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2009 Sonoma LODRS Friday Qualifying

Drag Racing List - 2009 Sonoma LODRS Friday Qualifying
Friday’s qualifying results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event presented by Korbel at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, California.

IHRA Northern Nationals - Friday Notebook

Northern Nationals – Friday Notebook


One thing that a lot of people tend to forget is that the “I” in IHRA actually stands for International.

And it is that worldwide appeal that is one of the driving forces behind the popularity of the legendary sanctioning body.

Along with being home to drivers from all corners of the globe, the IHRA also hosts races in both the United States and Canada and has aspirations to continue to expand its borders in the years to come.

In fact, this weekend’s race in Martin is the first national event back in the U.S. since finishing up its Canadian Swing two weeks ago in Edmonton and Grand Bend. Along with the U.S. and Canada, the IHRA also has tracks outside of the continental United States in Alaska and Hawaii and even has a facility on the tiny island of Aruba.

And it is on that tiny, yet highly popular island in the Caribbean that Pro Stock driver Trevor Eman calls home.

Eman was born and raised in Aruba and even got his drag racing start on a small track close to home. Now, from bracket racing in Aruba to driving on a national drag racing tour, Eman has evolved to one of the fastest door cars on the planet – IHRA Mountain Motor Pro Stock.

“We used to race Pro Stocks in Aruba and that is how it all started. We have been doing that forever with my uncle and dad,” Eman said. “A few years ago it got to where there wasn’t much competition so we said lets do something different and we shipped the cars over here and that is how it all started.”

But Eman will be quick to admit that what started out as a bit of an experiment quickly turned into an obsession.

“We were only going to do this for two years, but then it became all about the challenge. First lets see if we can qualify then lets see if we can win a race and we kept stepping up our goals and now here we are today, still racing,” Eman said.

And it isn’t hard to spot Eman on race day.

Along with having a brightly colored purple, blue and orange Ford Escort with the words Aruba down the side, his pit area has just as much flare as his personality. With palm trees and the same eye-popping paint scheme on his trailer, Eman loves the reaction he gets from the fans all while supporting the place he calls home.

“That is the idea behind it all. People come by and they want to know more about Aruba and maybe discuss taking a vacation and that is our goal,” Eman said. “We could come here and race for ourselves, but we wouldn’t be putting it to good use. If we are going racing in the states lets take Aruba with us and help promote the island.”

Today Eman can be found on the campus of a school in Orlando majoring in mechanical engineering, but don’t think for a second he has lost any of that fire. Eman still tries to make it to as many events as possible all while continuing to up the ante each race weekend.

“It is never impossible. I have been involved in this stuff since I was little and, while it definitely does help having a foot in the door, it isn’t everything. If you have that determination you can accomplish anything and that is what we are trying to do out here,” Eman said.


Who knew the Fountain of Youth could be found in the seat of a dragster?

Just like the Academy Award winning blockbuster “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” starring Brad Pitt, Top Fuel driver Luigi Novelli has discovered a way to reverse the aging process.

And it is done at over 300 miles per hour.

“These Top Fuel cars are definitely a handful. It keeps you young because you have to be alert and you have to be able to work and keep this thing moving forward,” Novelli said. “What can I say, it is a lot of work and we are a low budget team so you just have to keep working at it.”

Who knew it was that easy?

Novelli, now 67, has been racing for nearly 50 years ever since he caught the racing bug in the late 50s watching one of the legends of the sport make a pass down the drag strip.

From then on he knew that is all he ever wanted to do.

“I saw Chris Karamesines in Chicago in the late 50s and saw what he was doing and from then on it was all downhill,” Novelli said. “I started my own ride in Top fuel and we are still here.

“We have been doing this for almost 50 years now. It is a lot of work and a lot of money and we are still having fun with it. If you don’t have a little fun, there is no sense in doing it.”

So after 50 plus years behind the wheel of the one of the fastest machines on earth, you would think at some point the fountain would run dry and Novelli would try to find a less extreme hobby.

Not anytime soon.

“As long as I pass the physical and I am not broke I am going to keep doing this. I love it,” Novelli said.


What does a racer do with his free time after weeks on the road?

Keep racing more, of course.

And that is exactly what Dixie, W.Va. native Burton Auxier is doing with his weekend off as he and his team made a last minute decision to make the haul to Martin, Mich. this weekend for the IHRA Northern Nationals presented by Dart Machinery.

“We have been working on the car a little bit and just decided it would be a good place to come and race,” Auxier said. “We have been wanting to run IHRA and we weren’t racing anywhere this weekend so we decided to come on out.

“We have been running every weekend and everybody was getting tired, but we got home for a couple of days and everybody got rested and said lets go racing.”

Driving his popular orange and purple Al-Anabi backed ’67 Camaro, Auxier has to be considered one of the favorites this weekend after a great season competing in multiple racing organizations.

In IHRA competition Auxier has one start this season, qualifying eighth back in April at Rockingham Dragway on his way to a second round exit at the Spring Nationals. Outside of the IHRA Auxier has three final round appearances this year including a win at Bristol.

While Auxier has always been a talented driver, a lot of his recent success has come from his partnership with Al-Anabi Racing almost one year ago.

“It has been a really good year for us. There are a lot of cars and a lot of information sharing at Al-Anabi and quite a bit of support from everyone. Shannon, Mike and that team and the Sheik – they all love racing and provide a ton of moral and financial support,” Auxier said. “It makes racing a lot more fun.”

Now Auxier’s focus shifts to Martin as he tries to qualify in one of the toughest Pro Mod fields of the year.

“It should be a really good weekend. The car is capable, it has been 5.98 and it will go faster. If we make the right calls and have a little bit of luck we will do just fine,” Auxier said.


The last stop on the IHRA Nitro Jam tour was anything but memorable for many of the drivers in Elite Motorsports Pro Stock.

For John Montecalvo, however, the race two weeks ago in Grand Bend was more like a dream come true.

With the top three in points all suffering nightmarish first round losses, Montecalvo was able to make up a ton of ground with a trip to the finals as he made the leap from fourth to second in points and now finds himself just six markers back leader Frank Gugliotta.

“That was absolutely incredible. What are the odds of all those guys going out in the first round? I don’t think I have ever seen that,” Montecalvo said. “We knew going into that race it was an important race for us, we had to make up a lot of ground, but I never dreamed those guys would all go out in the first round like that.”

Now Montecalvo, who was on the cusp of being in the championship hunt with Gugliotta, Pete Berner and Cary Goforth going into Grand Bend, has thrown himself right into the middle of the bunch. In fact, from Gugliotta back to Goforth in fourth, the margin is less than a single round of competition.

“I think what is going to win this thing is not so much how many wins you have, but how many round wins you have. That is what it is all going to come down to,” Montecalvo said.

Montecalvo has been able to propel himself into second thanks to a remarkable three final round appearances in five starts, but he has yet to get a victory this season.

“It has just been one of those years. I am really fortunate to be in so many finals, but I would definitely have liked to have won one,” Montecalvo said. “I can’t complain though, how can you complain with a runner-up? There are 20 other people who would like to be in that position and I am just happy to keep going rounds.”

Now, with only four races remaining on the schedule, it is time to get down to business as each and every pass down the track could be the difference in first or fifth in points.

“From here on in it is crunch time. Sure we would like to get a couple more trophies, but the main thing right now is to go rounds and try to stay in points,” Montecalvo said.

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Take Back the Beep Campaign

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Jerks help traffic move faster and keep jams from happening, study finds

Jerks help traffic move faster and keep jams from happening, study finds
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stratford Spectacular event continues at the Grand Bend Motorplex

Stratford Spectacular event continues at the Grand Bend Motorplex
Local business and racers get together to present a solid weekend of drag racing
GRAND BEND, ONTARIO (July 30, 2009) – The tradition continues at the Grand Bend Motorplex August 8-9.
Since 1996, the drag racing community of Southwestern Ontario has teamed up with the business community in presenting some of the best in local racing, and this year’s Stratford Spectacular Hot August Nationals presented by Ideal Supply & NAPA Auto Parts at the Grand Bend Motorplex promises to be a memorable show.
“The concept this year is the same as other years,” said Sam Blowes, one of the event’s organizers. “But this year it will be a bigger show.”
Started in 1996 at St. Thomas Dragway, a group of racers joined up with local businesses, providing free tickets through the businesses for a day of racing. The concept has proven very popular over the years, as merchants get behind the event in promoting the sport.
“We had no trouble in selling it,” Blowes said about the event. “With free tickets from the merchants and sponsors, the tracks went for the idea, as it brought a lot of people into the stands.”
He added that the race, which has been held at the Grand Bend Motorplex for the past 12 years, is something that everyone looks forward to, and aside from the racing, there are other auto-related activities such as car shows and cruise nights which have enhanced the weekend.
“We’re going to see (race) cars at the Grand Bend Motorplex for this show that only come out once a year,” he continued. “We’ll get upwards of 500 cars. It will be the biggest show at the track behind the IHRA Canadian Nationals. People, both racers and fans, look forward to the weekend.”
Blowes said the business community has been behind the event 100 percent providing sponsorship and free ticket packages.
Sam Blowes, who himself races a 1951 Mercury truck in Top Sportsman, said that the intent of the show will remain as it was when it started, and that is to give recognition to all drag racers.
“Racers all have the same blood,” he said, “whether they race an 18-second car or a six-second car.”
And he was appreciative of all the help that goes into an event of this magnitude.
“There’s a lot of effort that goes into this, and it couldn’t be done without the local sponsors.”
And for 2009, the show will the biggest in the event’s history.
To be held at the Grand Bend Motorplex August 8-9, the Stratford Spectacular Hot August Nationals, the eighth-mile racing event will feature the Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA),, a four car Alcohol Funny Car Match Race, a Jet Truck, a Supercharged V8 Drag Bike, the Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts,, the Grand Bend Motorplex Top Dragster and Top Sportsman Series, plus great racing action in the Thunder series and Junior Dragster programs.
Other auto-related activities such as car shows and cruise nights will also be held, along with a fireworks display.
Complimentary spectator event tickets are available at Ideal Supply & NAPA Auto Parts locations across Ontario, at businesses in Stratford, or by contacting the Quick 32 Sportsman Series or the Pro Modified Racing Association.
General parking is $20 per car load, and weekend camping is available.
For information about the Stratford Spectacular Hot August National presented by Ideal Supply & NAPA Auto Parts at the Grand Bend Motorplex, call (519) 238-7223 or visit
For more information contact Bruce F. Mehlenbacher at
About the Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA):
The Pro Modified Racing Association,, was organized late in 2004, started racing operations in 2005, and is entering its fifth year of operation in 2009. The PMRA is a self-governing organization with input from its teams, and adheres to the technical and safety rules as outlined by the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) and the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). The series has event venues in Ontario, Quebec, and New York State.
The PMRA will compete at several drag strips in 2009, including dates at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario, starting with the season opener on May 16 and 17, June 13 and 14 and the season-closer on September 19 and 20, and 12, and the South-western Ontario track of the Grand Bend Motorplex at the 10th Annual MOPAR Canadian Nationals July 17 to 19, the Stratford Spectacular Hot August National presented by Ideal Supply & NAPA Auto Parts August 8 and 9 and on September 5 and 6.
Cars in the PMRA capture the true spirit of hot rodding, and the class is one of drag racing’s most exciting and colorful classes, offering a diverse group of race cars with different types of 2,500-horsepower supercharged, nitrous powered and turbocharged engines.
Combining classic body styles and modern equipment, constructors are permitted, within established rules and parameters, to modify and enhance the cars in both appearance and performance. The cars are fuelled by gasoline or methanol, propelling them down the quarter-mile in low six-second times at over 200 miles per hour. The PMRA provides drag race fans the opportunity to see, hear, and experience the popular Pro Modifieds, known as "the world's fastest door slammers".
Several of the PMRA events will be run in conjunction with the Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts,, offering fans a great show of drag racing.
About the Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts:
The Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts,, of drag racing was started early in 2009 as an alternative for high-horsepower Sportsman-class teams to compete on a regular basis.
For 2009, dates include Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario, starting with the season opener on May 16 and 17 and the season-closer “Double Header” on September 19 and 20, and the South-western Ontario track of the Grand Bend Motorplex on June 27 and 28, the Stratford Spectacular Hot August National presented by Ideal Supply & NAPA Auto Parts August 8 and 9 and September 5 and 6.
With 32-car qualified fields comprised of the 16 quickest open wheeled cars (Top Dragster) and the 16 quickest door cars (Top Sportsman), the Quick 32 Sportsman Series will feature the best in ET-style, dial-in drag racing, competing on a Sportsman ladder and will pit door-slammers against dragsters in every race day final.
Competitors in this Ontario-based series must comply with the IHRA Top Dragster and Top Sportsman Safety rules and regulations, and the maximum dial-in will be 7.95 seconds for the quarter-mile.
This new venture is providing $3000 to win for each event and $5000 for the annual Championship Point Award Series champion, payouts very popular with competitors and will provide large fields of race cars.
The Quick 32 Sportsman Series is committed in providing a professional atmosphere for its teams. It will also provide solid media and logistic support to ensure it becomes one of the most popular drag race series running Top Sportsman and Top Dragster race cars.
The Quick 32 Sportsman Series presented by NAPA Auto Parts will compete several times with the Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA),, as well as selected special events, offering fans a great show of drag racing.
Photo Credit: Dale Bill Mehlenbacher Photography - and Mark Ackert - Drag Race Canada -

NHRA and O’Reilly Auto Parts Offer Discounted Tickets for Upcoming Mac Tools U.S. Nationals

NHRA and O’Reilly Auto Parts Offer Discounted Tickets for Upcoming Mac Tools U.S. Nationals Presented By Lucas Oil

INDIANAPOLIS (July 30, 2009) – NHRA and O’Reilly Auto Parts stores in Indiana have teamed up to sell $49 ticket vouchers good for adult reserved seats for Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s racing at the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals presented by Lucas Oil, Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2-7, at O’Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis. The promotion begins Thursday, July 30.

The vouchers can be purchased at participating O’Reilly Auto Parts stores and redeemed at the O’Reilly Raceway Park ticket office (M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) or at the track ticket office on race day. The $49 ticket price represents savings of up to $12 depending on the day the voucher is redeemed.

“The Mac Tools U.S. Nationals is the biggest event of the year at O’Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis,” said Tom Conquergood, motorsports manager, O’Reilly Auto Parts. “We are proud to offer our customers a chance to see the fastest motorsport on the planet, NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing, at a significant discount and with the convenience of purchasing a voucher directly at the store.”

The 2009 Mac Tools U.S. Nationals presented by Lucas Oil will feature all professional and sportsman classes during the six-day marathon event. NHRA estimates more than 1,000 race cars will be on-site for what is the longest-running and most prestigious event on the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series circuit.

Whether fans are long-time supporters or first-time attendees, each day of the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals offers a variety of activities. Besides the racing on the fabled drag strip, every ticket is a pit pass allowing fans to get up-close-and-personal with their favorite professional and sportsman drivers. In addition, NHRA’s Nitro Alley offers a variety of fan-interactive displays and the NHRA Speed Shop, a showcase of the parts and pieces used by the professional and sportsman race teams, is a must-see for any serious hot rod enthusiast.

U.S. 131 Gearing Up for Northern Nationals

Martin Media Blitz

Big rigs and motorhomes lined the entrance to Martin, Michigan’s legendary U.S. 131 Motorsports Park Thursday in preparation for this weekend’s IHRA Northern Nationals presented by Dart Machinery.

While the lots were quickly filling up outside, inside the beautiful state-of-the-art tower at U.S. 131 Motorsports Park track and IHRA officials hosted the official Northern Nationals Media Day which drew in media outlets from across the state of Michigan in anticipation of one of the IHRA’s biggest races of the year.

Drivers such as Bruce Litton, Melanie Troxel, Terry McMillen and brothers Bobby and Dom Lagana entertained members of the media while Quick Rod star Kathy Fisher drew plenty of looks with an early afternoon burnout.

Litton also visited several local television stations later that afternoon.

The fun will continue Friday morning with a live broadcast from the track on the Grand Rapids Fox affiliate WXMI.

With much of the anticipation out of the way, all that is left is to move forward with one of the biggest drag racing events of the year.

Racing gets underway at 9 a.m. Friday morning and runs through Sunday evening.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Auto Racing Movies

Auto Racing Movies
Looks like a cool site for automotive movie buffs.

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Dunefest roars into Winchester Bay this Wednesday 11
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(Port Angeles) -- The prospects for a new drag strip or racing facility in Forks appears to be dim, following a report to the Port of Port Angeles ...
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We at would like to announce a new Heads-up drag racing class comming to the az Arizona Grudge Racing - Where 1/8th Mile Drag. -
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Vintage Reproductions Racing Posters
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OTS: Dallas Raceway July

Drag Racing List - OTS: Dallas Raceway July
The Outlaw Top Sportsman group made its second ever appearance at the new Dallas Raceway. Jim Brinkerhoff came away with his first OTS win over the Corvette of David Baldwin. -

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hoover returns to site of record payout with new goal

Hoover returns to site of record payout with new goal in mind

For a driver who has won just about everything there is in IHRA competition over the past 20 years, it is interesting to find that the moment that stands out most in Ed Hoover’s mind is a win that can’t actually be found in the record books.

While the official books say that the winner of the 2008 Northern Nationals is and always will be
Jim Halsey in a thriller over Mike Castellana, the real winner that weekend in the minds of many was Hoover in his legendary Paul Trussell owned ’68 Camaro.

Despite losing in the second round on Sunday, Hoover’s victory Saturday night overshadowed much of the weekend’s action at last year’s Northern Nationals as Hoover took home the largest single-day payout in Pro Modified racing history – a whopping $50,000 – during the Pro Modified Shootout at U.S. 131 Motorsports Park.

Hoover defeated Castellana in the final to take home his share of the $100,000 purse in a field that consisted of the best of the best in Pro Modified racing today.

“That was a good one, money wise that win ranks right at the top. I was fortunate enough to win that race, it ranks right up there with some of the battles between me and Scotty Cannon and some of the Night of Fire Saturday night wins we had,” Hoover said. “When they announced that race last year we started paying attention to where we were. It was something we had planned on for a whole year to stay in that top eight and we were lucky enough to be a part of it and win it.

“To have the fastest eight cars in the country going at it in two races in one weekend was a pretty neat deal. As a racer that was a very exciting weekend.”

Now Hoover (Gilbert, S.C.) will return to the site of his record setting payout this weekend with a new goal in mind – win a championship.

And, if you can believe it, he hopes to make this season even more memorable than the last.
“Me and Paul (Trussell) have been together for a long time and we have been close, but we haven’t been able to get a championship,” Hoover said. “We would love to wrap this up and win one for Paul and myself. It would be mission accomplished and hopefully we could start backing that up with multiple championships.”

In 19 years of Pro Modified racing Hoover has never won a series championship. He has been close, finishing as high as fourth two years ago, but a title has eluded the 15-time national event winner.

Now, holding down the points lead while riding the momentum of two-straight victories, Hoover hopes he can keep up his recent success with four races remaining on the schedule.

“It has been great winning these last two races, but when I leave the track I shut the gate, my mind moves on to the next race,” Hoover said. “I can’t dwell on the past; my focus is to put Trussell Motorsports back in the winners circle again.”

While much of the first half of the season saw a jumble in the Pro Modified ranks, over the past three races the cream has quite literally risen to the top.

In the last three races the final has come down to Hoover and defending champion Kenny Lang (Grande Pointe, Manitoba) with Lang winning in Tulsa and Hoover taking victories in Edmonton and Grand Bend.

Overall the two competitors have met in five of six races this year with Lang holding a 3-2 advantage. Thanks to that success the two drivers have simply ran away from the competition, with Hoover holding a slim 11 point margin over Lang.

The closest competitor to Lang – New Jersey native Chris Russo – is a distant 299 points back of the lead in third.

“It has been stressful. I have less than a round lead right now, but the shoe is finally on the other foot. Instead of being behind I got that lead I have wanted and now I have to keep it,” Hoover said.

Through six races Hoover has held down the No. 1 qualifying spot twice and has made three final rounds, winning two. He has a 14-4 round win-loss record and his victory two weeks ago in Grand Bend propelled him into the points lead for the first time this season.

Lang, on the other hand, has matched Hoover step-for-step.

Lang has a 14-5 round win-loss record and has been to the finals five times, winning once. He was also the No. 1 qualifier at Rockingham.

That tight competition has created quite a rivalry between the two competitors, especially off the track as Hoover attempts to win a championship with his own engine program.

Hoover broke free from the Al Billes brigade at the end of last season to start up his own engine program while Billes continues to be the go-to source for Lang and his operation.

No matter how you look at it – Hoover vs. Lang, Trussell vs. Billes, United States vs. Canada – this year’s Pro Modified championship battle has been one of the most competitive in a long time and should be quite a showdown as the series enters the home stretch.

“I would love to have this wrapped up before we head to Rockingham, but he is too good of a racer to close the door on him. I just have to keep this lead and stay out front through Rockingham,” Hoover said. “He is too good of a racer and they are too good of a team and he will be back. I won these last two races, but he will be back.

“We just have to keep focused if we are finally going to win this thing. We have a good hot rod and with a little luck we might be able to pull this out.”

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Monday, July 27, 2009

OTS: Redline Raceway July

Drag Racing List - OTS: Redline Raceway July
The Outlaw Top Sportsman gang returned to Red Line Raceway in Caddo Mills for a race on July 18. Jerry Helfrich came out top tonight in his Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais over Dewayne Pebworth's Vega Wagon.

Force Prepares for Battle

Drag Racing List - Force Prepares for Battle
Paul Kelly sent this great shot of John Force getting suited up at Firebird.


GLENDORA, Calif. (July 27, 2009) – NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series competitor Justin Lamb won his third national event of the season this weekend at the Fram Autolite NHRA Nationals at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif. Lamb, a resident of Henderson, Nev., scored the win in Super Comp and was also a finalist in Super Stock, giving him five final round appearances at national events and three wins in three classes this year.

In Super Comp, Lamb squared off against Mike Hiatt, Henderson, Nev., and took the win after he had already fallen in the Super Stock final to veteran racer Mark Faul of Tacoma, Wash. Lamb won Super Gas at the season opening Kragen O’Reilly NHRA Winternationals and took the win in Super Stock two weeks ago at the Mopar Mile-High NHRA Nationals. This weekend’s win gives him five career national event wins.

In Stock Eliminator, Larry Gilley, Hilmar, Calif., earned his first national event win, wheeling his ’69 Dart to the winner’s circle over six-time division champ Jody Lang of Puyallup, Wash., who was behind the wheel of his ’69 Chevelle. Valinda, Calif., resident Val Torres earned his third national event title when he knocked off Michael Miller, Santa Fe, N.M., in the final.

IHRA offers stimulus package for Michigan race fans

IHRA offers stimulus package for Michigan race fans

Big businesses aren’t the only ones who deserve a bailout and the IHRA is keenly aware that its racing family could use a little assistance as well.

In an effort to show its appreciation to the fans and to create maximum entertainment value for your dollar, the IHRA has announced a new Sunday Stimulus Package for the upcoming IHRA Northern Nationals presented by Dart Machinery July 31-August 2 at U.S. 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Mich.

Fans that purchase a Friday or Saturday ticket can redeem that ticket for a reduced $10 pass on Sunday. Along with being the best value in racing, the reduced ticket also includes free parking, free pit access and a chance to see the world’s best drivers go at it on the most exciting day in all of motorsports – Championship Sunday.

“What better way to show our appreciation to the great Michigan fans than to save them $25 on a Sunday ticket. We want to create as much value as possible and this was a great way to do it,” said IHRA President Aaron Polburn. “The fans can bring their Friday or Saturday ticket back on Sunday, or even give the tickets to a friend, and see a great show for just $10.

“It is absolutely the best bargain in motorsports.”

The IHRA Northern Nationals presented by Dart Machinery will feature 300 mph Top Fuel dragsters, the fastest door cars in the country in Pro Modified and Elite Motorsports Pro Stock and tons of extras including Alcohol Funny Cars, Top Fuel Bikes, Fuel Altereds and the 20,000 horsepower “X-Treme Machine” jet semi.

Atlanta Dragway Summit ET Event


By: Amy Glover

(Commerce, GA – July 25) Hardcore racers came out despite the pavement-melting temperatures today, to defend their points rankings and enjoy the clear weather. The finals were mostly foul-free, with some close runs to determine victory. The father and son team of Rickey and Mickey Morris had a pretty good evening, with both making it to the final round in their respective classes.

The Super Pro finals featured Don Brown, Jr. (Buford, GA), his ’03 Spitzer dragster up against Jon Thomas (Covington, GA) in a ’72 Nova. Thomas had the handicap, cutting a .033 light on a 6.42 dial; Brown left the line with an impressive .004 reaction time, chasing Thomas to meet his 4.79 prediction. Thomas’ Nova lost the groove mid-track, causing him to lift for a 6.48 ET at 106.66 mph, while Brown triggered the win light in 4.82 seconds at 133.18 mph. Brown felt he had finally gotten past “the fourth round blues,” overdue for a win with his hard-working team. Brown thanked ‘the crew,’ his girlfriend Tiffany, Tim and Zack Corbin, and his dad Don Brown, Sr., for all their help – Senior had lent him a fuel pump. Brown dedicated the win to the late Eric “Buford Heavy” Duncan and his wife Beverly. Ricky Page (Monroe, GA) was the Super Pro semi-finalist, in a ’90 Mustang.

The Pro final was between Sue Wilson (’85 S-10 Pick-up – Tallapoosa, GA) and Rickey Morris (’80 MalibuEllenwood, GA), and proved to be the night’s most exciting round. Wilson left the line first, with a .031 reaction on a 7.28 dial-in, Morris following closely with a .050 green light on a 6.94 dial-in. The pair sped down the track, neck-and-neck, until Wilson crossed the win-stripe first, dead-on at 87.47 mph. Morris also ran dead-on, at 100.37 mph, giving Wilson a .018 second margin-of-victory. Wilson said she had “several close runs” to make it to the finals, and thanked her husband “for getting me into this,” as well as her crew, and her kids. Stephen Daniel (’82 S-10 Pick-up – Covington, GA) placed third in the Pro category.

Cumming’s Mel Abney competed in the Sportsman final in his ’67 Camaro, against Mickey Morris (Ellenwood, GA) in a ’98 Firebird. Both were dialed fairly close together – Morris with an 8.20 second prediction next to Abney’s 8.37 dial-in. Abney left the starting line with a .022 green, as Morris jumpstarted with a -.013 red-light, automatically handing the win to Abney. Morris finished out the run in 7.78 seconds, at 90.89, Abney finishing with an 8.43 ET at 85.15 mph. Abney commented on the quality of runs today: “The competition was real tough, each round was pretty much heads-up – it was a challenging day.” Abney thanked all his fellow racers pulling for him in the finals. “It’s motivating for me,” Abney said of his racing buddies. Allen Long (Ballground, GA) finished his night in the semi-finals, in a ’96 Silverado.

Athens’ motorcycle machine Jay “Bird” Rhyne defended his points lead in the semi-final round on an ’87 Kawasaki against Jeff Shropshire, of Dallas, GA, on an ’08 Kawasaki. Shropshire’s Kawasaki was dialed for a 6.02 ET, next to Rhyne’s slightly quicker prediction of 5.81 seconds. Shropshire treed Rhyne at the start, with a .018 green against Rhyne’s .028 reaction. The race was tight, but Shropshire took hold of the win with a 6.03 ET at 115.03 mph, and Rhyne finished with a 5.86 second run at 116.72 mph. Shropshire smiled proudly, saying, “You beat Jay, then you’ve done good.” He also thanked his family, “for letting me come.” Dennis Johnson (Comer, GA) went out in the semi-finals, on an ’00 Suzuki.

A re-run of last weekend’s 8-12 Junior Dragster final took place, with points leader Chris Bowden (13 – Homer, GA) alongside Hunter James (10 – Cartersville, GA), who came back for a little revenge. James had a slight handicap with his 9.50 dial-in, next to Bowden’s 8.98 dial-in, but left the Christmas tree with a .136 green, a slow start beside Bowden’s .014 launch. Bowden’s light determined the race, crossing the finish first in 9.03 seconds at 66.65 mph. James finished in 9.53 second at 66.79 mph, giving Bowden a .104 margin-of-victory. Bowden, who again took care of his own dial-in times, gained a 60 point lead in first place in the 8-12 Junior championship ranking, earning his success with consistent hard work. He thanked God first for his racing, and his mom and dad for letting him compete. Daulton Rogers (11 – Hiawassee, GA) was the sole semi-finalist.

The 13-17 Junior Dragster final was a close run, Blake Griffith (15 – Homer, GA) running against Valerie Clements (16 – Central, SC). Clements was dialed at 7.98 seconds, Griffith close with a 7.93 dial-in. Clements gave Griffith the advantage with a .113 reaction, Griffith leaving the line with a .042 reaction time. Clements crossed the finish a bit too quickly, breaking out with a 7.95 ET at 82.39 mph, while Griffith ran dead-on at 80.95 mph, earning a .03 margin-of-victory. Points leader Bailey Denton (15 – McDonough, GA) and John Gordon (14 – Hiram, GA) finished their day in the semi-final round.

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forced pressure induction question - PNW Riders
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By Sariel
It was inspired by a number of hotrods built for the drag racing, and especially by the Wild Thing based on a Chevrolet Independence. My important point of reference was my own model built eight months earlier, called the Flamboyant ... -
Hot Rod Honda Looking For Crazy 8's |
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(5), 63 Ford Falcon Project (5), Art & Photography (22), Blogroll (1), Bob Tasca Racing (1), Bodywork (2), books (7), cars (85), Charity (16), Classic (23), Concepts (17), Custom (50), Drag Racing (36), Drifting (2), fabrication (27) ... -

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Record Crowd Cheers National Guard ADRL Winners in Virginia

Record Crowd Cheers National Guard ADRL Winners in Virginia

PETERSBURG, VA (July 26, 2009) — Virginia is for lovers of National Guard ADRL racing. At least that’s what it looked like July 25, as a record-setting crowd witnessed Bubba Stanton, Jim Halsey, Chuck Ulsch, Lance Hines and Brian Gahm each collect a new Minuteman trophy from the ADRL U.S. Drags II at Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP).

The 600-acre facility south of Richmond issued a news release Saturday evening, stating attendance “overwhelmed everyone involved with the event.” The release further said that since opening in 1994, VMP has hosted 14 other major-league drag racing events, “but the National Guard ADRL this weekend far surpassed crowds in the past,” according to track general manager Bryan Pierce. In fact, Pierce pointed out for the first time in VMP’s 15-year history, track and state officials agreed to close the entrance gates in order to reroute excessive traffic that was creating a more-than-four-mile traffic jam extending to the nearest Interstate.

Meanwhile, Stanton, from Potts Camp, Mississippi, steered his ’63 Corvette to a 3.80-seconds win at 196.70 miles per hour over the eighth-mile course against Yadkinville, North Carolina’s Todd Tutterow in the Pro Extreme final. The win was the fourth of Stanton’s National Guard ADRL career, and his first since last August.

“We left pretty close together, but then I never saw Todd again,” said Stanton, the 2006 Pro Extreme world champion. “I just concentrated on getting to the other end. It sure feels good to be standing here (in victory lane) again.”

For Pro Nitrous points leader Halsey, it marked his third National Guard ADRL win this year and came over Khalid Al-Balooshi from the Mid-East country of Qatar.

“The car worked great all afternoon,” Halsey said of his ’68 Camaro. “We made solid passes every time except for one in the semis, but we got away with that one. In the final, Balooshi made a good pass, but he was a little late on the tree and that’s what cost him.”

In the competition debut of a new, supercharged 2002 Camaro, Clarksville, Maryland’s Ulsch officially reset the Extreme 10.5 elapsed time and top speed records to 4.01 seconds and 197.19 mph, then defeated Gary white and his turbocharged, six-cylinder Scion with a 4.03/196.07 combination in the final.

“What can I say about the car?” Ulsch said after scoring his first National Guard ADRL race title. “It’s awesome and working perfectly; I wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

The Pro Extreme Motorcycle final turned out to be the quickest side-by-side race in the history of the class, with Dublin, Georgia’s Hines going 4.22 at 168.43 to win his first Minuteman by defeating Eric MKinney’s 4.23 at 169.13 in a pairing of 2009 Suzukis.

Finally, the Extreme Pro Stock win went to points leader Gahm of Lucasville, Ohio, who ran 4.14 at 173.99 mph in his ’07 Mustang over Cary Goforth in an ’08 Cobalt.

The next race on the 2009 National Guard ADRL Tour is the Hardee’s Gateway Drags II, scheduled for Aug. 7-8, at Gateway International Raceway, near St. Louis, Missouri.