Thursday, October 31, 2013


(10-31-2013) Huntington, NY – It's been a long journey filled season, but one team persevered and emerged a champion after battling the tough competition that race the quarter mile Pro Mod series, and it came down to the final points event of 2013 to determine the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Champion.

"This is a great feeling to win this championship. I have been waiting fifteen years and it finally happened. We had a rough time getting started in the beginning of the season, but my team worked their butts off and everything started to click. Our team has come a long way from going to races trying to qualify, to being a top contender. This only can exist when you have good people around you that come to the shop once a week to service car, truck and trailer. I can't thank them enough. Talk about team spirit.  I have to give special thanks to Frank De'Novellis. I needed a valve and Frank drove 7 long hours from long Island NY to Maryland to drop parts off at 1 am and had to leave to take his son to soccer. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't be champions. That's the kind of people we are surrounded by. Thanks to Matt Deitch for having those parts." states Gary Courtier.

Gary would like to thank his team, George Pappas, Milt Decker, Craig Schmidt, Tony Candella, Jason Pappas, Frank De'Novellis, Bobby Kostrewa, Dominic, Bubby, Joshua, Larry Gonzalez, Jonathan Harding, and Tommy.

Special thanks to Switzer Dynamics for all there help and support, Brad from Reher- Morrison for always being there to help.

All of the NEOPMA staff (John Mazzorana, Vito Micciolo, Rockin Rob Cherkas, Rocco Micciolo, Mark Walker, and Melvin Jones) would like to congratulate Gary Courtier and Team on his championship, and acknowledge the top 10 finishers.

Final 2013 Point standings (top 10) for NEOPMA Pro Mod Warriors Series.

1.Gary Courtier 2714, 2. Fredy Scriba 2652, 3. Jeff Miller 2075, 4. Steve Kramer 1667, 5. Angela Ray 1565, 6. Dave Hance 1242, 7. Dwayne Wolfe 1085, 8. Gerry Capano 1058, 9. Jeff Rodgers 1019, 10. Steve Drummond 940.

Visit and click on Points 2013 for complete standings.

The NEOPMA would like to thank each and every one of the 58 Pro Mod Teams that believed in us and raced with the "1320 Pro Mod Warriors Series" this year, too many to mention but each and every one of them appreciated for their efforts.

The NEOPMA staff would also like to remember all who were lost throughout the drag racing community and always keep them in our prayers.

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