Monday, July 19, 2010

Atlanta Dragway 7/17/10 National Dragster Challenge and Junior Drag Racing League Challenge

(Commerce, GA – July 17) While tonight was scheduled to be the National Dragster Challenge and Junior Drag Racing League Challenge, the weather decided differently. Scattered thunderstorms rained out the main event, but not before the Older and Younger Junior Dragster categories were able to finish their competition. The National Dragster Challenge has been postponed until next weekend's race.

Daulton Rogers (12—Hiawassee, GA) lined up against Austin Carden (11—McDonough, GA) in the 8-12 Junior Dragster finals. Rogers, dialed in at 9.01, had the tree handicap, and left the line with a .024 reaction time. Carden, dialed in at 8.90, chased after with a .112 green light. Carden held the pedal to the metal, but his late reaction gave Rogers all the distance he needed. Rogers crossed the win stripe in 9.03 seconds at 71.29 mph. Carden followed with a dead-on elapsed time at 73.60 mph, giving Rogers a .06 margin-of-victory. After four years of junior dragster competition, Rogers not only won his first race but earned the coveted Wally. "He just kept cutting good lights, forcing his opponent to break out," Rogers' father Ricky proudly said. Rogers thanked his mom Joyce, dad Ricky, and brother Blaine for his success on the track. Cole Wood (12—Jefferson, GA) ended his day in the semi-finals.

Brittney Hellemn (14—Buford, GA) took a bye run into the 13-17 Junior Dragster finals, making for an all-female competition against Jennifer Jarrett (17—Cartersville, GA). Both girls dialed in at 7.90, turning the round into a classic contest of speed. Jarrett jumped the gun, cutting a -.038 red light, handing the win to Hellemn, who began her victory lap with a .042 green light. The two stayed side-by-side, crossing the line in 7.86 seconds, Hellemn running at 83.23 mph while Jarrett finished at 83.18 mph. Wesley Mayfield (13—Gainesville, GA) was the Older Juniors semi-finalist.

EVENT: Summit ET event at Atlanta Dragway in 2010


Win: Daulton Rogers 12 Hiawassee, GA 9.03 71.29 (9.01)

R/U: Austin Carden 11 McDonough, GA 8.90 73.60 (8.90)

Semi: Cole Wood 12 Jefferson, GA


Win: Brittney Hellemn 14 Buford, GA 7.86 83.23 (7.90)

R/U: Jennifer Jarrett 17 Cartersville, GA 7.86 83.18 (7.90)(foul)

Semi: Wesley Mayfield 13 Gainesville, GA