Monday, December 31, 2007

Nanotechnology battery dragster sets new EV world speed record
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. announced that Dennis “Kilowatt” Berube set a new National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) electric vehicle world speed record driving an electric dragster powered by Altairnano battery packs. This is the 17th consecutive year that Dennis Berube has held the world record for fastest electric vehicle in a quarter mile.
Your Way Network - Drag Racing
Drag racing's answer to YouTube.
Drag Racing the 2008 Dodge Challenger Super Stock Concept
The 2008 Challenger Super Stock Concept is the sister car to the orange Challenger Concept which has been on the show circuit for 15 months — the car which inspired DaimlerChrysler to actually produce the Challenger as a 2008 model. And the car which has every Mopar geek worth his pushrods foaming at the mouth.
Hall of Fame more than just NASCAR
Nearly everyone who knows anything about auto racing knows about Talladega Superspeedway. Fewer may know about the origins of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. But, according to Don Naman – who ran the speedway from 1970-88 before moving over to run the Hall of Fame, where he stayed until 2000 – the Hall, or at least the concept for it, has existed as long as its next-door neighbor.
Get ready for 0 to 300 in seconds
Racing in the Charlotte area is going straight in 2008. With three major NASCAR weekends plus dozens of other events scheduled once again for Lowe's Motor Speedway -- which, in case you missed it, will be right where it has always been in Concord -- oval-track racing will once again bring thousands of people and millions of dollars to the area in the year ahead. But something new is coming.
POWERade champions crowned and silly season roars to life as year ends
The final installment of's year in review points out all the exciting happenings of October, November, and December.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Parks passes, Force wrecks, Greg and Jeg score 50th wins in third quarter
After 56 years of leading NHRA Championship Drag Racing from its inception into a sporting entity featuring more than 80,000 members worldwide, founder Wally Parks passes away on Sept. 28 at the age of 94. Parks' death is preceded by a scary accident involving John Force and Kenny Bernstein that hospitalizes 14-time champion Force for 23 days at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. is spending the last few days of 2007 revisiting the headlines of the year in quarterly installments.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dickinson ND to get race track
The Dakota Drag Racing Association is near to closing a land deal that would make them the owner of the state’s only quarter-mile drag strip.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Death after Twin Pines fistfight raises thorny issues for investigators, prosecutors
Prosecutors are dragging their feet on prosecuting the 27 year old who beat 68 year old drag racing legend Nye Frank in an altercation that resulted in a heart attack and death.
New York strip named IHRA Track of the Year
George Swansbrough, owner of Skyview Drags in Tioga Center, received the International Hot Rod Association Track of the Year Award.
Open-wheel racing in U.S. continues its fade
As a backward way of beginning a review of the 2007 motorsports season, I'd like to say this should be the second “golden era” of IndyCar racing. But that is clearly not the case.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Journalist Froscher To Be Honored by NHRA
Veteran motorsports journalist Norm Froscher soon will receive yet another well-deserved accolade. The Gainesville, Fla. native will be inducted into the National Hot Rod Association's Southeast Division 2 Hall of Fame on Jan. 5 in Orlando, at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center.
NHRA year in review, part 1
The excitement of the first season of competition under the new Countdown to the Championship was the talk of the preseason one year ago as teams spent the final month of the off-season testing their cars and announcing new sponsorship deals. By the end of March, the season was in full swing, albeit under a cloud sorrow after the untimely death of super-popular Funny Car star Eric Medlen in a testing accident. Part one of four.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lee County man races ahead
Some people would be happy to sit back and savor a year that produced a world championship and racing records, but Jason Scruggs didn't reach the top of the American Drag Racing League thinking about the past. He is moving forward and thinking about how to go faster in 2008.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Burkart hopes his brief time as Force's replacement pays dividends
Funny Car racer Phil Burkart Jr. isn't sure what to think this off-season. Like every other drag racer and fan, he's hopeful that his idol, John Force, who was severely injured Sept. 23 in Dallas, is back to 100-percent health as soon as possible. On the other hand, after Force and his stable of crew chiefs hand-picked Burkart to fill-in for Force at the last two races of the year, there's that little part of him that wants the dream to continue for just awhile longer.
In the clutch: Cultrera helps team win racing championship
Not many people can rebuild an automobile clutch in less than 45 minutes. But Steve Cultrera of Eliot, Maine, can, and his knowledge of the clutch and effort helped lead the racing team he works for to a world championship.
NHRA Drag Racing Photos Plus A Bit More
This is a great video with not only some great photos but some messages for the NHRA.
ProStreet has a flat tire, while PGR4 gets a fun tune-up
When I think of the 'Need for Speed' series, a couple of things come to mind: customization, fun tracks and cops. The newest, 'Need for Speed: ProStreet,' fails on two of those counts.

ANRA 2007 Points Champion Photos
Congratulations to the champions of the 2007 American Nostalgia Racing Association series. Here are 10 photos of the 2007 ANRA champs in action.

Drag Racing List - ANRA 2007 Finals Winners Photos
The final American Nostalgia Racing Association event of the season took place on November 10, 11, and 12, 2007. Here are ten photos of the race winners in action.

ANRA Cool August Nights Winners Photos
ANRA Cool August Nights was rained out in August, but they finished the eliminations at the Finals on Saturday, November 10, 2007. Here are 10 photos of the winners in action at the Cool August Nights event.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Susan Wade's Fourth Annual Naughty Or Nice List
You'd better watch out. You'd better not cry. It won’t do you any good to pout, either. What's the line? 'No crying in drag racing.' That goes for whining. Let's see who gets candy canes and who gets lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings this year.
Sustainable Autoculture
An appreciation of Technical Ecstacy both past and present with a candid pantheistic/futuristic outlook.
Dwane Ong pioneered the first rear-engine top-fuel dragster
Every drag racing fan worth his weight in nitro knows that 'Big Daddy' Don Garlits campaigned the first successful rear-engine dragster, right? Wrong.

Six-Second Santa!
If you weren't good this year, Santa is COMING for you in a big way! Happy Holidays to all from!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Drag Racing Front Wheel Drive Quickest Times Ever
Presented by
Sampey To Buell
Ending weeks of speculation, Pro Stock Motorcycle team owners Karl and Kim Klement announced that three-time NHRA POWERade champ Angelle Sampey will pilot their Rush Racing Products Buell in 2008.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Need for Speed: ProStreet - Review: First Impressions
The last game in the Need for Speed series, Carbon, featured a variety of control schemes and some fun arcade-style racing, which raises expectations for this latest installment. If you can't sense the impending disappointment yet, don't worry - you will.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Auto Salon Aussie Car of the Month
Low, loud and meaner than a junkyard dog, this South Australian S15 is going to start kicking heads both here and abroad.

2007 Outlaw Fuel Altered Season Review
It has taken me the better part of an hour to decide how to start off the 2007 re-cap article for the Outlaw Fuel Altered Association, simply because this season was like no other in the circuit’s eleven year history.

The History of Violence
That’s the thing about drag racing… and more specifically, the 1960’s era of the sport… It was dangerous man. More than dangerous, it was absolutely violent. Little to no sophistication behind huge amounts of horsepower. Drivers were passengers. Their right foot controlled whether the game was on or off. Go or no go. Live or risk.

Mythbusters to bust myth electric cars are slow in episode next season
According to the show's producer, they are filming an episode, to air next season, on busting the myth that electric cars are slow. The episode will include races between electric and gas; ATVs, go-carts and cars.
Total Adrenaline 3D Drag Racing for Windows
This arcade style game lets you become a drag racing star. Unlike other racing games this one lets you pick actual real life parts to upgrade your car.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Get your NHRA nitro fix each weekday on ESPN Classic
Fans of NHRA Drag Racing who have a need for speed during this off-season can quench their thirst for the world's fastest motorsport by tuning into ESPN Classic each weekday at 11 a.m. The popular sports channel continues to offer daily airings of past NHRA POWERade Series events.

Merry Rat Fink Christmas
Words by Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine.
NHRA Pros to stare down NASCAR rivals in Bodine Bobsled Challenge
Led by defending event runner-up Morgan Lucas, a handful of top drivers from NHRA POWERade Drag Racing will take on a group of NASCAR stars in the third annual Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge, Jan. 3-5 at the Olympic Sports Complex in Lake Placid, N.Y.
From NASCAR to drag racing, Mittler Bros. are in the garage
The Mittler brothers, Mike and Paul, always had an interest in racing. Perhaps that's why their Mittler Bros. machinery is now in race car garages across the country.
Racing group must pay
The organization that runs Redding's drag strip must repay the final $5,955.40 in interest it owes the city on a 2003 loan.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Current Eliminator V sets new world speed record for electric vehicles
Got a need for speed? Strap on a battery pack and his the track. That's the idea behind the Current Eliminator V, which set a new electric dragster world speed record in the National Hot Rod Association's (NHRA) Super Pro class of 153.6 mph.
Gaskins provides Mids with some fast company
Top Gun, indeed. Navy Midshipman goes drag racing.
2008 NMRA Ford Nationals Event Schedule
Entries for Pinks All Out at Infineon Raceway Nearly Sold Out
Entries for PINKS All Out at Infineon Raceway are nearly sold out, as racers have acted fast to secure their spots in the two-day drag racing event.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Electric Dragster Sets New Speed Record
The man often called 'the Thomas Edison of electric drag racing' has shattered his own top speed record by more than half a second, tearing through the quarter mile at 8.10 seconds and soundly spanking more than a few fossil-fueled cars.

Fuller and team visit Caterpillar's home in Peoria
Championship runner-up Rod Fuller and his David Powers Motorsports teammates recently spent four days at the Peoria, Ill., home of their primary sponsor, Caterpillar.
European Drag Racing Champ Plans NHRA Tour
Top Fuel driver Urs Erbacher, one of the latest drivers from across the pond to take on the POWERade Series’ best, has hired veteran tuner Wayne Dupuy to lead his team in 2008 with an eye on an expanded schedule here.
Racetrack, event venue planned in Mid-Missouri
Local developers plan to begin work soon on a $45 million project that will bring a paved race-car track, a motocross dirt track, a drag-racing strip, industrial and RV parks and a 7,500-seat coliseum to Mid-Missouri over the next several years.
Stamatis To Wind Up The Wick At Willowbank
West Australian Top Fuel Driver Martin Stamatis will be looking to ‘wind up the wick’ at Willowbank Raceway for the January 4/5 Night Fire Top Fuel Spectacular and round four of the ANDRA Top Fuel Spectacular after a up and down Sydney round three last weekend.
1-800 Entertainment
1800-Entertainment: Nothin' But Action. Shane and Eric Boyungs provide great drag racing videos from the heartland.
Bobby Lagana Jr to drive for Evan Knoll
'I have been racing for a long time and I have seen a lot of crazy things and met plenty of interesting people,' Knoll said. 'There is something special about a guy who wants to race so badly he will carry his dragster on an open bed ramp truck.'

Monday, December 17, 2007

Engine transplantation!
Fazil Khan and his team FRK Racing from Bangalore have come to Coimbatore for the second round of the MRF Racing Challenge with a mission: to put his team of 12 cars to test in the new category of CC to weight ratio in the races this weekend.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hot Wheels #11 on List of Top Toys
Man, this blog took me back. One of my favorite childhood pastimes and no doubt an early igniter of my love of drag racing.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thompson Raceway Park Signs with IHRA for Three Years

Historic Track East of Cleveland Joins IHRA Family of Member Tracks

(NORWALK, OHIO—December 14, 2007) If you grew up in the Cleveland area you are all too familiar with the radio commercials. The song “Fire on High” from the Electric Light Orchestra probably saw more airtime on Cleveland’s progressive FM radio stations in Thompson Drag Raceway radio spots than in regular rotation on the stations’ play lists. With a young Aaron Polburn handling track promotion, Thompson Drag Raceway was the place to be as the Carter Administration wore down and “The Gipper” was poised to take the helm of the nation.

Thompson was one of the first drag strips in the country, built in 1958. It has been through three different ownership groups in its history but one thing has remained a constant…from the days of muscle cars in the late 50’s through the ‘60’s, through the heyday of drag racing on a national level in the 1970’s until today cars have been going down the track at Thompson.

In 2004 the track was renamed Thompson Raceway Park, but a new name did not detract from the tradition of excellence at the facility. The track has undergone extensive renovations over the last 18 years and is in the best shape in its history. Thompson has always had a strong commitment to its local racers and, for this reason, has decided to come back to the sanctioning body under which it thrived throughout much of its history…the International Hot Rod Association. Track owner Ken Edgar Jr. signed a three-year agreement Thursday, Dec. 13 to rejoin IHRA’s family of member tracks, leaving behind the NHRA after four years under its sanction.

Ohio is IHRA Country and this was a decision we left up to our racers,” Track operator Jim Curtis said. “We sent a letter out to them to ask them to vote on the future of Thompson Raceway Park and it was unanimous, they all wanted to come back to IHRA and we’re thrilled with their decision. IHRA just seems like home for us. The benefits of IHRA sanction are endless and I can’t wait for 2008 to start.”

Curtis, who has been involved at Thompson for over 18 seasons, left the decision up to his racers. But that does not mean he did not make his opinion known.

“I really pushed hard to get this deal done,” he said. “It was my passion to get Thompson Raceway Park back with IHRA. So by popular demand we got the deal put together with Aaron.”

Polburn is excited the track where he spent much of his career as a promoter is back in the IHRA fold.

“I have a soft spot for Thompson because I have so many great memories there,” he said. “It’s a great track with hard-core loyal racers in a tremendous market. The future is very bright at Thompson and we look forward to working with Jim Curtis to give his racers what they expect from IHRA…a strong commitment to local drag racing, outstanding special programs and support from a sanctioning body that truly cares about each and every one ऑफ़ its member tracks. 2008 is going to be a great year at Thompson with it’s 50th Anniversary celebration, the Summit SuperSeries and a full schedule of racing action all summer.”

Bishop Wins at London

Charles Bishop of Demossville, Ky. picked up the $5,000 check by winning the Super Pro bracket in the Thanksgiving Classic at London Dragway.  His competition in the final, Preston Mitchell of Cincinnati, rolled through the lights before the tree activated. Bishop covered the eighth-mine in 5.5049 seconds with a top speed of 122.96 mph, on a dial-in of 5.49.  Photo by London Dragway. -- John Potts

Friday, December 14, 2007

Honda-Tech Drag Racing: How we all grew up with our cars
Since this off season is pretty brutal with all the changes and waiting for the schedules and rules, i was really bummed about the future of import drag racing. Sitting back and taking it all in, really got me thinking about how we all got here in the first place.
Scelzi staying busy in the off-season as he preps for 2008
The 2005 Funny Car world champion, driver of the Mopar/Oakley Dodge Charger R/T for Don Schumacher Racing, discusses his plans for the off-season, his future goals in NHRA, his status as a soccer dad, and the recently announced Blue Boxes.
10,000 Photos on the Drag Lists!
Hi everyone. We just hit a cool milestone. Of the 68 thousand draglist entries we have collected, 10,000 of them now have photos! Of course our long term goal is one photo per entry. While that will most likely never happen, Danny and our hundreds of contributors will keep on adding them until we get as many as we can! Thanks to everyone for their support.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shanelle leaves the boys in the dust
The New Plymouth 21-year-old finished second in her first race, which was in the Super Gas class of this month's New Zealand Drag Racing Association Central Nationals event.

Drag racing's real Deel
When it comes to junior drag racing, Yuba City’s Kevin Deel is the real deal.
Hot Drag Racing Girl
Is she hot or not? She sure has our vote.
Drag racers get data boxes
Top Fuelers and Funny Cars will be fitted with a Ford Racing "Blue Box" crash sensor to record data during all events of the 2008 NHRA season. The announcement this week came after seven months of testing the devices on the Mustang Funny Cars operated by John Force Racing.

Mills Gives Thanks
Monica Mills of Barbourville, Ky., took her second big check of the season in the Thanksgiving Classic at London Dragway, taking the top prize in the Ultimate 32 shootout. Monica's dragster covered the eighth-mile in 4.8143 seconds, with a top speed of 141.26 mph on a dial-in of 4.79, defeating Jacob Gregory of London, who posted a 5.6058 ET and a speed of 121.68 on a dial-in of 5.57. Monica also had a .5409-.5440 advantage on the starting line for an MOV of 0.0146. Photo by London Dragway. - John Potts
While cruising the isles at the PRI Show the Agent came across a couple of new items for the supercharger set. The first was this new design carbon fiber hat from supercharger guru Darren Mayer at DMPE.

The museums you have to see!
By Ken Levine(Ken Levine)
The Big Daddy Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing The Teddy Bear Museum The International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame/Museum The Trash Museum The Sewing Machine Museum The Museum to the Creator of Conan the Barbarian.

An Interview with Nora Coon, 19 Year Old Author
By Bluestalking Reader
At least, not without tossing in drag racing, modern-day Malaysian pirates, pyromaniacs, and exotic dancers. Last year's novel, though it didn't quite stick to the original plot, was a little more faithful.

Street racing isn't drag racing - Tracy Press
By Matt
Street racing isn't drag racing However, I hope that you can help us educate your readers in the differences between drag racing, a legal sport, and illegal street racing

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Racing and Romance
And now for something completely different: The Thrill of the Chase is a well-reviewed, attractive new hardcover novel that stars technician and grassroots drag racer Sarah Matell as she tries to work out a functional relationship to both her car and her man.
Ian Tocher from Drag Racing Online provides a really nice review of the 2007 PRI show in Orlando.
Shepherd Fired Up For The Night Fire Top Fuel Spectacular
Bright and bubbly Amanda Shepherd couldn’t be more excited about returning to the track at which she made her maiden finals appearance during only her second competitive event in September, as she prepares to head to Willowbank Raceway for the January 4/5 Night Fire Top Fuel Spectacular.
Bristol Dragway to drop bracket racing in 2008
Bristol Dragway announced Tuesday that it would not host a bracket racing points series in 2008. Wow, how did this one slip in under the radar?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yes, I know it’s red
The Verbotomy team comes up with some clever names for annoying driver monkeyshines.
Nelson can always produce a smile
During working hours, you’ll find him tuning up the produce department at the College Road Safeway. After working hours, if you’re a drag-racing fan, you might spot Nelson behind the wheel of his ‘69 Dodge Dart.
Mike Dunn a runner-up at Int'l Top Fuel Challenge
ESPN2 commentator Mike Dunn, a former star in NHRA Top Fuel and Funny Car competition, scored a runner-up finish to two-time Australian series champion Phil Read Sunday at the International Top Fuel Challenge at Western Sydney International Dragway.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Best Of American Muscle Cars
When you think of a car that is born tough, incredibly masculine and delivers high-performance, actually you are thinking of a muscle car.
Create a Ride Game Online
Create your own super charged car, then take it out for a spin in exciting locations, from a drag racing track to a high speed police chase!
Just for kicks, a Sci Fi blog breaks down the Munsters' hot rods.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

AARWBA All-America team includes new champs, Anderson, others
With voting completed for the 2007 All-America Auto Racing Team, five drivers emerge as contenders for the Jerry Titus award.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chuck - Nicely Twisted
Neat automotive art.
NHRA Funny Car driver Ashley Force has been named No. 10 in Yahoo!’s Top Trends in Search for 2007 in the sports news category, it was announced recently by the global Internet site that is among the most trafficked Web destination worldwide.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Nitro Central
Time to check in with Bob Bradley and his nostalgia fuel dragster website and blog. Congrats to Bob on new personal bests in the six second, 200 mph zone at Bradenton.
Toyota expand motorsport program for 2008
The Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Rally Team - fresh from back-to-back Australian Rally Championship (ARC) titles in 2006 and 07 - will be chasing a three-peat in 2008 with a pair of Super 2000 Corollas.
World Land Speed Record Holder Art Arfons Dies
The sport has lost another pioneer.
Drag-racing legend Bernstein retiring, again
Kenny Bernstein is retiring -- again. This time, the NHRA legend expects it to stick.
Motorsports Hall of Fame to induct six in 2008
Robert 'Red' Byron, the first driver to win a NASCAR points championship, is among a diverse group to be inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. The six-person Class of 2008, announced Thursday, also includes Art Arfons, Bill 'Grumpy' Jenkins, Frank Kurtis, Everett 'Cotton' Owens and Ralph Seagraves. They will be enshrined on April 24.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Drag Cars, 1957 to 1963
While a lot of folks see the fuel ban as a dark period for the sport, I see it as the pinnacle. The fuel limitation lead to guys trying to figure out how to go faster with less.

DRM Goes Digital

IHRA's official magazine now available in digital form on

DRM, the official magazine of IHRA drag racing and the Knoll Gas Nitro Jam, will now be available online at Issues #21 through #23, the final three issues of the 2007 season, will be free to all visitors to while registration with a membership number will be required beginning with Issue #1 of 2008. You will be asked to enter an e-mail address and zip code to view Issues #21 through #23

Each issue in 2008 will be available immediately after its completion for all IHRA members on a protected site. When each new issue is released the previous issue will become free to all visitors.

"This is an excellent supplement to our print edition of DRM," managing editor Pam Marchyshyn said. "Not only is this a bonus for DRM readers, it is a huge value-added advantage for DRM advertisers. This project has been in the works for awhile but we wanted to do it right. The company we have chosen to work with does a fantastic job of creating clear, high-quality virtual pages which we know our members will enjoy."

IHRA director of Internet and new media Jeff Lee thinks the time has come for DRM to move forward into the "Information Age.

"As technology moves forward, people are getting more and more of their media from the internet in addition to the traditional print, radio and television sources," Lee said. "We figured a great way to serve our members, fans and advertisers was to put DRM online for the masses. Not only will this increase our overall circulation of the magazine, but the advertisers will now have links directly to their websites from their ads. We will also soon have the option of inserting video ads into the online version of the magazine. Users will be able to do things like print and save individual pages or stories, zoom in on the pages, increase font size, and translate text to another language. This is a really slick piece of technology that will improve the user experience of our broadband connected, flash enabled site visitors."

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jegs Mail Order to Sponsor All Three NHRA Sportsnationals Events through 2010 Season
JEGS Mail Order, a nationwide leader in sales and distribution of parts and supplies for the aftermarket performance industry, has signed a multi-year agreement with NHRA to sponsor all three NHRA SPORTSnationals events.

Meet The Fastest Diesel Powered Drag Pickup
The engineers at Banks Power believe that diesel is the key to 'guilt free performance' and have decided to back up their words with timeslips.
Racing Giant Art Arfons Dies
Akron native and world speed record holder, Art Arfons, died Dec. 3. He was 81.
Boy racer wants legal drag strip established
"A Rotorua boy racer wants to talk to local authorities to try and establish a legal drag strip. James Simmons says boy racers are here to stay and the only way to stop illegal street racing is to have a drag strip where young drivers can race in a controlled environment.
NHRA announces formation of Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series
To help preserve NHRA's rich history and tradition while capitalizing on the success of nostalgia drag racing competition, NHRA has formed the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series that will crown year-end points champions in 14 categories.

Monday, December 03, 2007

NHRA announces Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series of nostalgia events
To help preserve NHRA's rich history and tradition while capitalizing on the success of nostalgia drag racing competition, NHRA has formed the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series that will crown year-end points champions in 14 categories.
Ashley Force Engaged
Following up on her Rookie of the Year season as driver of the Castrol GTX Ford Mustang Funny Car, Ashley Force was showing off an engagement ring Sunday during the annual John Force Holiday Car Show.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Green light for growth
If you’ve never seen drag racing in person, Steve Earwood can’t fully explain what it’s like. You don’t simply watch drag racing. You feel it.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Drag racer Clayton Neuman claims HOF spot
Drag racer Clayton Neuman will enter the Snowmobile Hall Of Fame in St. Germain, Wis. this winter. Neuman and his brothers have been a drag racing force since the early 1970s, and are still involved with ice drag racing.
Pontiacs In The Park Drag Racing and Car Show
Chief Pontiac Productions and Virginia Motorsports Park celebrated their fourth year together with another fantastic three-day-long weekend of drag racing, car shows, and Pontiac camaraderie.
2008 NOPI Drag Racing Series Sanctioned by NHRA Schedule Released
NOPI Motorsports has announced the schedule for the 2008 “NOPI Drag Racing Series sanctioned by NHRA.
OK Then: What About Drag Racing?
You all had such strong reactions to our little NASCAR query that we're going to keep it going. So, for those of you who bitched and moaned about, 'turn left, turn left, turn left, turn left,' here's a motorized endeavor that features no turning whatsoever.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Bowdoin racer dies at Florida race track
Chris Gould was a regular guy who was dreaming about doing something he loved, and he was out doing it.
Mullins takes racing title in second year
Assistant Police Chief Harley Mullins will be retiring today, however, his son Christopher is just getting started. He doesn't quite have the methods of law enforcement down, but he is developing those high-speed driving abilities.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

NHRA News: Capps reflects on 2007, his career, and life in the POWERade Series
Ron Capps drove the Brut Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car for Don Schumacher Racing to a fourth-place season result in the 2007 NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series. In a dynamic season that featured the new Countdown to the Championship points playoff system and another dramatic battle to the finish, Capps won three events in seven final rounds, ending with a season round-win-loss record of 32-19.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hemi Dart Wheelie
Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit
The Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit is a blown Alcohol funny car circuit that will provide a step back into the old day when traveling funny cars shows were the norm.

120" W.B $2500
125" W.B.$2800
Day after drag racer dies in Jupiter, hot rod circuit balances safety and speed
Drag racers in Moroso remember Chris Gould.
Willowbank Raceway Sets The Future Course For An Expanded 2008 And 2009 Winternationals
Willowbank Raceway’s Management Committee voted recently to assure the future of their biggest event – the Castrol EGE Winternationals - by expanding the Event program for 2008 and 2009.
Pocket rocket on track: "Amanda Shepherd, 19, of Bringelly, is the new girl on the national top fuel dragster racing circuit. And she's the only current female licensed fuel drag racer in Australia.
From grandparents to granddaughter, racing is a legacy
On race days, three generations can be found working as a team. When one is driving, the others are helping to make sure each pass is fast and safe.

Monday, November 26, 2007

GLENDORA, Calif. (Nov. 26, 2007) - NHRA POWERade Series world champions Tony Schumacher, Tony Pedregon and Jeg Coughlin headline the Drag Racing nominees for the 2007 American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) Auto Racing All-America Team.
Two drivers from each of seven categories - Drag Racing, Open Wheel, Stock Car, Road Racing, Short Track, Touring Series and At Large - will be selected to the first team by the members of the motorsports press association. Two second team drivers from each category also will be named.  The remaining drivers in each category receiving five percent of the vote will receive honorable mention status.
In addition to Schumacher, Pedregon and Coughlin, Pro Stock runner-up Greg Anderson also was nominated in the Drag Racing category and Top Alcohol Funny Car world champion Frank Manzo was nominated in the At Large category.
The driver receiving the most votes overall will be presented the prestigious Jerry Titus Award, recognizing AARWBA’s Driver of the Year. Schumacher won the coveted award last year, while 14-time NHRA Funny Car world champ John Force is a four-time winner (1996, 1999, 2000 and 2002). Shirley Muldowney (1982) and Don Prudhomme (1976) are the only other drag racers to ever win the Titus Award.
Schumacher won the final round of the final race of the season in his U.S. Army dragster to claim his fifth Top Fuel world championship and an NHRA-record fourth consecutively. Among Schumacher’s six victories on the season, he won the prestigious Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Indianapolis for the fifth time.
Pedregon claimed his second Funny Car world championship behind the wheel of his Q Horsepower Chevy Impala SS. Pedregon set a national record elapsed time in Phoenix and earned four victories in five final rounds. An emotional victory at Las Vegas in October during the Countdown to 1 positioned Pedregon to clinch his first POWERade championship as a team owner.
Coughlin earned his third Pro Stock title in his Chevy Cobalt with four victories in eight finals, including an NHRA-best 7-1 eliminations record in the Countdown to 1.
Anderson drove his Summit Racing Pontiac GTO to a second place finish in Pro Stock with eight victories in 12 final round appearances and a national record elapsed time performance at the famed ACDelco Gatornationals in Florida. 
Manzo received a nomination in the At Large category for securing his 11th NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car world championship in the NHRA Lucas Oil Series. He raced to four national event wins and six divisional event wins to take the crown.
IRL champion and Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti and CART champion Sebastien Bourdais lead the Open Wheel category, while NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon pace the Stock Car category.
AARWBA members have selected an All-America Auto Racing Team since 1970.  Drivers selected to the first team will be honored at the 38th annual All-America Auto Racing Team banquet, held Jan. 12 at the Hyatt Regency in Indianapolis. For tickets and other information about the AARWBA All-America banquet, call (818) 842-7005 or write to AARWBA, 922 North Pass Ave., Burbank, CA, 91505.

The Rock Spring Blast presented by Richmond County Tourism slated for February 21-24

Huge annual test session gives drivers a leg up on Knoll Gas Nitro Jam and Summit Pro-Am seasons

Every spring racers travel from across the country to Rockingham Dragway with a definite purpose in mind…to see how their engine combinations and off-season work will pay off once the racing starts for real. The Rock Spring Blast presented by Richmond County Tourism is expected to be one of the largest organized test sessions in the country and will bring drivers from all over the United States and Canada.

“The Rock Spring Blast is a great opportunity for drivers and crew chiefs to see how their off-season work will pay off,” IHRA president Aaron Polburn said. “You can run on the dyno all you want, but you are not ready for the season until you make a few laps on a national event-level prepped racing surface. This event will tell you a lot about where you stand, what you need to work on and what you have done that will be successful.”

The Spring Blast is a four day feast designed with the most ardent gearhead in mind. The top doorslammers in the country will be joined by new and established sportsman cars to give the race fan everything he or she could want. Feb. 21-22 will feature testing in the Pro Stock and Pro Modified classes while all other pro entries will be welcomed to take a shot or two at the racing surface at Rockingham Dragway. Feb. 23-24 will be a free bracket race for all sportsman competitors as well as a Chicago Style race in the professional classes.

“This is what it’s all about, running at this track where we have some of the quickest fields in IHRA history,” Rockingham Dragway owner Steve Earwood said. “This is also the site of the second event on the 2008 Knoll Gas Nitro Jam schedule and our Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am event is tentatively scheduled for the next weekend, so you will do yourself a big favor by getting a few passes under your belt.”, the official website of the Knoll Gas Nitro Jam, secured title sponsorship for the Rock Spring Blast prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Everyone knows the Spring Blast is the top test session in the country,” webmaster Jeff Lee said. “This event is the one everyone keeps their eye on. Last year the drag racing world wanted to see what Scott Cannon had coming for the Pro Mod class in the 2007 season and I remember the anticipation to see Robert Patrick’s Mustang in action. We are proud at to secure our name to this prestigious event.”

Earwood always looks forward to getting a sneak preview of who will be swinging for the fences during the Knoll Gas Nitro Jam season.

“You get to see people dealing with new equipment, refreshed motors and new combinations,” Earwood said. “And this is not just an event to break in new things, it is a chance for the drivers to shake some of the cobwebs off in a very competitive, professional setting.”

Tickets for the Rock Spring Blast presented by Richmond County Tourism will be $20.00 for adults, $5.00 for kids age 6-12. Children under 6 will be admitted free with a paid adult admission. The box office at Rockingham Dragway will also be open during the Spring Blast to sell tickets for the Nitro Jam Spring Nationals, scheduled for April 18-20 at Rockingham Dragway. For more information about Rockingham Dragway visit www.

Drag race champ was Mr. Intensity among friends
Douglas A. Olrich, 65, a man who did everything with fierce energy, including winning the Grand National Drag Racing Meet in 1967, died Thursday near Toledo.
Driver killed in Moroso crash
Chris Gould died at Moroso Sunday when his chutes failed after a 268 mph run. Our deepest condolences to Chris's family and friends.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thoughts racing about things to be thankful for ... or not
I’m most thankful for the latest resurgence in drag racing. If ever there truly was a grassroots way to race, this is it. Always was and still is. Even with the megabuck owners and teams putting on the big show, there’s still plenty of room for Jack, Jackie and Mike and Michelle to climb into their cars and race.
Heart drives this racer
Fame is catching up with Rich Bailey, even if he does travel at 200 miles per hour.
Bruton Smith Plans for Charlotte Drag Strip to Go Forward
Mayor Scott Padgett's phone rang just before 6 p.m. Wednesday. On the other end of the line: Lowe's Motor Speedway owner Bruton Smith. "We have an agreement," Smith said.
Drag Racing Electric Cars
Michael Kadie took off down the quarter-mile at Portland International Raceway. As he braked, red numbers blinked on in the board that stretched over both lanes: 13.69 seconds at 94 miles an hour. Not bad for a first-ever run in an electric car he built himself.
Top 10 Automotive Turkeys
MSN Autos columnist Lawrence Ulrich talks turkey about the 10 worst cars in recent memory.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lucas, Todd enjoy thrill of a lifetime competing in Baja 1000
Their ride was short-lived, but young NHRA upstarts Morgan Lucas and J.R. Todd's first attempt at the 40th annual SCORE Tecate Baja 1000, the world's most famous desert race, still ended up being the thrill of a lifetime.
Quarter-milers Radke, Graham lead team to Baja 1000 finish
Funny Car driver Wyatt Radke, brother/crew chief Scott 'Scoots' Graham, and some fellow former crewman not only raced in the fabled event but completed the 1,296-miles course.
Jennifer Greenberg Named RMMRA Rookie of the Year

Eighteen-year-old Jennifer Greenberg, daughter of Top Alcohol Funny Car racer and long time friend Lyle Greenberg, capped a very successful season by winning the Rookie of the Year title at the Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association (“RMMRA”) 2007 Awards banquet Saturday night in Denver. Greenberg competed in RMMRA events in Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico during the 2007 season, finishing 4th in the season points championship. Her best main event finish was 2nd at Colorado National Speedway in Denver and she won a preliminary heat race at I-25 Speedway in Pueblo.

“The beginning of the season was tough for my team as we struggled with mechanical difficulties”, said Greenberg. “Fortunately we kept plugging away and started to run ok by the middle of the year. We then ran very well at the end of the year. I have to thank my Dad, Lyle Greenberg, for his commitment to our racing program. There were a few times where the easiest route would have been to park the car, but we continued to push forward all year. In addition, I want to recognize Butch Blackberg, Scott Baron and my sister Rachel for their help all year. I can’t wait to start the 2008 season, though our plans are very uncertain. We have several different opportunities, including stock cars and sprint cars. Hopefully we will know what our 2008 program will be by the first of the year. In the meantime we are preparing our midget to run it when we can.”


Jennifer Greenberg represents marketing partners Amsoil, Cabinet Concepts, SunCo Equipment and Supply, Andrews Motorsports, M&J Signs, Synergy Coatings and TIS Fitness Systems.


For additional information on the Jennifer Greenberg Motorsports team, visit their website at

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

GM Racing/NHRA drivers return from memorable visit with US troops - Glendora,CA,USA
... and Top Fuel drivers Cory McClenathan and Melanie Troxel represented the sport of drag racing during the 72-hour troop-morale mission to Germany. ...
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Local racer wins two track championships
Burnett County Sentinel - Grantsburg,WI,USA
Roehrs also competed in the Midwest Drag Racing Association series. The MDRA is a separate organization that competes for points at four different are race ...
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Autochannel (press release) - USA
DRAG RACING DOWN UNDER: Two NHRA racers, Cory McClenathan and Mike Dunn are headed to The Land Down Under, Australia. The 2007 International Top Fuel ...
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Rod Fuller - DPM interview - Tallahassee,Florida,USA
My biggest career goal is to make a name for myself in drag racing and the 2007 season helped with that. We had a great year and accomplished a lot. ...
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NHRA Clarifies Role in 2008 NOPI Drag Racing Series Sanctioned by NHRA
Following up on its recent announcement at the 2007 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NHRA and NOPI have further clarified NHRA’s role, specific to racing operations, at “NOPI Drag Racing Series sanctioned by NHRA” events.
Holman earns racing title
Jerry Holman received one of NHRA Drag Racing's top awards: the Division 2 Points Championship.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Irwindale "Last Race" Reunion Brings Out Crowds
Maybe we should dateline this story 'Irwindale East.' While young people may know of the Irwindale Dragstrip at Irwindale Speeday, oldtimers are much more familiar with Irwindale Dragway, a dragstrip that disappeared, a victim of 'progress,' thirty years ago.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Expat's Photos: 2007 NHRA Las Vegas
300 super shots from this year's AC Delco NHRA Nationals 2007 in Las Vegas.

Ashley's a Driving Force in Drag Racing
Mother Proof - Castle Rock,CO,USA
Q: In other interviews, you've mentioned that you tend to minimize the whole gender aspect in drag racing, but the truth is you're a pretty big deal. ...
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Alcohol racing legend Newberry hands in his driving gloves
After a tremendously successful 35-plus-year driving career that netted 50 NHRA national event wins and 11 divisional championships, Alcohol Funny Car icon Bob Newberry has decided its time to turn in his driving gloves.
Just Another Toy
I happened upon this great photo site while looking for info on Dick Kraft's Bug -- the original rail dragster. The site had dozens of photos and descriptions of the cars at Garlits' Museum, then I found several more photos of cars from all areas of racing and hot rodding. GREAT!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sisters share love of drag racing
Kansas City Star - MO,USA
It's about two sisters who compete in junior drag racing and, against a number of odds, become champions. Chelsea, who was 10 at the time, ...
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Bootie was meant to be a racer
Richmond Times Dispatch - Richmond,VA,USA
Ink: Drag racing would appear to be a lifetime commitment for Harris. About a year ago, he got an elaborate tattoo across the length of his upper back. ...
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Darrell Russell: Broad Smiles, Quarter-Miles reviews this combination biography of Darrell's life and a personal account of the tragic accident and aftermath that soon followed the crash.

Friday, November 16, 2007

KillaCycle Breaks New World Record: 7.82 at 168
The KillaCycle made drag racing history at Pomona this weekend when it became the FIRST electric-powered vehicle to make a SEVEN-SECOND PASS in the 1/4 mile.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wanted! Dead Or Alive
Dan Millen is a wanted man. His crime: Terrorizing dragstrips with 7-second runs and getaway speeds in excess of 190 mph.
Pedregon realizing he's on top of the drag racing world again
Funny Car world champion Tony Pedregon took a week off after winning his second POWERade title to decompress from what he describes as his most emotional and stressful year behind the wheel of a 7,000-horsepower flopper.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reed Racing Ready To Rock The Motorplex
The Perth Motorplex at Kwinana Beach is gearing for a spectacular weekend of Championship Drag Racing as it hosts Round 3 of the Australian Top Alcohol series from 16th-17th November.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Remembering Shav Glick
Remembering the penultimate professional mainstream journalist who was a friend and fan of all types of motorsports.
Track's new owner may be bound by old agreements
Despite plans for major changes at the New Hampshire International Speedway, the track's new owner may be forced to comply with several legal agreements the current owners made with neighbors nearly 20 years ago.
Get Your Racing Fix On Route 66
In a world of proliferating racing series, brooding over the imminent demise of even the most prominent continues. Whether it's F1, open-wheel racing in the U.S., endurance racing, or even NASCAR, there's a perception and frequent comment that they're all in danger of imminent demise. Drag racing, it seems, remains the only bedrock.
NitroHutch's Photos: Bruce Larson's 2007 "Nostalgia Dragfest"
Our friend Paul Hutchins uploaded his great photos from the 10th Annual USA-1 Dragfest at Bruce Larson's house on Saturday, November 10. Man, did we have a great time.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Amador native helps set diesel drag speed record
Amador Ledger-Dispatch - Jackson,CA,USA
By Jim Reece Argonaut High School graduate Chuck Swart was an instrumental member of a mechanics team that set a drag racing speed record in diesel trucks ...
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Pro Modified Racing Association To Compete At Cayuga, Grand Bend ...
Auto Racing Daily - USA
"We will be returning to some of the finest drag racing facilities in Canada. " Toronto Motorsports Park and the Grand Bend Motorplex are situated in ...
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Will the sideways sport become the next import drag racing or the ...
AutoWeek - USA
But not too long ago, import drag racing looked like the next big thing, too. While it is still a viable force in the import scene, a plethora of ...
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Pro Modified Racing Association To Compete At Cayuga, Grand Bend, And Sanair Drag Strips Next Year
The Pro Modified Racing Association has confirmed four race dates for 2008 as it enters its fourth year of operation.
Continental drift
The sport of drifting has had a little time to establish itself here in America--four years have passed since the first big U.S. drift competition--so it's time to ask: Has drifting become the next big thing yet? Or is it just a bigger thing than it was before?
Amador native helps set diesel drag speed record
Chuck Swart was an instrumental member of a mechanics team that set a drag racing speed record in diesel trucks Oct. 25 in Las Vegas, Nev.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mark Wacker has been involved in the motorcycle industry for 30 years
Willowbank Raceway will host its inaugural Motorcycle Shootout Event on November 17th, with 10 categories of Motorcycle action on the bill.
Crank Up the Hog for Bike Week
After years as the lone wolf of Southern California biker events, the 24th Annual Love Ride will be the leader of the pack at the inaugural California Bike Week this weekend at the Fairplex in Pomona.
British govt. minister quits to race cars
A British government minister has stepped down to follow his dream of becoming a race car driver.
2007 CHRR Cacklefest Photos
The 2007 CHRR Cacklefest was the biggest ever so as the event gets bigger, so does the job of adequately covering it. Thanks to the contributions of many photographers we invite you to view the 4 pages and hundreds of photos of the granddaddy of Cacklefests.

2007 CHRR Cacklefest - Page 1 of 4

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Auto Club Road to the Future award salutes 2007's top rookie ... - Glendora,CA,USA
"The Road to the Future Award has come to symbolize these same attributes in the sport of NHRA POWERade Drag Racing." Ashley is only the 10th woman in NHRA ...
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2006 NMRA Bradenton Drag Racing & Mustang Car Show - Guns Blazing
Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine - USA
Roush Racing made its presence felt by entering five cars in competition. Included in the fleet were three Roush development cars (an '07 Drag Pack and two ...
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Ten Year Old Set To Kickbutt At Willowbank Raceway
Auto Racing Daily - USA
Skinner has been given the chance to gain his ANDRA (Australian National Drag Racing Association) competitive licence after his mum won a competition run by ...
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A drag on attendance
Mail Tribune - Medford,OR,USA
Drag-racing enthusiasts Dave Thompson, left, and Chet Arnspiger helped with building new bathrooms at the drag strip in White City. ...
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NHRA POWERade awards ceremony salutes top performers, lost friends - Glendora,CA,USA
The future stars of the sport, drivers in seven categories in the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, also were recognized as 2007 world champions: Bill ...
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Pomona II: Cruz Pedregon final - Tallahassee,Florida,USA
JINDIANAPOLIS (November 5, 2007) -- Cruz Pedregon and his Advance Auto Parts NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series Funny Car team carriedlate-season momentum ...
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


From the Ground Up: Bushmaster's Rockin' Race Place
Springfield Business Journal - Springfield,MO,USA
Schreiber, who earned the nickname "Bushmaster" as a young dragster in the early 1960s, will display 30 cars, thousands of photos and other drag-racing ...
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Chevrolet clinches 16th NHRA Manufacturers Cup - Glendora,CA,USA
... NHRA POWERade tour that included Jeg Coughlin's third NHRA Pro Stock championship and class wins at numerous Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series events across ...
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A day at the races
San Gabriel Valley Tribune - West Covina,CA,USA
Franco, 15, a sophomore at Nogales High School, spent Friday along with 29 other students at Fairplex in Pomona watching drag racing. ...
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Budweiser renews official beer status with NHRA - Charlotte,NC,USA
Budweiser, a sponsor in NHRA drag racing since 1980, has renewed its "official beer" status as part of a multi-year deal with the series, making it one of ...
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Schumacher can't be ruled out in title chase
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
By Jim Peltz, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer After Tony Schumacher made a dramatic comeback to win the top fuel drag-racing title a year ago, ...
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Zoë Stevens wins 330 Championship in Phoenix
Zoë Stevens earned the 2007 Wicked West Coast 330 Championship with her semi-final round win over Aaron Christman at Speedworld Dragstrip during the Witch Hunt event on October 28th. She then went on to win the event with a holeshot victory over George Castro. Stevens took the championship on the strength of her runner-up finish in Denver and victories at the last two events on the circuit. In the finals at Phoenix, Zoë took the win light with an .048 light and a 330 foot ET of 4.355 as George's great 4.303 ET and .130 reaction could not quite catch her. For more on the Wicked West Coast 330s, visit
Loving the 2007 California Hot Rod Reunion
As usual, we're never the first but hopefully the best... presents the 2007 CHRR. Seven pages with hundreds of photos. It should give those who couldn't attend a better look at the action and for those were were lucky enough to be there a reminder of how great it was. This is our largest event coverage yet taken from over 7000 photos from some of the best shooters out there. Enjoy.

2007 CHRR on

Note: Extensive Cacklefest coverage coming very soon.

Artist Hinds, manufacturer Thermos present Medlen with special tribute - Glendora,CA,USA
Hines' other portrait subjects in drag racing include Force, the 14-time Funny Car Champion presently recovering from injuries suffered in a Sept. ...
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Budweiser renews as Official Beer of NHRA - Glendora,CA,USA
"Drag racing really is one of America's first 'extreme' sports, and Budweiser is proud to have been a part of the sport's growth over the past 25 years," ...
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NHRA Releases 2008 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Schedule
PaddockTalk - USA
Headlined by the powerful Top Alcohol Dragster and Top Alcohol Funny Car classes, the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series allows racers to compete for a ...
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Drag racing legend Billy Holt a 'good, moral person'
The Huntsville Times - - Huntsville,AL,USA
By YVONNE BETOWT Greg and Scott Holt thought they had pulled a fast one on their father, local drag racing legend Billy Holt of Athens, when they slipped ...
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Pomona II: Kurt Johnson - Tallahassee,Florida,USA
Kurt Johnson's final qualifying pass for the 2007 POWERade Drag Racing season turned out to be quite eventful for more than one reason. ...
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Color Me Gone Returns?
Just an update for you on the whereabouts of the 'Color Me Gone' FC (aka: 'Rumblin Fever'). A good buddy of mine has purchased it and has been working on putting it back together for some nastalga racing in 2008. His name is Mike Quinn and he lives in Pennfield, Michigan. I am to have the honor of repainting it back into the original paint scheme. I am not sure if the original name will be on it or not. I guess that is to be a conversation with Roger. - Phillip J. Clapp

The Fast and the Curious
Bakersfield Californian (subscription) - Bakersfield,CA,USA
This weekend is the perfect time to mix a stroll down memory lane with some modern ground-pounding drag racing. The National Hod Rod Association wraps up ...
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NHRA 'playoffs' aren't so good for Capps
San Diego Union Tribune - United States
"If it is good for the series and for drag racing, it's going to be good for me," the Carlsbad Funny Car pilot said recently. ...
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Rider takes her title shot
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Until this year, the San Antonio rider of drag-racing motorcycles had competed at the sport's top level in only one prior year, 2001, when she ran in only ...
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Force can't race, but he won't quit
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
23, so he's leading his team any way he can in drag racing finale at Pomona. By Jim Peltz, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer For the first time in 28 years, ...
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hot rod season ends in Pomona
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
By Jim Peltz, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Pro drag racing caps the first year of its new championship format this weekend with its season finale at Auto ...
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Jeg Coughlin Jr.: "I'ma drag racer It's (Pomona) our Daytona"
Auto Racing Daily - USA
He's also become a favorite of drag racing fans as he often sports a JEGS T-shirt in competition. It turns out the pride of New Bedford, Mass., ...
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Autochannel (press release) - USA
The new sport compact race series will be called NOPI Drag Racing Series sanctioned by NHRA. "This is a logical step for sport compact drag racing," said ...
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


NORWALK, Ohio (October 31, 2007) – Live Nation Motor Sports, promoters and producers of the International Hot Rod Association announced today the two-phase rollout of the new series' web sites:,,, ProAm.ihracom, and SuperSeries.ihracom. The new and improved sites will be fan and competitor friendly sites, with much improved navigation, and they are set to rollout with phase one on November 2, 2007.

Currently features content for the five series sanctioned by IHRA; Knoll-Gas Nitro Jam, O'Reilly Auto Parts Thunder Jam, Kumho Street Warriorz, Mr. Gasket ProAm, and Summit Super Series. The first phase will be the creation of the new Knoll-Gas Nitro Jam series web site, The remaining four series will remain on until early January of 2008 when phase two is complete. The transformation and separation of each series into its own series web site will allow for easier fan and competitor navigation. The web sites will be able to dedicate full attention to each series' sponsors, points, results, news, and event specific details that each series properly deserves. Though each series will have its own URL, navigation between each series will be readily available from each site.

"We are extremely excited about the new site(s). The goal is to not only make our sites the information hub for drag racers, fans and sponsors, but to offer an interactive experience as well. With five series under the Norwalk properties umbrella, we have a lot of information to share and stories to tell; it is too much to house all in one site. The individual sites will allow people to navigate more easily and allow us to feature more pertinent news, stories, promotions and sponsors," said Ellen Watts, Marketing Manager for the Nitro Jam series.