Tuesday, June 04, 2013


(06-04-2013) Crofton, MD – The Management at "The New Capitol Raceway" had the track ready for the oppressive heat. During the first session of Qualifying many drivers were just finding a tune up to get down the 140+ degree track!  In the second session of qualifying Fred Scriba runs an amazing 6.10 in the heat to show he is ready for all weather and track conditions. Dwayne Wolfe also ran a good number during the heat, running a 6.24 with his blown firebird.  Gerry Capano and Gary Courtier had a side by side race with Capano running a career best with a 6.10 after he was struggling with that car the last couple of races, and Courtier ran a 6.23 with his beautiful Nitrous Camaro.
"Capitol Raceway is such a great track to race," Gary Courtier said. "The improvements to the track and facilities were outstanding. Their hospitality was second to none, as they had cold water at the starting line and the top end turn off which was awesome considering the 95+ degree heat."

Due to the Midnight curfew in Crofton MD, and less than 30 minutes to turn the Pro Mods around, it was decided to complete the finals at the next NEOPMA event June 15th during the last qualifier at Atco Dragway in Atco New Jersey.

The NEOPMA Pro Mod Series continues with the Door Wars Thrill Show, June 15th at Atco Dragway, Atco NJ.
Final round-by-round results from the NEOPMA Pro Mod Warriors Series following the Door Wars at Capitol Raceway.

ROUND ONE – Tim O'Hare, Chevy Camaro, 6.207, 236.17 def. Matt Deitsch, Camaro, 7.672, 177.49, Steve Kramer, Chevy Camaro, 6.264, 229.51 def. Dwayne Wolfe, Firebird, 6.916, 148.72, Jeff Rodgers, Mustang, 6.282, 213.10 def. Angela Ray, Mustang, 6.617, 176.42, Gary Courtier, Camaro, 6.185, 220.84 def. Matt Deitsch Jr. Cavalier, 7.475, 138.70, Fred Scriba, Corvette, 6.097, 233.32 def. Paul Atkins, Monte Carlo, Broke, Jeff  Miller, Belair, 6.107, 233.32 def. Gary Walker, Firebird, 6.244, 222.25, Gerry Capano, Corvette, 6.234, 235.31 def. D. Farace, Corvette, 7.416, 187.65, Larry Plummer, Firebird, 6.484, 216.37 def. Steve Drummond, Mustang, 6.654, 180.79.
QUARTERFINALS - O'Hare, 6.108, 238.51 def. Kramer, 6.226, 229.00, Courtier, 6.624, 182.75 def. Rodgers, 7.780, 134.62, Scriba, 6.061, 236.88 def. Miller, 6.212, 210.18, Plummer, 7.922, 124.68 def. Gerry Capano, Broke.
SEMIFINALS – Courtier def. O'Hare, Scriba def. Plummer.FINAL – Courtier v. Scriba - Not run due to curfew. Will be contested at June 15th, Atco NEOPMA Pro Mod Event.
Point standings (top 10) for NEOPMA Pro Mod Warriors Series following the Door Wars at Capitol Raceway.

(1) Fred Scriba 819 (2) Jeff Miller 815 (3) Angela Ray 603, (4) Gary Courtier 600, (5) Tim O'Hare 576 (6) Dwayne Wolfe 514 (7) Larry Plummer 503 (8) Steve Kramer 491 (9) Jeff Rodgers 397 (10) Gerry Capano 297.
For more info on the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association visit www.neopma.com