Monday, May 21, 2012

Bones Balogh to return at Indy!

Some real cool news about the upcoming Classical AA/GS class that will be at Indy later this year. The Pirrone and Ellershaw race team along with Scott Leber of Scotts Rods Custom have committed to team up to build a 1940 Willys coupe for gasser legend Bones Balogh to compete in! The 40 Willys coupe will be built using one of Scotts Rods beautiful 40 Willys coupe bodies and will have a chassis and drive line from the Pirrone & Ellershaw race team's shop. Plans are to to build a replica of the candy red 40 Willys that Bones drove for Big John in 1964.

Having Bones racing at Indy along with Fred Bear in the K.S. Pittman 33 Willys is going to be a real treat! Not only will we have some of the original cars competing, we'll even have some of the drivers who actually drove at this race 40 plus years later! I'd like to thank Scott from Scotts Rods, Bones, Freddy Bear, Barb Hamilton, and my entire crew for helping make this very cool happening possible. I'd also like to thank Vic Mazmanian for his support as well.

Rocky Pirrone