Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rocky Reports: Working Overtime!

Photo: Here's another shot of the work   being done! The Pirrone and Ellershaw race team is BLESSED to have the BEST crew in drag racing! This year we will have SEVEN...BLOWN CHRYSLER'S roaring from the Northeast Phila shop! Running seven race cars is a monumental task, but add in the fact the Frantic Ford is a complete new car, the Boss Hydro was a complete frame up re-do along with the unfortunate crash of K.S. 33 forcing a complete re-build and it makes what they accomplished already this year that more unbelievable! Special thanks goes to EVERY member of the crew!
Working OVERTIME..! The Pirrone and Ellershaw race team are working loooong hours getting ready for the 2013 race season! Pictured here is the K.S. Pittman 33 Willys in the final stages of it's re-build. The Frantic Ford is our newest project and will ROAR to life in the next few days!