Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Insanity Event at Atlanta Dragway Results

Suttles settles for first win, Smith takes revenge on Sinack

(Commerce, GA – July 31) The insanity for this weekend's Saturday Insanity was that the rain waited for the racers to have their fun. The 6.50 and 7.50 Index classes saw some excellent racing in the final rounds, and the Open Comp class boasts a first-time winner. Promptly following the race's closing moments, rain poured on the black-top, cooling off the overheated competitors after another great Saturday Insanity event.

David Smith ('68 Camaro—Bishop, GA) and Stan Sinack ('69 Dart—Lilburn, GA) gave the crowd déjà-vu, running head-to-head in the 6.50 Index finals for a second go (Sinack won their last match at the June 19th Saturday Insanity). Smith gained a great advantage with his impressive .003 reaction time; Sinack rushed after with a .029 green light. The two stayed neck-and-neck until the finish line, when Smith claimed the win with a 6.51 elapsed time at 109.65 mph. Sinack crossed the line moments after, in 6.50 seconds at 106.16 mph, giving Smith a satisfying .003 margin of victory. Smith was excited for his rematch with Sinack: "He got one, and now I've got one." Smith thanked God for the win, saying "everything just worked good today." David Brand ('67 Camaro—Covington, GA), tied for first in points with Sinack, ended his day in the semi-finals.

Having gone out in the semi-finals in the last Saturday Insanity competition, Shane Williams ('99 Mustang—Knoxville, TN) and Mel Abney ('64 Chevy II—Cumming, GA) were ready to place on top in the 7.50 Index finals. Williams responded quickly to the tree with a great .005 reaction time, while Abney tore after with a .034 reaction. The win was up in the air until Williams took hold of the finish line with a 7.52 second run at 87.42 mph. Abney finished in 7.51 seconds at 90.76 mph, allowing Williams a .021 margin of victory. "The track was working great with the heat," Williams noted, "and the car acted like it was supposed to." Williams thanked Tim Matherly at MV Performance for making his car run well. Jody Blalock, Sr. ('49 Hudson—Commerce, GA) finished in the semi-final round.

Randy Suttles ('81 Malibu—Elberton, GA) lined up against John Norris ('86 Camaro—Royston, GA) for the Open Comp final round, but Norris had some trouble starting at the line. Suttles misunderstood the starter, and sailed down the track before staging. Suttles had to come around for another run, giving Norris a chance to fix his engine. Luckily for Suttles, Norris's Camaro lost its fire in the finals; Suttles ran by himself for a victory lap. Launching with a .088 green light and his 6.83 dial-in, Suttles finished his winning run in 6.87 seconds at 99.84 mph. The race was Suttles first win after six years of drag racing : "It's my lucky day! Everything went smooth." Suttles thanked "all my friends that helped get my car set up," some of which "I had to race today and beat, but it was all good." Eric Smith ('71 Nova—Baldwin, GA) and Jimmy Mason ('93 Camaro—Canon, GA) placed in the semi-finals.

RACE DATE: July 31, 2010
FROM: Amy Glover
EVENT: Third Saturday Insanity event at Atlanta Dragway in 2010

Win: David Smith '68 Camaro Bishop, GA 6.51 109.65 (6.50)
R/U: Stan Sinack '69 Dart Lilburn, GA 6.50 106.16 (6.50)
Semi: David Brand '67 Camaro Covington, GA

Win: Shane Williams '99 Mustang Knoxville, TN 7.52 87.42 (7.50)
R/U: Mel Abney '64 Chevy II Cumming, GA 7.51 90.76 (7.50)
Semi: Jody Blalock, Sr. '49 Hudson Commerce, GA

Win: Randy Suttles '81 Malibu Elberton, GA 6.87 99.84 (6.83)
R/U: John Norris '86 Camaro Royston, GA Broke
Semi: Eric Smith '71 Nova Baldwin, GA
Semi: Jimmy Mason '93 Camaro Canon, GA