Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Classical AA/GS Group at the "Big Show"

This past weekend we had our "Classical AA/GS Group" in Gainesville Florida to do a exhibition at the NHRA Gator Nationals. This was the first time our group had the opportunity to perform at a NHRA "Big show" national event. To say I was a lil nervous was an understatement! Even though our group has been widely accepted at "national" and local nostalgia events, this was going to be a totally different environment. I really didn't know how the fans would react to our pre 1968 style gassers... and the fact that we raced on a 1/8 mile track instead of the 1/4. All my worries were for nothing, as the group was not only accepted, I'd say we were a down right HIT! 

The fans, Young and Old were all over the cars while we were in the pits and the show we put on the track had the fans on their feet! A special thanks to the teams that made the show, Skip Cloverdale, Steve Crook, Dave Cobb, Freddy Bear and last but not least, my crew. ALSO, a BIG THANKS to Steve Gibbs and Eileen Daniels for everything they did to make this happen. It's my dream to see this type of "True" period correct racing grow from the "Classical AA/GSers" to period correct ("Classical") AA/FD's, AA/FC's and AA/FA's. All period correct and all putting on a show for the fans. 

For more pics and the race report check out: http://www.rockypirrone.com/index.php?topic=130.0

Photos courtesy Roger Richards