Thursday, July 15, 2010

Revell Brings Fun for All Ages to the 2010 Maple Grove Super Chevy Show

(July 14, 2010) This weekend at Maple Grove Raceway, July 17 & 18, Revell – the leader in replica plastic kits since 1945 – will provide a “Make ‘n Take” model building activity during the Super Chevy Show. This activity will allow children to come to the car show awards tent from 12-2pm on Saturday and Sunday to put together their very own model kit with assistance from expert modelers for no additional charge.

Make ‘n Take is a great way to get young people interested in the model building hobby, and adds to the entertainment taking place at the Maple Grove Super Chevy Show. The young modeler can then follow his interest in the hobby by purchasing his next kit at a local hobby dealer. With a child in his store, the dealer has the opportunity to show off other model kits, paints, tools and model building accessories to get him more engaged in the hobby. Any parent will admit wanting their children to have other activities besides playing video games or texting.

The Revell Make ‘n Take activity will be hosted by the Central PA Model Car Club, and their club members helping kids build Chevrolet model kits throughout the weekend.

Rick Haas, Marketing Director for Revell explained “We are excited to be sponsoring Make ‘n Take with the Super Chevy organization. Many of our most popular model kits are Chevrolet products. All of Revell’s model kits are designed with exacting detail and authenticity to scale. Car and model building enthusiasts value this attention to accuracy. The kids will build a car at the event and later visit a local Revell retailer to purchase another model. This makes kids aware of the model building hobby.

Rick also added “The baby boomer generation built plastic models during the boom years in the '60s. They are grandparents now and are looking for activities to do with the grandkids. I can speak for myself as it is much easier for me to show my grandson to build a model than for my grandson to show me how to play level 15 of a video game.”

Like all Super Chevy Show events under the new ownership of SCSW, staffers from Super Chevy magazine will be on-site to write stories and take photos of participants, including those taking part in the Revell Make ‘n Take activity. Associate and On-Line Editor for Super Chevy magazine, Patrick Hill, said “Thanks to Revell’s involvement, we’ll have a great chance to encourage kids of all ages to become Chevy fanatics. The kids of today are the builders of tomorrow, and this Make ‘n Take model building event at the Maple Grove Super Chevy Show will plant the seeds for the industry’s next generation of classic car builders and enthusiasts.”

2010 Maple Grove Super Chevy Show – Event Timeline
THURSDAY – July 15, 2010
Gates Open / Ticket Sales: 9am – 6pm
Tech Inspection: 10am – 5pm
Track Secured: 8:00pm

FRIDAY – July 16, 2010
Gates Open / Ticket Sales (Participants & Spectators): 7am – 5pm
Registration (Race/Show) & Tech: 8am – 5pm
Time Trials – 2 runs: 9am – 5pm
Track Secured: 7pm

SATURDAY – July 17, 2010
Gates Open / Ticket Sales (Participants & Spectators): 7am – 5pm
Registration (Show): 7am – 5pm
Racer Registration / Tech: 8am – 1pm
Time Trials – 1 run: 8:30am
Car Show Series Judging Seminar: 10:30am
True Street Road Run:10:30am
REVELL MAKE N TAKE ACTIVITY 12-2pm in the Car Show awards tent
Bracket Eliminations after 1 time run
Super Chevy Feature Show 1pm & 4pm
Car Show Series “Saturday Specials” Awards / Grumpy’s Picks 3pm
Track Secured: 8pm

SUNDAY – July 18, 2010
Gates Open / Ticket Sales (Participants & Spectators): 8am – 4pm
Car Show Series Registration: 8am – 10:30am
Racers for Christ Services (non-denominational): 8:30am & 9:30am
Race Eliminations Continue: 9:30am
“Last Chance Race”: 11:30am
REVELL MAKE N TAKE ACTIVITY 12-2pm in the Car Show awards tent
Super Chevy Feature Show plus Rd 1 pro mods1pm
Pro Mods only 2:30P & 4:30p
Car Show Series Event Awards:4pm
Track Secured: 6pm
All Times subject to change due to local ordinances or weather. Rain or shine – no refunds!
Bracket Race may be rescheduled for inclement weather.

2010 Maple Grove Super Chevy Show – Ticket Prices
Spectator Admission:
Friday Only $10
Saturday Only $23
Sunday Only $23
Adult Full Event $35
Teen (13,14,15) 1 day $10
Teen (13,14,15) Full Event $15
Children 12 & under free accompanied by paying adult
Car Show Fees: (All Entries Chevy bodied or Chevy Powered)
Car Show: (Judged) $45 Special Awards Saturday / Event Awards Sunday
Show & Shine: (Not Judged) $35 Parked adjacent to Car Show Judging Area
*Car Clubs Show n Shine– call 610-856-9200 for an advance discount on 10 or more club members participating at the same event in Show n Shine.
Racer Fees: (All Entries Chevy bodied or Chevy Powered)
E.T. Bracket Entry: $60