Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rocky Reports: York show with pics by Bob Wenzelberger

What a great event.....both the show and the race were as good as it gets. Once I get some pics, I'll post them.  On the racing front, we ran the Boss Hydro and Big Time Memories Willys at a packed Quarter Aces dragway outside of Carlisle Pa. on friday night. I drove the Boss Hydro and good friend Ken Hall (Harry Halls son) drove the BTM. We made two nice side by side passes with each of us winning one. For the finale we put some "pop" in the tank of the Big time Memories and had the fans on their feet..! The track owner was so happy with the show...he wants me to put together a eight car show for later in the year!  On Saturday, we spent the day with friends at the York always, Darwin Doll puts on a great show and gathering! Some unbelievable cars and even more unbelievable people! It was great seeing everyone! On to Beaver springs... The race was on Sunday, and the weather was perfect....and so was the whole event! We had the Screamin Eagle funny car there to run against one of my all time favorite alcohol funny car drivers, Bunny Burkett..! It was a honor to run Bunny. We made two passes with Bunny running a best of 6.62 on a slick track and with me running a 6.92.  I hate losing to anyone, but getting a kiss from Bunny after the run made it a little more  In gasser action, we had Mike Hall driving the K.S. Pittman 33 Willys running against Freddy Bear, both Freddy and Mike did a awesome job putting together some real nice side by side passes! Ken Hall, drove the BTM in a special match race with Dave Cobb and my old "Flashback" 33 Willys. All in was a near perfect racing weekend! The funny part, it wasn't even the best part. The highlight to me was taking K.S.'s wife, LaVaun Pittman for ride down the track in the K.S. 33...! LaVaun LOVED it and the look on her face was truely priceless! Short of not setting all time best ET's on any of the cars, I don't know how this weekend could have been better and as great as teh racing was, the chance to spend times with some of the greatest people on earth was even better!


Freddy Bear racing Mike Hall in the K.S. Pittman 33 Willys!

Dave Cobb in my old "FlashBack" 33 Willys lining up against Ken Hall in my "Big Time Memories" 1941 Willys! We ran these cars side by side over twenty years ago! Neat to do it again!

It don't get better than this! Running my idol Bunny Burkett..! I grew up watching Bunny race and remember cheering her on to her IHRA championship! Great car, great crew,....and a even greater lady and person!

Taking LaVaun Pittman for a ride!