top 10) for NHRA professional categories following the 51st annual Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals presented by Valvoline at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, the first of 22 events in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series -

Top Fuel

1. Morgan Lucas, 114; 2. Shawn Langdon, 94; 3. Antron Brown, 82; 4. Del Worsham, 74; 5. Larry Dixon, 64; 6. Tony Schumacher, 58; 7. Spencer Massey, 57; 8. Doug Kalitta, 53; 9. Terry McMillen, 51; 10. (tie) Brandon Bernstein, 33 and Steve Torrence, 33.

Funny Car

1. Robert Hight, 118; 2. Matt Hagan, 93; 3. Mike Neff, 78; 4. Ron Capps, 73; 5. Cruz Pedregon, 63; 6. (tie) John Force, 55; Jim Head, 55; 8. Jeff Arend, 51; 9. Johnny Gray, 43; 10. (tie) Jack Beckman, 32, Bob Bode, 32, Gary Densham, 32, Paul Lee, 32 and Tony Pedregon, 32.

Pro Stock

1. Jason Line, 112; 2. Greg Stanfield, 95; 3. Greg Anderson, 80; 4. Ronnie Humphrey, 72; 5. Erica Enders, 61; 6. Ron Krisher, 57; 7. Kurt Johnson, 53; 8. Vincent Nobile, 51; 9. Allen Johnson, 38; 10. V. Gaines, 35.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011


POMONA, Calif. -- A World Series winning pitcher with an intimidating fastball had the opportunity to try out his favorite hobby today alongside the world’s fastest race cars at the Kragen O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Winternationals presented by Valvoline. Randy Johnson, who retired from the major leagues in 2009 as one of the most prolific strike-out artists in the game, is spending some time these days perfecting his craft as a motorsports photographer.

The ‘Big Unit’ held his ground today in the starting line photo area at historic Auto Club Raceway at Pomona as he snapped some shots of 7,000 horsepower Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars powerfully launching into action during the season-opening NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series event.

“It’s amazing,” Johnson said. “It’s adrenaline. When one of those cars goes by I want to grab a baseball and throw it through a brick wall. It’s been a pleasure to come out here and meet some of the drivers and take it all in.”

Johnson said he listened to a few tips from several of the veteran photographers who travel with the Full Throttle Drag Racing Series. He says he has a newfound appreciation for the work they do.

“You see this on TV and you can’t put it in perspective,” Johnson said. “I had the pleasure to go out to Phoenix and shoot a NASCAR race and you don’t realize how fast those cars are and how close they race together, but this is at another level. You can’t put it in perspective from watching TV how powerful these cars are. I had a great time today. I met a lot of photographers. To experience this is a once in a lifetime thing.”

Johnson, who threw one of the 20 perfect games in MLB history against Atlanta in 2004, said he gained his love of photography while majoring in photojournalism at USC.

“I shot for the Daily Trojan for a little while,” Johnson said. “I’ve always enjoyed photography. Even when I was playing baseball I always talked to the various photographers for Sports Illustrated and the other magazines who were working at the games. Since I have been retired I have been able to do a lot of things like this and I am having fun.”

Johnson earned co-MVP honors in the 2001 World Series victory as he helped the Arizona Diamondbacks earn its first title by defeating the New York Yankees. During his 22-year career the five-time Cy Young Award winner pitched for seven different teams and finished his career with 4,875 strikeouts, which ranks second in MLB history behind Nolan Ryan.

Full Throttle Series Saturday Results


Cruz Pedregon, Erica Enders also collect No. 1 qualifiers at the first race of NHRA’s 60th anniversary season

POMONA, Calif. – Southern California native Larry Dixon closed out a blistering day of qualifying with a national-record pass of 3.770 at 324.98 to claim the No. 1 qualifying position in Top Fuel on Saturday at the season-opening Kragen O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Winternationals.

The other No. 1 qualifiers at the first of 22 races in NHRA’s 60th anniversary season were Cruz Pedregon (Funny Car) and Erica Enders (Pro Stock).

Dixon, the defending champion from nearby Van Nuys, had run a 3.778 in his first pass of the day Saturday so he has the required back-up to validate the record previously set by Tony Schumacher (3.771 at Richmond in Oct. 2008).

“That run today was just spectacular from my standpoint,” said Dixon, who drives the Al-Anabi Racing dragster. “It shook really hard, kind of just like (teammate) Del (Worsham)’s car did, and it was almost to the point where you give up, it’s shaking that bad. It cleaned up, and then went the rest of the way down the track.”

For Dixon, the No. 1 was the 49th No. 1 of his career, three shy of Don “The Snake” Prudhomme for No. 8 on the all-time NHRA No. 1 qualifiers list.

“With us only racing 1,000 feet, you can see the scoreboards now, so you click it off, and you see a .77 come up, and it’s like, ‘Wow, was that right?’” Dixon said.

Cruz Pedregon laid down a blistering 4.015 at 313.22 in his Snap-on Tools Toyota Camry that ranked as the third quickest in NHRA Funny Car history. It was the 40th No. 1 qualifier of his career and he will meet his brother Tony in the first round of eliminations on Sunday.

“It felt great, it felt incredible, especially when I took a quick peek at the scoreboard. I saw that 4.01 and I thought there it is, that’s the big payoff,” Pedregon said. “I’ve got to hand it to the (NHRA track) prep team. Crazy that we had sleet earlier in the day (Saturday) … so great credit to the prep team.”

In Pro Stock, Enders cemented the second No. 1 qualifier of her career in her ZaZa Energy Chevy Cobalt when her 6.553-second pass at 211.69 mph from Thursday held up through the final round of qualifying on Saturday.

“After we ran on Thursday and finished the session and stayed No. 1, I did feel confident that it would hold,” said Enders. “I don’t know if I’d say I’m surprised to be No. 1 just based on the championship-caliber team I’m with and the horsepower that we have over there, but I will tell you that it is a surreal feeling. I find myself pinching myself to see if it’s real.”

Enders, who has not run a full season since 2006, earned her only other No. 1 qualifier at the 2006 O’Reilly NHRA Summer Nationals at Heartland Park Topeka. She’s twice runner-upped, but never won in 89 career races entering Sunday’s final eliminations.

“I’ve had a tough last couple of years,” Enders said. “It’s just awesome to be back with a team like this and to be back on top. I’m very excited.”

Meanwhile, Mike Edwards, who has won 13 races and a championship over the last two seasons, did not qualify.

The 51st annual Winternationals eliminations begin Sunday at 11 a.m. with Top Fuel, followed by Funny Car and Pro Stock and they will be telecast by ESPN2 beginning at 7 p.m. ET.

POMONA, Calif. -- First-round pairings for professional eliminations Sunday for the 51st annual Kragen O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals presented by Valvoline at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, the first of 22 events in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series. Pairings based on results in qualifying, which ended Saturday. DNQs listed below pairings.

Top Fuel -- 1. Larry Dixon, 3.770 seconds, 324.98 mph vs. 16. Terry McMillen, 3.931, 299.06; 2. Antron Brown, 3.788, 323.35 vs. 15. Mike Strasburg, 3.924, 293.03; 3. Tony Schumacher, 3.789, 324.59 vs. 14. Troy Buff, 3.921, 306.81; 4. Spencer Massey, 3.801, 323.89 vs. 13. Ron August, 3.904, 308.50; 5. Del Worsham, 3.814, 321.96 vs. 12. Bob Vandergriff, 3.902, 309.27; 6. Shawn Langdon, 3.847, 314.31 vs. 11. T.J. Zizzo, 3.870, 312.57; 7. Doug Kalitta, 3.850, 318.62 vs. 10. Steve Torrence, 3.861, 316.60; 8. Brandon Bernstein, 3.856, 311.27 vs. 9. Morgan Lucas, 3.857, 314.90. 

Did Not Qualify: 17. Terry Sainty, 3.966, 291.57; 18. David Grubnic, 4.024, 291.07; 19. Steve Faria, 4.943, 152.28; 20. Steven Chrisman, 12.767, 265.33.

Funny Car -- 1. Cruz Pedregon, Toyota Solara, 4.015, 313.22 vs. 16. Tony Pedregon, Chevy Impala SS, 4.191, 278.00; 2. Johnny Gray, Dodge Charger, 4.049, 311.20 vs. 15. Jeff Arend, Solara, 4.179, 301.81; 3. Mike Neff, Ford Mustang, 4.060, 312.42 vs. 14. Tim Wilkerson, Mustang, 4.168, 296.11; 4. Robert Hight, Mustang, 4.071, 313.00 vs. 13. Bob Tasca III, Mustang, 4.147, 296.76; 5. John Force, Mustang, 4.093, 305.84 vs. 12. Paul Lee, Impala SS, 4.131, 278.17; 6. Jim Head, Solara, 4.096, 307.51 vs. 11. Bob Bode, Impala, 4.121, 300.80; 7. Matt Hagan, Charger, 4.099, 302.01 vs. 10. Gary Densham, Charger, 4.111, 301.54; 8. Ron Capps, Charger, 4.106, 306.88 vs. 9. Jack Beckman, Charger, 4.111, 313.58. 

Did Not Qualify: 17. Brian Thiel, 4.214, 293.28; 18. Melanie Troxel, 4.459, 293.03; 19. Jeff Diehl, 4.678, 258.67; 20. James Day, 5.413, 154.44; 21. Grant Downing, 14.023, 68.14.

Pro Stock -- 1. Erica Enders, Chevy Cobalt, 6.553, 211.69 vs. 16. Richard Freeman, Pontiac GXP, 6.640, 208.78; 2. Greg Anderson, GXP, 6.556, 210.77 vs. 15. Shane Gray, GXP, 6.614, 209.88; 3. Allen Johnson, Dodge Avenger, 6.561, 211.36 vs. 14. Vincent Nobile, Avenger, 6.612, 210.54; 4. Ron Krisher, GXP, 6.562, 211.26 vs. 13. Rodger Brogdon, GXP, 6.600, 210.01; 5. Greg Stanfield, GXP, 6.562, 210.77 vs. 12. Buddy Perkinson, Ford Mustang, 6.593, 209.14; 6. V. Gaines, Avenger, 6.564, 209.95 vs. 11. Jason Line, GXP, 6.590, 210.54; 7. Kurt Johnson, GXP, 6.571, 210.21 vs. 10. Larry Morgan, Mustang, 6.588, 209.95; 8. Warren Johnson, GXP, 6.572, 210.80 vs. 9. Ronnie Humphrey, GXP, 6.584, 210.97. 

Did Not Qualify: 17. Bob Yonke, 12.562, 70.20; 18. Mike Edwards, 28.456, 59.78.

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