Monday, July 19, 2010

RacersReunion(((RADIO))) migration to Zeus Network complete

We have completed migration of RacersReunion(((RADIO))) to The Zeus Radio Network. Access to the channel is only slightly different.

To access RacersReunion(((RADIO))), click the new radio banner in the center of the main page then click "Listen Live" on that page. You can also access the channel from

Click "Stations"...then click RacersReunion Radio. Yes...we've added an (ONE)  additional click to the process.

The new RacersReunion(((RADIO))) website is now live at The "RacersReunion Radio" link at the top left corner of the main page will take you there. We are in the process of loading the archives of all our previous shows. Please check it out and become familiar with its features.

Don't miss the Sam Auxier Jr show tonight. Sam's guests will be Former Race Director from Ford Motor Co, Brian Wolfe, Car collector Don Fezell, and Randy DeLisio.

Thank you for your support of RacersReunion(((RADIO)))
Visit DRAG RacersReunion at: