Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Super Chevy Show Finds Success at Season-Opener in Palm Beach

JUPITER, FL – April 10, 2011 – The first stop of the Super Chevy Show Series presented by GM Performance Division and presented locally by Schumacher Chevrolet is in the books. The three-day Bowtie festival featured thousands of attendees welcoming the annual show back to Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR).

For the weekend, the southern portion of the PBIR road course was transformed into a vendor midway as dozens of series and event sponsors showcased some of the latest automotive products and accessories available to owners of all Chevy-powered vehicles.

Once fans completed their walk-through of the vendor midway, they were greeted by more than 20 classes of car show participants. Hundreds of classic, custom and new model Chevys lined the PBIR road course backstretch. Pit lane was filled with swap meet participants as Harry "The Hat" LaPlatte hosted the do-it-yourselfer segment of the Super Chevy Show.

"We were thrilled to host the first stop of the Super Chevy Show Series at Palm Beach International Raceway," said Jason Rittenberry, President and CEO, PBIR. "One of the best things about the Super Chevy Show is that there was something for everyone – from the car show, autocross and swap meet on the road course, to side-by-side and exhibition racing on the drag strip. This weekend was successful because of the PBIR racers and fans. We're looking forward to working with Super Chevy Show again next year."

One of the highlights of the weekend included a special appearance by Darrell Gwynn, racing legend and Super Chevy Show Grand Marshal. Gwynn addressed attendees during the pre-race ceremonies and thanked PBIR fans for attending the event.

Chalmer Stauffer of Royal Palm Beach, FL, was the winner of the WFLX Fox 29's Super Chevy Show Fantasy Prize. Stauffer's prize for the weekend included a meet and greet with the five-time NHRA Champion Joe Amato and race against the legend in identical Chevrolet Camaro. Stauffer had lane choice over Amato during the exhibition run presented by Schumacher Chevrolet. Stauffer had a quicker reaction time, but Amato caught him at the 330-foot marker and reached the finish line first. Despite his lost to the racing legend, Stauffer was still smiling when he climbed out of the Camaro.

"I was watching the news on Fox 29 and saw the ad about PBIR and the Super Chevy Show and entered the online contest," said Stauffer. "I thought I just won tickets to the event but then they told me I was going to meet Joe Amato and drag race against him, I couldn't believe it. This was my first time to PBIR since they made all the changes and everything is great. Thank you PBIR and Fox 29 for a great time at the Super Chevy Show on Sunday."

On the drag strip, more than 200 racers took to the lanes for final eliminations. Local racers and fan favorites came from all over Florida to participate in various classes of drag racing.

Sunday race winners include:

Matthew Buck – Pro Mod (Lantana, FL)
Randy Weber – Bracket 1 (Loxahatchee, FL)
Manny Sousa – Bracket 2 (Bradenton, FL)
Brien Radley – Stock/Super Stock (Belleview, FL)
Derek Putnam – DOT (Gainesville, FL)

Palm Beach International Raceway was the launch city for the 2011 Super Chevy Show Series. The Series heads west to The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the second stop on the tour. For the latest information on the Super Chevy Show Series presented by GM Performance Division, visit


Results for the Super Chevy Show race at Palm Beach International Raceway, first of 12 events in the 31st Annual Super Chevy Show Series race.


Pro Mod – Matthew Buck (1996 Haas, Lantana, FL) 4.454 at 164.39mph def Keith Russell (1999 Camaro, Jupiter, FL) 5.065 at 115.96mph

Sunday Class (Bracket 1) – Randy Weber (1997 Undercover, Loxahatchee, FL) 8.033 at 157.43 def Warren Sharpe (1984 Z 28, Hobe Sound, FL) 10.437 at 128.86 mph.

Sunday Bracket 2 (Pro) – Manny Sousa (1966 Chevy II, Bradenton, FL) 18.267 at 57.47 def Brien Radley (1965 Nova, Belleview, FL) 17.793 at 47.45 mph.

Stock/Super Stock – Brien Radley (1987 Firebird, Belleview, FL) 10.524 at 125.47mph def Anthony Puleo (1985 Camaro, Palm Beach Gardens, FL) 11.542 at 113.53 mph.

DOT - Derek Putnam (1970 Nova, Gainesville, FL) 11.304 at 110.83mph def Sonny Freeland (1973 Chevy, Davie, FL) 17.112 at 78.70mph.

Quick 16 Dragster – Steve Dweck (1997 Horton, Hollywood, FL) 7.401 at 176.60 mph def Mike Lago (1997 Mullis, Lantana, FL) 7.204 at 187.83 mph.

Quick 16 Door Car – Joe Puleo (1981 Corvette, Royal Palm Beach, FL) 5.715 at 120.62 mph def. Johnny Casquilla (1988 Camaro, Lake Worth, FL) 5.461 at 125.40 mph.

Saturday Class (Super Pro) Bonus Race – Steve Dweck (1997 Horton, Hollywood, FL) 7.538 at 160.48 mph def Claude DeBonis (2008 Worthy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 7.274 at 173.72 mph.

Saturday Bracket 2 (Pro) Bonus Race – AJ Issman (1973 Nova, Deerfield Beach, FL) 10.891 at 102.01 mph def Manny Sousa (1966 Chevy II, Bradenton, FL) foul.

True Street – 1. Mark Dixon (Stuart, FL, 1982 Camaro). 2. Derek Pitnum (Gainesville, FL, 1970 Chevy). 3. Stephen Symmes (Lake Worth, FL, 1966 Chevy). 4. Matthew Boettcher (Ft. Pierce, FL, 1980 Monte Carlo). 5. Chris Neely (Palm City, FL, 1985 Caballero).

5th Gen Camaro Shootout – Stephen Vignon (2010 Camaro SS, Miami, FL) 11.917 at 118.59 mph def. Kelly Fromm (St. Augustine, FL, 2010 Camaro) 15.119 at 104.35 mph.

Super Chevy Magazine: Editor's Top 10 Award for Sunday:

1. Casey Miles (Boca Raton, Fla., '69 Z/28)

2. Rick McDonough (West Park, Fla., '70 Chevelle Wagon)

3. Robert Warren (Daytona Beach, Fla., '55 Bel Air Sedan)

4. Mike Newby (Marrietta, Ga., '69 Chevelle)

5. Brian Radley (Belleview, Fla., '65 Nova)

6. Jeremy Hrabal (Orlando, Fla., '70 Camaro Z/28)

7. George A. Morgen Jr. (Hollywood, Fla., '70 Nova)

8. Gary Bacon (Hollywood, Fla., '67 Nova)

9. Chris Heywang (Davie, Fla., '86 S-10)

10. Danny Smith (Boynton Beach, Fla., '79 C-10 Van)

Award of Excellence: Jim Duncan (Sanderson, Fla., '69 Camaro Roadster)

Best of Show: Dennis W. Delphus (Southwest Ranches, Fla., '41 Willys Roadster)

Best Big Car: Claudio Camilucci (Del Ray, Fla., '59 Chevy)

Best Camaro: Jack Hunter (Boca Raton, Fla., '69 Camaro)

Best Chevelle: Nick Martorano (Light House, Fla., '70 Chevelle)

Best Corvette: Ray Bergman (Newport Beach, Fla., '06 Corvette)

Best Conversion: Neil Stringer (West Palm Beach, Fla., '06 Cobalt)

Best Open: William Swafford (Weston, Fla., '06 Cobalt)

Best Early Chevy: Larry Phillips (Lake Worth, Fla., '48 Chevy Sedan)

Best El Camino: Jay Bernard (Palm Harbor, Fla., '69 El Camino)

Best 55, 56, 57: Linda Keel (Spotsylvania, Va., '55 Chevy)

Best Monte Carlo: Larry Valder (Hidledth, Fla., '87 Monte Carlo)

Best Nova: Michael Larrabee (West Palm Beach, Fla., '70 Nova)

Best Pro-Street/Engineered: Sebastian Barroso (Weston, Fla., '67 Camaro)

Best Truck: Mike Moon (Stuart, Fla., '06 Chevy)

Best Paint Gold: Dennis W. Delphus (Southwest Ranches, Fla., '41 Willys Roadster)

Best Detail Gold: Dennis W. Delphus (Southwest Ranches, Fla., '41 Willys Roadster)

Best Engine Gold: Dennis W. Delphus (Southwest Ranches, Fla., '41 Willys Roadster)

NOVA '62-'67 Class


Outstanding: Michael Hines (Hobe Sound, Fla., '66)
Winner: David Kukula (Englewood, Fla., '67)


Outstanding: Buddy Burfind (Englewood, Fla., '64)
Winner: Jim Fenton (Palm Springs, Fla., '63)

NOVA '68 & NEWER Class


Outstanding: David Rush (Jupiter, Fla., '77)
Outstanding: Norman Brown (Isla Morada, Fla., '72)
Winner: Michael Larrabee (West Palm Beach, Fla., '70)



Winner: Rudy Wichmann (Lake Worth, Fla., '70)


Outstanding: C.J Oudendyk (Seminole, Fla., '84)
Outstanding: Glenn Travers (Riviera Beach, Fla., '70)
Winner: Jay Bernard (Palm Harbor, Fla., '69)


Outstanding: Robert Fritsch (North Palm Beach, Fla., '87)
Winner: Lenny Carey (Key West, Fla., '87)

BIG CAR '49-'54 Class


Winner: Bill and Donna Carroll (Fort Lauderdale, Fla., '50)

BIG CAR '58-'89 Class


Outstanding: David Dziminuwicz (Boyaton Beach, Fla., '64)
Winner: Leo Cobb (Lake Worth, Fla., '64)


Outstanding: Seth Lacey (Boca Raton, Fla., '61)
Outstanding: Kyle Koemm (West Palm Beach, Fla., '65)
Winner: Claudio Camilucci (Del Ray, Fla., '59)

CHEVROLET '55-'57 Class


Winner: Scott Simsa (North Port, Fla., '55)


Outstanding: Sam and Carol Mascia (Jensen Beach, Fla., '56)
Outstanding: Allen McEntire (Sebring, Fla., '56)
Winner: Linda Keel (Spotsylvania, Ga., '55)

CHEVROLET '55-'57 Class


Outstanding: Jimmy Stewart (Bryan, Ohio, '57)
Outstanding: Richard Schulz (Port Salerno, Fla., '57)
Winner: Jorge Del Ray (Hialeah, Fla., '57)

CAMARO '67-'69 Class

MODIFIED (1967-68 only)

Outstanding: Mark Winnis (Palm City, Fla.,
Winner: David Marshall (Palm City, Fla.,

MODIFIED (1969 only)

Outstanding: Barry Dulac (Fort Pierce, Fla., '69)
Outstanding: Benny Martinez (Davie, Fla., '69)
Winner: Jim Duncan (Sanderson, Fla., '69)

CAMARO '67-'69 Class


Outstanding: Steve and Dawn Karlecke (Loxahatchee, Fla., '69)
Outstanding: Chris Steers (Stualt, Fla., '69)
Winner: Jack Hunter (Boca Raton, Fla., '69)

STREET ('67-'68 only)

Outstanding: Kim Stokes (Brooksville, Fla., '68
Outstanding: Melissa Sheehan (Coconut Creek, Fla., '68
Winner: August Ranno (Park Land, Fla., '68)

STREET ('69 only)

Outstanding: Don Weir (Okechobee, Fla., '69)
Outstanding: Lance Joseph (Miami, Fla., '69)
Winner: Alex and Kim Jozefyic (West Palm Beach, Fla., '69)

CAMARO '70-'81 Class


Outstanding: Kobi Aviv (Cooper City, Fla., '79)
Winner: Don Endonino (Longwood, Fla., '71)


Winner: Michael Mangone (Port St. Lucie, '78)

CAMARO '93-'02 Class


Winner: Dave Harris (Coral Springs, Fla., '95)

CAMARO ('10 and Newer) Class

STREET (2011 only)

Outstanding: Cal O'Neil (Coconut Creek, Fla., '11)
Outstanding: Dylan Rives (Miami, Fla., '11)
Winner: Robert Spadaro (Homestead, Fla., '11)


Outstanding: Stephen Vigoa (Miami, Fla., '10)
Outstanding: Kelly Fromm (Jacksonville, Fla., '10)
Winner: Ron Caldwell (Naples, Fla., '10)

CAMARO ('10 and Newer) Class


Outstanding: Jovanny Cruz (Miami Lakes, Fla., '10)
Winner: Alexi Sosa (Miami Fla., '10)

STREET (2010 only)

Outstanding: Adrian Sosa (Miami Fla., '10)
Outstanding: Carlos J. Tejero (Miami, Fla., '10)
Winner: Raul Rivas (Miami, Fla., '10)

CORVETTE '53-'67 Class


Winner: Alvin Barnes Del Ray Beach, Fla., '67)


Winner: Michael McKisic (Del Ray Beach, Fla., '66)


Winner: Jim Toma (Lakewood Ranch, Fla., '64)

CORVETTE '68-'82 Class


Outstanding: Joe Chevres (Lot, Fla., '71)
Winner: Sharif Mikhail (West Palm Beach, Fla., '73)

CORVETTE ('84 and Newer) Class


Outstanding: Tom Stankus (Hollywood, Fla., '98)
Outstanding: Peter Smyth (West Palm Beach, Fla., '95)
Winner: Joe Circelli (Cape Coral Fla., '93)


Winner: Ray Bergman (Newport Beach, Fla., '06)

TRUCK '49-'72 Class


Winner: Phillip Cobbs (Vinemont, Ala., '65)


Winner: David Froehlich (Loxahatchee, Fla., '70)

TRUCK '73-'87 Class


Winner: Sharon White (Palm City, Fla., '87)

TRUCK ('88 and Newer) Class


Outstanding: Ronnie Neal (Williamsburg, Ky., '04)
Winner: Ray Albino (Jacksonville, Fla., '10)



Winner: Bud Young (Lakeworth, Fla, '04)


Winner: Brian Allen (Park Land, Fla., '05)



Winner: Robert Shematz (Green Acres, Fla., '09)


Winner: Bob Davidson (Lake Worth, Fla., '70)


Winner: Curtis Canton (Pembroke Pines, Fla., '99)



Outstanding: Richard Sampson (Okechobee, Fla., '08)
Winner: Mike Moon (Stuart, Fla., '06)

EARLY CHEVY '36-'48 Class


Winner: Larry Phillips (Lake Worth, Fla., '48)

CONVERSION ('48 and Earlier) Class


Outstanding: Bob Sirosky (Avon Park, Fla., '29 Ford)
Winner: Paul Okeefe (Hillsboro Beach, Fla., '47 Ford)

CONVERSION ('49 and Newer) Class


Winner: Neil Stringer (West Palm Beach, Fla., '84 El Camino)



Winner: Scott Dempsey (Davie, Fla., '66 C-10)

CHEVELLE '64-'67 Class


Winner: Dave Shugard (Millsboro, Del., '64)

CHEVELLE ('68 and Newer) Class


Outstanding: Armando Antelo (Hialeah, Fla., '70)
Outstanding: David Povio (Coconut Creek, Fla., '68)
Winner: Bill Coffee (Singer Island, Fla., '70)


Winner: Bob Sabatino (Palm City, Fla., '71)


Outstanding: Hector Acevedo (Port Lucie, Fla., '72)
Outstanding: Brian Flannigan (Del Ray Beach, Fla., '68)
Winner: Nick Matorano (Light House Point, Fla., '70)

PRO STREET ('68 and Earlier) Class


Outstanding: Ken Weiss (Port St. Lucie, Fla., '66 Nova)
Outstanding: Skip Barrett (Lighthouse, Fla., '66 Malibu)
Winner: Sebastian Barroso (Weston, Fla., '67 Camaro)

PRO STREET ('69 and Newer) Class


Outstanding: Vinny Desantis (Port St. Lucie, Fla., '69 Corvette)
Outstanding: Neil Edelstein (Lorahatchie, Fla., '69 Camaro)
Winner: Andrew Paul (Del Ray Beach, Fla., '69 Camaro)



Outstanding: Ronald Laubenheimer (Boynton Beach, Fla., '85 C-10
Outstanding: Donald Endonino (Iverness, Fla., '89 S-10)
Winner: Dan and Sharon White (Palm City, Fla., '71 C-10)



Winner: Saul Hornung (Cocoa, Fla., '66 Chevy II)



Winner: Lanny Valdes (Hisledit, Fla., '87)


Outstanding: Josh Coroner (Royal Palm Beach, Fla., '88 Monte Carlo)
Winner: Michael Mellone (Westin, Fla., '71 Monte Carlo)

OPEN Class


Outstanding: Jerry Kinnery (Lantana, Fla., 2010 Cobalt SS)
Winner: Rick Martain (Plantation, Fla., '65 Convertable)


Winner: William Swafford (Westin, Fla., '06 Cobalt SS)

GOLD CONVERSION (1900-1948) Class


Winner: Dennis Delphus (Southwest Ranches, Fla., '41 Willys Roadster)