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Commerce local Jeremy Hancock said he had three main goals in mind when he began the 2009 racing season in the Super Pro class: “win a track championship, win the ET Bracket Finals, and win as many races as I could.” Hancock started the year right with such lofty objectives, and accomplished nearly everything on the list (the exception being that he placed second at the Division 2 Bracket Finals). Hancock has done in such a short time what many racers spend years striving to do, and atop all that the 25 year old is married with a baby boy on the way. “I give thanks to my dad; he’s the real reason I’m where I’m at with drag racing. He taught me everything I know, and never gave up hope.” Hancock said he came close to the championship many times, including his days in his junior dragster ride, but never managed to win it until now. “I thank God, my wife, Paula (his mother-in-law), Junior Pippin Trucking, Wayne Smith, and my family and friends.” Hancock’s toughest day on the track was the day of Eric “Buford Heavy” Duncan’s funeral: “I’m really thankful to Atlanta Dragway for holding off the race until we could be done with the ceremony.” Hancock’s father Mark piped in, “I’m as proud as a dad could be!” Hancock, with a smiling, sincere expression said, “I also want to thank my grandmother. She prays for me every day about drag racing. She’s my biggest fan, and I know her prayers are answered.”

Canton’s Chad Brewer: “the Big Turkey,” “the Brew,” possibly the assistant to “The Mayor of Hickory Flat” – he may be a man of many names, but he’s got one clear goal.  After winning two Sportsman championships in Dallas, GA and one Sportsman championship in Commerce, Brewer was ready to conquer a new class. He ran into some tough times in the 2008 season, breaking three engines, two transmissions, one torque converter, an axle, and two sets of slicks to name a few. “I never made it out of third round!” Brewer is past the problems now, having won more races than ever before in a single year. Brewer gained the number one position by winning the first race of the season, and stayed ahead until the end, and commented, “That’s anything but easy.” Brewer gave all the credit to the Mayor of Hickory Flat, who said, “Every time he started thinking, I’d slap him and say, ‘Just drive!’” Brewer looks forward to another year in the Pro class in his borrowed Georgia-Tech-yellow ’67 Camaro.

“The last time I won in an athletic competition,” recounted Pro driver J.D. “Doc” Burford, “it was throwing the discus in high school.” Burford (out of Greenville, SC) is adamant about defending the athleticism of racing, and holds dear the amount of concentration and skill required to race successfully. “It’s been a long dry spell, practicing medicine and raising a family – there’s never been enough time to commit to something like this until now.” Burford has been racing for just three years, bringing along his stock Corvette “on a lark one day, and by random chance met Mel Abney. He gave me the layout of the track, showed me the hospitality of the racers, and taught me about the time it takes to commit to racing.” Burford couldn’t get enough of racing, often running in both Sportsman and Pro each weekend. “I’ve really enjoyed the camaraderie,” Burford said, “but they’re all serious business when they pull up to the staging lights.” Burford thanked the track for the hospitality that got him involved, and technicians Hal Rhodes and Tom McMakin, “they’re people who would help me in the past, as a car hobbyist.” Burford was proud but humble about his victory: “It’s been sort of a dream for me, to have a championship in an athletic competition.”

Seasoned Motorcycle racer Jay “Bird” Rhyne from Athens, GA earned his sixth track championship at Atlanta Dragway. “It was just a fun season,” Rhyne said. “It was good, and now I’m getting ready for next year.” Always ready for more racing, Rhyne spent the season switching between two Kawasakis, an ’82 and an ’87 model. His consistency never changed on the faster ’82 bike, though the speed is enough to make onlookers nervous. Rhyne thanked his friend David Barrick from Carroll’s Engine Rebuilders, for helping him work on his bikes. He also thanked “everyone at the track – they’re very nice.” It’s clear Rhyne is a favorite among racers; when his name was called at the banquet, boisterous cheers and applause arose from the crowd. Rhyne is working toward legend status at the track, having secured his sixth championship with an astounding 190 point lead in the ranks. “I wish I could race all year,” Rhyne said of the season’s end, “I’m bored!”

Chris Bowden placed first in the 8-12 Junior Dragster class. The 13-year-old from Homer, GA took hold of the top rank in May, when the racing season becomes the most intense. After gaining the lead, he held on by consistently placing from race to race. Each time he won, Bowden proved his skill at cutting a great light and finishing close to his dial-in. Bowden also won a Wally at the National Dragster Challenge race in July. The older junior class can expect a fierce new rival next season.

Bailey Denton (of McDonough, GA) was feeling ambitious this year, meeting every competition in the 13-17 Junior Dragster category with intense determination. With high goals in mind and plenty of friends and family for support, 15-year-old Bailey took the lead very early in the season, and held it with a surplus of points. Denton has developed an impressive routine of sticking close to her dial-in with a killer reaction time, but has always been humble about her success, attributing it to her parents. Denton also won races elsewhere during the year, as well as a Wally at the National Dragster Challenge race in July. - Amy Glover

Sandy Estevez passes

Sandy Estevez, wife of Ford Super Stock and Pro Stock veteran Dickie Estevez, passed away in her sleep on December 30, 2009. Sandy was one heck of a great lady who lit up the hearts of racers and fans in the Mid Atlantic and across the country for years.

The viewing information is as follows:

Hunt Funeral Home
3035 Old Washington Rd.
Waldorf MD 20604

Sunday January 3, 2010
2-4pm and 6-8pm

Farewell, Sandy. It was an honor to know you. And to our friends Dick, Pat, Ted, and the rest of the family, our deepest sympathies. - Bill and Denise Pratt

Happy New Year from the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America



happy new year
2010 is going to be a good year.  As the calendar comes to a close and you are thinking about organizations for year-end donations, we ask that you consider supporting the MSHFA in its quest to preserve the history and advance the values of American motorsports.  
In 2009, challenges came to the Hall of Fame in waves – often, and from many angles.  All were met with an energy and passion that can only happen when there is a worthwhile purpose.
The economy was tough on individuals, businesses, and especially nonprofits.  We were determined to forge ahead because the values we stand for – leadership, teamwork, innovation and competitive spirit – are more important than ever in hard times.  We were blessed once again with an extraordinary group of inductees.  Relationships built over the years showed their strength when companies dipped as much as they could into newly limited budgets to support the event.  Many people donated time and services.  The result was one of the most meaningful and inspiring Induction Ceremonies in Hall of Fame history.
Later in the year, a chain of person-to-person recommendations led to our new relationship with the Detroit Science Center.  At the DSC, we will be part of a world-class museum operation.  For many years, a key segment of the Hall of Fame’s mission statement has been the encouragement of careers in science and technology through the colorful and exciting inspiration of motorsports.  This part of what the Hall of Fame is all about will be greatly enhanced and gain unprecedented vitality in 2010. 
To be able to continue pursuing such important objectives, we must depend on our friends and believers in the cause.  As someone who is interested in the work of the Hall of Fame, your financial support is vital.
This is the time of year that we ask folks to make or renew a commitment to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America and the values it represents.  We trust that you feel our mission is a worthy one.  Your monetary contribution is the best statement of support for that mission you can possibly make. 
Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.  Please give generously.  Keeping the legacy of American motorsports alive depends on it.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year from the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America!

 Buick Funny Car

Important DateSave the date: August 25, 2010
The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America will honor its new class of Inductees on August 25, 2010.  The 22nd Annual Induction Ceremony will be held once again at the historic Fillmore Detroit.

P.O. Box 194  --  Novi, MI  48376

Discovery Channel Airing Motor City Motors.

Last Monday, Discovery Channel Aired Motor City Motors.

The premier Episode Features a Model T turned into a rat road gasser.

It features our Dyer's Blowers 871 Black Wrinkle Supercharger on a 460 Ford.

Here's the link to Check out.

I'm pretty sure the episode is titled "Gasser".

Make sure you check out the show.

Bill Dyer

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Back at the 2009 IHRA Season

Looking Back and Moving Forward: A look back at the 2009 IHRA season and what lies ahead in the New Year

With 2009 down to its final days and the New Year just around the bend, the IHRA is looking back at yet another thrilling season of quarter-mile drag racing action while also preparing for big changes in the year ahead.

While 2010 promises to be one of the most exciting seasons to date with a new format, all new classes and a tighter, much more entertaining show, the 2009 season still provided its share of tight point battles and thrilling races as the championships in Top Fuel, Pro Modified and Pro Stock all went down to the wire.

And when the dust finally settled on the season at the IHRA World Final at Rockingham Dragway in October three drivers emerged as the best of the best in 2009 – Del Cox Jr., Kenny Lang and John Montecalvo.

Cox produced the second straight Top Fuel title for a rookie as he held off veteran Bruce Litton over the final three races, while Lang won his second straight championship in as many years in Pro Modified. Montecalvo was able to finally clinch his very first championship in the tightest points battle of the year that wasn't decided until the final pass of the 2009 season.

All in all three drivers added their names to the history books and seven more are still awaiting their chance at IHRA glory when the sportsman drivers decide their champions at the inaugural Tournament of Champions at Rockingham Dragway in May.

To close out 2009 and welcome another thrilling season we will take a look back at the championship seasons for Cox, Lang and Montecalvo and look ahead at what is to come in 2010. So sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful New Year's celebration as the IHRA relives the past 10 months on the Nitro Jam Tour.

A Rookie Wins Again in Top Fuel

At the conclusion of the Summit Racing Equipment Mardi Gras Nationals in early March, rookie Top Fuel driver Del Cox Jr., who qualified No. 1 and went to the semifinals, was asked to sum up his first weekend behind the wheel of Mitch King's dragster.

"It was a good weekend. I think we all wish we could have run a little better in the second round because I know we had the car to win, but that's drag racing," Cox said. "It was a cool way to start the year and be the top qualifier the first time out.

"It would be a dream come true to win an Ironman this year, especially for my grandpa," Cox added. "My grandpa is my main support behind my whole deal. If it wasn't for him I would never have been racing. When we were kids my whole family raced. We raced every weekend all around the country when we were in junior dragsters and it would be a dream to win one now."

A season and nine more races later, Cox had that dream, and many more, come true as he went on to hoist five of the coveted IHRA statuettes on his way to earning the biggest one of all, the trophy awarded to the 2009 Top Fuel champion.

For the second year in a row team owner and fellow competitor King was able to savor a successful championship run. In 2008, Cox's predecessor, good friend Spencer Massey, took the IHRA by storm, winning a national event his first time out at San Antonio just days after earning his Top Fuel license. Massey finished the season with five final-round appearances and four wins.

With Massey moving on to Don Prudhomme's team for 2009, it didn't take King too long find his new ace in the hole.

"I have known Spencer since we were kids and I met the whole team a year or two ago and started hanging out with them," Cox said. "One thing led to another and pretty soon I was driving for Mitch."

Cox, who hails from Downey, California, began his racing career when he was very young, winning races and championships in the Jr. Dragster division when he was just nine-years-old. He moved on to Super Comp and Super Eliminator in his late teens before graduating to Top Dragster and Top Sportsman five years ago.

After winning a couple of divisional championships in both Top Sportsman and Top Dragster, Cox moved up to the Alcohol Dragster ranks before being tapped to drive Top Fuel.

Once there, he proceeded to carve out the same kind of season Massey had enjoyed the year before, taking it one step further by winning five events to Massey's four. Cox even took over where his friend left off, playing the role of rookie nemesis for 2007 champion Bruce Litton, who battled the 28-year-old self-proclaimed "surfer dude" down to the wire.

Following his semifinal finish at Baton Rouge, Cox began to build on the feelings of Déjà vu many knowledgeable observers had experienced by taking the first win of his career one race later at North Carolina's Rockingham Dragway. Following another semifinal result at Dallas he took over the top spot in points, but a trip to the semifinals at Tulsa and a first-round defeat at Edmonton dropped him into second place.

He won again at Grand Bend, Ontario, in mid-July, however, and the momentum never waned from that point. He extended his streak to four with trips to the winners circle at Martin, Michigan, Epping, New Hampshire, and Budds Creek, Maryland, before heading back to North Carolina for the World Finals.

All Cox needed to do to lock up the championship was get in the show and he did just that by locking up the No. 2 qualifying spot. He then dispatched teammate Rhonda Hartman-Smith in the first round to officially secure the title.

"It is just like anything, you put your boxing gloves on and you put your faith in your team and that is how we were able to overcome where we were earlier this year," Cox said. "It is unreal. This has been a dream of mine since I was eight years old and now to be here now is just incredible. I have to give it up for all these guys who have been working their butts off and for all of our sponsors. And of course there's crew chief Paul Smith, who is the brains behind the whole operation. Everyone here does an incredible job, and I'm proud to be associated with them."

Lang Locks Up Another One

Defending IHRA Pro Modified champion Kenny Lang put together a nearly perfect 10-race season en route to a second consecutive class championship.

Despite his solid showing - eight consecutive trips to the finals, four wins, four No. 1 qualifiers, and an IHRA E.T. record of 5.884 seconds – it was anything but a walkover for the competitor from Grande Pointe, Manitoba.

Lang had barely a moment to relax all year long as his every move was countered by a man who cast a very large shadow. That man was class charter member Ed Hoover, who was dedicated to capturing the first championship of his 19-year Pro Mod career.

As the tour crossed North America, going from city to city, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Pro Mod would end up being the Kenny and Ed show before the lights went out. The two met five times in final rounds, with Lang taking the Ironman three times. Lang also took a first-round win and a semifinal victory over Hoover in 2009. In total, Lang made eight consecutive final round appearances during the season.

Coming into Rockingham for the World Finals, Hoover still had a slim chance to won the crown, but with qualifying restricted to a single pass by rain Hoover failed to make the field. With the door wide open, Lang wrapped up championship number two by taking the No. 1 qualifying spot and advancing to the semifinals on race day. 

"It is great to be able to get back-to-back championships," Lang said from the winners circle. "Winning a championship is something that is so rare and we were able to accomplish it twice.  When you look at the season like that - with all the things we accomplished, it really shows just how good this team performed. Pretty much everything went right all season long.

"Winning the championship last year was awesome and humbling, but to do it again is something very few people will ever duplicate. It really is incredible."

Lang had nothing but praise for his season-long rival, Ed Hoover.

"It was great racing him all season long. It was a shame he didn't make the field at Rockingham, "Lang said. "We enjoyed racing him this year and he made it incredibly tough on us.

"It is nice obviously to lock up the championship. We wanted to come here and make sure we were in good shape to do it and qualify the car and if we did that then we knew we had it. When we made that pass I knew it was finally ours," Lang said.

"Four or five years ago, we wanted just to be contenders, Lang said. "The first year that we ran the whole season we were number ten in points, then we moved up to number six. We were number one last year and now again this year. I don't think it can get better than that. None of us do this for a living; we do it as a hobby, and it's all for fun," Lang said.

"This title belongs to all the guys on my crew and of course my sponsors. Without all of them, we couldn't have done any of this. Of course, my hat's off to Al Billes - a man who I think is the best tuner anywhere. He can adapt to any situation, and tune a car from anywhere, event thousands of miles away, just by asking questions on the phone. He's amazing, and I'm so lucky to have had him on my side. I want to thank Roger Burgess, too, for letting Al work with me over here, and of course for his sponsorship throughout the season. Roger is truly an awesome man, and I appreciate everything he's done for me and for Pro Mod drag racing in general.

"We've got a whole group of guys that really work well together, that's the most important thing, I want to thank my dad Danny, Rob Poirier, Jim Elliot, Malcolm Nickerson, and of course John Waldie, who was with us at every race," Lang said. "The cars that Tim McAmis builds, I think, are the very best, and this championship is a testament to that as well.

"I have to say a big 'thank you' also to my wonderful sponsors. I mentioned Roger Burgess and ProCare Rx, but there's also Castrol, NGK, Pepsi, Miller Welders, Safety-Kleen, the Sign Source, Prolific Group, and Jet Tools. They are such huge support for us, getting us through every race. This is for them as well."

Montecalvo a Bridesmaid No More

In nearly 20 years of competitive drag racing, John Montecalvo has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory more times than he'd care to remember. During his career in Pro Stock, a disappointing string of circumstances, most not of his own doing, have relegated the Long Island, New York, paving contractor to five third-place finishes going back to 1999.

In the wink of an eye, however, that veil of frustration was lifted as Montecalvo stood hoisting the 2009 Elite Motorsports Pro Stock championship Ironman on a cool October day at Rockingham Dragway.

But it was far from an easy road to the top. In fact, the potential for another disheartening result constantly loomed over the veteran competitor as the season drew to a close.

As is so often the case in the ultra-competitive Pro Stock category, the battle for the title went right down to the last race of the year. Coming into Rockingham for the World Finals, there were three drivers vying for the crown.

Montecalvo started the weekend 33 points ahead of Frank Gugliotta and 63 points ahead of defending champion Pete Berner. Obviously, with the fight this close one wrong move could bring a sudden end to the season for any one of these racers.

Montecalvo got off to a strong start, taking the No.1 qualifying spot when rain shortened the preliminary action to a single session. The rain returned to knock out Friday night's show, and then to add to the misery, heavy dew forced cancellation of Saturday's night session as well. Ultimately, with the track distance shortened to eighth-mile, Pro Stock was set to go into eliminations nearly 48 hours after their solitary run down the track.

Sunday morning Montecalvo opened his title quest with a bye run in the first round. Now all he needed to do was take the win light in his quarterfinal match-up with Ned Katuran to claim the biggest prize of his career.

His trademark red, white, and blue Chevrolet stumbled off the line, however, allowing Katuran to cruise to the win and set waves of Déjà vu rolling over Montecalvo.

With the loss Montecalvo's fate now rested in the hands of Gugliotta, who was still a contender after two rounds. If Gugliotta won in the semifinals, he would be the champion. If he lost, the honor would go to Montecalvo.

As the fatal moments neared Montecalvo waited in his pits, claiming he would jump off the tower if he lost and not wanting to celebrate in front of Gugliotta's team if he won.

Out on the track, Gugliotta lined up beside Bob Bertsch for the all-important run. In the end, a holeshot victory by Bertsch brought all the drama to a head.

"I was sitting in the trailer, not even paying attention to whether Frank was running or not," Montecalvo said. "Next thing you know we heard a scream and our guys rushed into the trailer to tell us we won. I didn't believe them at first. I know I asked them four times if they were sure. It's just unbelievable that this finally happened. We've come close so many times. All our hard work and years of chasing this thing finally paid off."

Amazingly, Montecalvo claimed his crown without ever having crossed the finish line first all season. Consistency, four runner-up finishes, and three top qualifying efforts were enough to take him over the top. Montecalvo's best previous championship finish was third, which he notched in 2008, 2004, 2003, 2002, and 1999.

"This championship is as much for my crew as for myself," Montecalvo said. "Lois Anne is always by my side. Tommy, William, Bobby and Herb – I couldn't have done it without them. They have worked hard for this day. I also have got a lot of racing friends up in the sky and every time I race I pray to them to keep me safe and successful and I truly believe they were looking over me today.

"One of the best things about this is that I'll now be able to defend my championship on IHRA turf. With the new Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association we will be back racing with the IHRA again next year. I couldn't be happier with the chance to wear our number one next year and be able to race in the place we've known as home for so many years. 

"This championship means more than I can truly express in words."

IHRA Announces Major Changes in 2010

Despite all of the incredible point races in 2009 the moment that will be most remembered from the past year is the IHRA's announcement of a brand new format for the 2010 season and beyond.

In October the IHRA announced that it would restructure its Nitro Jam events to become more fan friendly with two-day shows featuring sportsman racing throughout the day and a three-hour professional show each night. Each professional show is slated to have all of the classes on hand run twice with a winner to be determined during each event day.

The announcement also included a list of new professional classes and special shootouts that will make the events even more exciting for both the average spectator and the diehard race fan. While most of the professional classes IHRA fans have come to know and love will make appearances at select events, the core of the show will revolve around nitro-burning machines including Top Fuel dragsters, Pro Fuel dragsters and Prostalgia Nitro Funny Cars.

Each event will also feature an assortment of drag racing entertainment vehicles including side-by-side jet trucks, wheelstanders, jet motorcycles and much more. Recently the IHRA also announced the inclusion of its two quickest and fastest sportsman classes – Top Sportsman and Top Dragster – at all Nitro Jam events in 2010.

On top of the format changes the IHRA also announced a revamped schedule that includes stops at world-class facilities Palm Beach International Raceway and Virginia Motorsports, a new stop out west at Rocky Mountain Raceways in Salt Lake City and an assortment of tracks that have become regular fixtures on the Nitro Jam Tour.

While the recent announcements promise a new and more modern Nitro Jam than longtime fans are accustomed to, the reality is that the new changes promise to make the show more entertaining with more to see and do than ever before crammed into a much tighter window making a day at the races more accessible than ever before.

And with the first Nitro Jam event of the year less than a month away 2010 promises to be one of the most exciting and talked about seasons in IHRA history. Don't miss your chance to witness history at a Nitro Jam event near you and say you were there to witness the birth of what promises to be the future of drag racing entertainment.

Drag Racer Reunion This Monday 4, 7PM EST

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Busy schedule for dragway in 2010
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"I know we've said before that our goal is to provide a little something for every drag racing fan, but I think with this year's schedule, we finally have ...
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Angie Smith gets fulltime ride with Klement for 2010
Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Angie Smith will race a full schedule on the 2010 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series tour aboard Karl and Kim Klement's Buell ...
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Old School Pro Stock Video - Old Hippie's Forums
By Thunderlungs
Drag Racing All drag racing discussions in this forum. NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, NSS, NMC, Door Slammers, Rails, Bikes, Snow Mobiles, JR. Dragsters, Floppers, Slingshots, Gassers -- if it goes down the 660' or the 1320' -- it's fair game to ...
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Motourage » VP Racing Fuels expands its tech support network
By cranialooze
Drag Racing:; 812-878-2025. Oval Track:; 302-521-1767. Motorcycle/Powersports:; 210-241-1192 ...
Motourage -

Dragster Car Auto Drag Racing Alarm Clock newly tagged "automotive ...
By moomba
Dragster Car Auto Drag Racing Alarm Clock newly tagged "automotive". Submitted by moomba on Mon, 12/28/2009 - 10:15. Dragster Car Auto Drag Racing Alarm Clock Dragster Car Auto Drag Racing Alarm ClockBy Taxor Buy new: $19.952 used and ...
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Today's Drag Racing News

Harris breaks barriers at Motorplex
Mandurah Mail
The event was also the fourth round of the state drag racing championship. Oakford driver Rob Pilkington won in the Top Comp category, with his Funny Car ...
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Ford Racing introduces the BOSS 302R
"The FR500C and FR500S road racing Mustangs, and the Mustang FR500CJ (Cobra Jet) for drag racing have proven to be great cars for our customers, ...
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Columbiana County Municipal Court for 12-28
The Review
On Monday, Ryan Dotson, 24, 31204 Carey Road, Salem, pleaded no contest to drag racing, failure to control and reckless operation amended from OVI first ...
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Need a little help getting paraplegic drag racing team going ...
By admin
I am here on behalf of Dwane Park, a 45 year old paraplegic who dragraces at our local track. I have built him a website in my free time trying to publicize and make Drag Racing a Disabled Sport. We currently are trying to build another ...
Classic Mopar Forums -

Avatar Review IMAX 3D - Tremek Car Videos - Street Car Drag Racing ...
By mattlikespeople
TL: DR at the beginning for you lazy asses- Awesome movie, great story and characters, incredible IMAX 3D experience. Would pay the $15 and drive the.
Tremek Car Videos - Street Car... -

New Ford Racing Mustang Boss 302R is potential personified — Autoblog
By Jonny Lieberman
"The FR500C and FR500S road racing Mustangs, and the Mustang FR500CJ (Cobra Jet) for drag racing have proven to be great cars for our customers, helping teams win races and championships. We believe that the BOSS 302R will provide that ...
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Team Z Suspension: Project 666 is Rolling - Stang TV Forums
By StangTV News
The Fox-Body Ford Mustang is one of the most popular chassis choices in history for drag racing. Light weight - and with a suspension system that.
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White Zombie Video (Electric Drag Racing) - GM-Volt: Chevy Volt Forum
White Zombie Video (Electric Drag Racing) Engineering.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Drag Racer Reunion This Monday 28th 7PM

Don't miss Sam Auxier, Jr's. radio show every Monday evening 7PM on  <<< just click this link
Monday Dec. 28th 7PM,  Sam Auxier, Jr will be your host every Monday evening, I will bring you every week the biggest Legends in Drag Racing, just go to our web site link above and in the center of the page just click on the Radio listen box. You can chat your question in and in a few weeks you will be able to call in. I will have three more Legends this coming Monday, Buddy Martin, the most famous team in drag racing Sox & Martin... Dickie Estevez, Legend and owner of Phil Bonner's "Daddy Warbucks Match Race Falcon"...
 Jim Amos drag racing historian and DVD producer, owner of Bee On Video. you won't want to miss a word they have to say!!! So be sure and tune in!!!

Today's Drag Racing News

Life is a wheel drag for Barry the Bulldog
Herald Sun
Speed addict: Barry Hall took his Holden Ute to Heathcote Raceway for a day of drag racing with his father. Picture: Chris Scott Source: Herald Sun BIG, ...
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My top auto racing stories of 2009
... this is not about NASCAR), there were suggestions this summer that NHRA drag racing legend John Force screwed up his run on purpose at the US Nationals ...
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Lost and found: Siblings finally connect through Facebook
Maryville Daily Times
He loves fishing and drag racing; she loves precious time with grandchildren. They both love their lives and wouldn't change anything. ...
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msd adjustable timing control - Mopar Style
By rl73
I know they have a drag racing site. put it there. My question would be does it only retard timing? Cause if it would advance it also (or either) us street guys with fixed dist. could use it while cruiseing at a steady speed. ...
Mopar Style -
Racing & Car Parts Swap Meet -- local events
Racing & Car Parts Swap Meet sat. feb.6 2010,Summerville Fire Hall rte.28 summerville,pa, 8:00am to 2:oopm, swap meet for dirt track, drag racing & all auto parts, indoor & outdoor spaces available, vendor set up 7:00am, admission $2.00 ...
What's happening everywhere -
Foxbody Rear Suspension? - Tennesspeed.Net Forums
By jesse92
An adjustable rear coil over is a nice addition for ride height and shock settings, (imo, again). The torque box supports are a good idea, but at least fully weld the stock boxes. For drag racing, I see no need for a panhard bar with ...
Tennesspeed.Net Forums -
Dodge Challenger - Third generation (2008-present) | Truck Tire ...
To accentuate the weight savings, they also feature added composite, polycarbonate and lightweight components designed for drag racing that will be part of the new Package Car program. The engine was repositioned to improve driveline ...
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subaru quad | Quad Krazy!
By admin
Karting and drag racing are just two of the exciting events you can attend in Bristol. For those who wish to join in why not attend the Bristol Rally School. For the most exhilarating experience, speed round the track in a Formula ford ...
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Sandbox Drag Racing - Forge Hub
Drag Racing I made this a long time ago, and through much playing and testing, realized that it was an instant favorite to anyone who played it. Its.

Drag Racing - Canon Digital Photography Forums
Drag Racing Sports. ... UK Cal Look Drag Day - VW Drag Racing - UK, Jules.r, Motorsports, 4, 12th of August 2009 (Wed) 10:33 ...

:::Drag Racing Online::: Outlaw All Stars at St. Louis - 12/21/2009
A third race was then created to end GIR's 2009 drag racing season and, once again, drivers and spectators responded in droves. The Outlaw All Stars season ...

who liked the drag racing in nfs ps - Need for Speed Feedback ...
Share your thoughts and feedback on Need for Speed. Remember to be constructive.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Today's Drag Racing News

Allentown Morning Call
The drive to succeed
Allentown Morning Call
Olympic gold medallist Marty Nothstein shown competing in drag racing at Maple Grove Raceway near Reading. By Gary R. Blockus OF THE MORNING CALL The ...
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2009 Notable Sports Deaths
April 23-Chester "Chet" Herbert, 81, a member of the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame who helped develop an exhaust header that blew smoke away from a ...
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Top Fuel Blogster: Daily Drag Racing Update: Today's Drag Racing News
By Bill Pratt searches the web every day for drag racing in the news, cool drag racing websites, and anything else we think you'll like. Then we post it right here for your reading pleasure. Plus YouTube videos, drag racing photo slide ...
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volvo ohio | Perfect Car Desings
The US has been known for being home to the fastest group of people targeted. Through the years, drag racing in the US has achieved great success and.
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Announcing Shelby American | Miscellaneous Blog & Discussion at ...
The company also will offer the Super Snake, Prudhomme drag racing edition and "SE" post-title package for the 2007-2010 Ford Shelby GT500. Fans can also have a post-title Terlingua Racing Team package installed on 2005-2009 V6 Ford ...
Mustang & Fords Blog -

For Sale Hot Rod, Motor Trend, and Car Life magazines 1950's-'60's ...
By Harold
Hot Rod Magazine November, 1955. Featured articles include Bonneville 1955, AAA Times, Drag Racing in Massachusetts, Quarter Mile in the Quaker State, North Carolina Know-How.
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Got a Doodlebug for Christmas - Forum
By MaxSpeed
Hello everyone. I haven't owned a mini bike since I was about 10 years old. I am now 41 years old and drag racing motorcycles. I had been looking for. Forum -

Cheap Pinks All Out Drag Racing Racing tickets - Pinks All Out ...
Tickettogames provide cheap Pinks All Out Drag Racing tickets and Pinks All Out Drag Racing games schedule for Pinks All Out Drag Racing Racing. so get ...

Mustang Drag racing vehicles -
Mustang Drag racing vehicles. posted by BMartin333. Tue, Dec 22 2009. Share · Original file. Downloads: 11. File size: 174.3kB. Views: 47 ...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Today's Drag Racing News

Heartland Park Honchos
Emporia Gazette
Ross' and Smith's accomplishments weren't the only ones at HPT this year for the Emporia drag racing community. Ross' girlfriend, Lindsay Lippert, ...
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Motorsports Hall of Fame finds a new home at the Detroit Science Center
On a personal note my all time favorite car that the Hall ahs displayed was Brett Bodine's #26 Quaker State Buick that was owned by drag racing legend Kenny ...
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Stoked News - News, Videos, surf, skateboard, snowboard ...
By admin
This entry was posted on Thursday, December 24th, 2009 at 9:43 am and is filed under Automobile, Drag Racing, Off-road auto & ATV, Sports Car. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. ...
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Motor Sport: Online Motorsport Videos - Are You Ready To Race?
By Fluke
You can see the different types of sprints effect, drag racing and races took place speedway.The somewhere around 1890. All the while, international competitions were held and the various versions of sports cars appeared. ...
Motor Sport -

XBOX 360 Basics & List of New/Old games playable on XBOX 360: By ...
By tanyakaspar
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone™. He-Man: Defender of Grayskull. Hitman: Contracts™. House of the Dead 3. IHRA Drag Racing Sportsman Edition. IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005™. Jade Empire™ ...
Frogger Online Game's Blog -

3 Best Muscle Cars of the World | Truck Tire Reviews
Ford designed the Fairlane for drag racing and fitted the car with a 7-litre V8 engine with four barrel carburetors. To increase performance it was given an acrylic glass windows as well as hood, doors, fenders and front bumpers made of ...
Truck Tire Reviews -

YouTube - sir drag racing
drag racing part 29. ... 1988 Honda CRX B16a Turbo 12psi Drag Racing - Saskatoon Added to. Quicklist5:46 · 1988 Honda CRX B16a Turbo 12psi Drag Racing - S.. ...

:::Drag Racing Online::: Columns - Agent 1320 - 12/16/2009
Drag Racing From a Different Perspective - A Real Magazine on the Net!

NHRA Drag Racing pit crew - Topic Powered by Social Strata
Discovery Channel has updated and enhanced our message boards with greatly improved functionality for our fans.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Seven days left to name NEOPMA series

Seven Days Left - Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association invites race fans to participate in “name the series” contest for 2010.

12-24-2009 Huntington, NY – Drag racing fans, seven days left for your chance to name a racing series. The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association in conjunction with Royce Miller, MIR track owner and other track owners, have created a contest that has prizes that include a hospitality suite for you and your friends at one of the 2010 NEOPMA races at MIR in Mechanicsville, MD, a club Jacket, T-Shirts, and be a guest of the NEOPMA for the day.

“What we are looking for is a colorful series name for the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association for 2010 and beyond. It should be colorful, stand out, and be a phrase that signifies the existence of the colorful and unique quarter mile Pro Mods of the NEOPMA. We feel that race fans creativity will find us this series name”, states John Mazzorana, President of the NEOPMA.

The contest will start December 1st, 2009 and run thru Dec 31st, 2009. Submissions will need to be sent to They must include your name, address, email address, and contact number. Anyone under 18 will need their parents’ permission, and parents will need to accept prize. All submissions will be reviewed by the NEOPMA Board of Directors and the contest winner will be announced January 18th

1.      The name should be no more than 6-7 words long.
2.      No explicit language.
3.      In the event of duplicate submissions, the first submission by date received will be the valid submission.
4.      Have fun.

Any questions can be directed to Vito Micciolo, 201.421.7416, or John Mazzorana, 516.857.3120

For more information about the NEOPMA visit
For more details about MIR visit