Thursday, June 27, 2013


BOHEMIA, N.Y. June 25, 2013:  From Performance Software Technologies (PST) comes a breakthrough in Drag Racing competition software. The same people that developed iCard software technology and the RatioTrax analysis for Lenco has now produced a program that builds upon and far surpasses those capabilities. TimeTrax is an encompassing software program that delivers race data directly to your computer via the internet. Launching first within the American Drag Racing League (ADRL), and with complete ADRL backing, TimeTrax will change the way racers analyze competition data.

Not only does TimeTrax deliver race data directly to users' computers, but it also allows users to sort and analyze that data to their advantage. Data, all collected by respected industry leader, can be sorted by class or session to give users a snapshot of each car in their respective category. For a more in depth look, users can isolate certain competitors to see how their runs measure up. TimeTrax then calculates the performance levels of these runs at every clock and split time. This is truly a revolutionary step in data analysis. The program is even versatile enough to allow users to compare across classes and categories, as well as lane to lane analysis.

Former World Champion and winner of the recent ADRL US Drags, John Montecalvo, has been testing the TimeTrax program and is thrilled with the results: "As a team, we take advantage of every opportunity to enhance our program. TimeTrax is another weapon in our arsenal that allows us to get an edge on the competition."

This user-friendly program also comes with simple features such as the "8 fastest" button which automatically compares your run with your eight fastest competitors. TimeTrax utilizes the power of the cloud to allow users to access all past events.

Another TimeTrax customer, Pro Stock driver and winner of the 2013 ADRL Spring Drags Trevor Eman, has also been pleased with his results from this program. "PST has programmed some great tools for drag racers, among them RatioTrax which we have been using for several years. The new TimeTrax is another great program to make our work behind the computer in the pit area just that much easier!"

TimeTrax isn't just for race teams! Braswell Carburetion utilizes the software to further assist their customer base. "The TimeTrax program has proven to be invaluable tool for working with our customers," told Doug Schriefer of Braswell Carburetion. "We have customers send us runs from the race track all of the time and while looking at their data is great, being able to look and see how they're running vs. the field in certain situations is extremely helpful. I can look at the data and think to myself they should be running better at this point on the track or that point based on the weather and the tune-up but when looking at the TimeTrax program I can see that they may have been much better in relationship to the field due to track conditions than I had previously realized. TimeTrax is taking things to the next level. Imagine tuning without having a time slip at all- that's what you're going to be thinking after using TimeTrax." 

A program with these capabilities would be expected to cost thousands of dollars. Amazingly, Performance Software Technologies is offering it for just $59 per race or $395 per season. TimeTrax is available now for all ADRL events and will soon be launching into other series.

For ordering information and a visual presentation of the product, visit or call (631) 981-2900.