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Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit - In the Groove Newsletter
24th Annual Night Of Thunder
National Trail Raceway, Hebron, OH
Saturday, July 16th, 2011

They brought out the smoke and fire at National Trail Raceway Saturday Night. The GLNFCC had six cars on hand along with the two jet trains Chattanooga Choo Choo and the Cannon ball Express, Bob Motz had his Jet Kenworth and new to the area, the Wheelie Wagon from Granger, IN. Also on hand was the Rat Trap and the Bradford family fuel altered.

The night started with all of the exhibition drivers being paraded down the track and introduced to the crowd.
The first pair of funny cars were the Dazed & Confused 69 Camaro of Jerry Streb and the Snakebite Mustang wheeled by Mike Klontz. Both cars started off with long burnouts and just before staging Jerry did a few dry hops. Mike was on his game as he took the lead with a .037 R.T. but ran into traction issues early with the Camaro taking the win with a 7.35/186.

Next up was the Fuelish Monza driven by Tracy Klingerman taking on The Solid Rock Mustang. The Monza was unable to start so Rocky made a single. The Mustang was in the same mess the Snakebite hit as the car sashayed all the way down the track never really hooking up.

The Old & Fuelish Corvette driven by John DeCort was next up taking on the Red Baron Mustang II driven by Butch Chovan. Both of these cars did a killer burnout that got the fans on there feet. Butch stunned John with a .000 R.T. but the Corvette caught up early and passed the Mustang II taking the win.

Monty Stotz with the Blue Thunder was on hand to do some testing, but he got the chance to run the Fuelish Monza as they had fixed the issue that kept them from running earlier. The Blue Thunder was out first but shook one of the parachutes loose. Tracey managed a good straight run stopping the clocks with a 7.37/182.

Second round started with the Fuelish Monza taking on the Snakebite Mustang. This time the Mustang was in the left lane which proved to be the better lane most of the night. After the burnouts both cars staged and the Mustang was out first, This time it was the Monza's turn to try and manage the tricky lane. The Monza danced all over and seemed to come very close to the wall. The Mustang hooked up and ran the best E.T. of the night at 7.31/178. After the run the Fuelish team did find out that they ever so slightly grazed the retaining wall.

The Solid Rock was up next taking on the Old & Fuelish Corvette. Both cars filled the air with smoky burnouts and the Mustang did a few dry hops. This time up Rocky was in the better lane but was unable to hook up and gave the crowd a great show. The Corvette ran another solid run.

Next up was the Red Baron Mustang II and the Dazed & Confused Camaro. Both cars did half track burnouts with something breaking on the Mustang II. The Camaro was shut off while they towed the Red Baron off the track since it was so far down the 1/4 mile.
Again Monty was ready to make a test run so he was paired up against the Dazed & Confused Camaro. Since the Dazed & Confused car had already did it's burnout Monty went first and then Jerry did a short burnout and staged. Jerry was out first and took the win. Monty made a good straight pass without the parachute coming out early.

This was a Chicago style show so the two quickest met in the final. That was the Snakebite Mustang with a 7.31 taking on the Dazed & Confused Camaro with a 7.35. Both cars thundered to the line boiling the huge slicks. The Mustang moved first and hung on for the win with the Camaro having trouble hooking up.

Butch Chovan
Driver of Red Baron
Red Baron

Good Vibrations has put together a new award for this year called the fan choice award. This was the first event for this award. The clean 69 Camaro Blue Thunder of Monty Stotz won the award.

Good Vibrations also sponsors the Quick Reaction Award which without any doubt goes to Butch Chovan with a perfect .000 light.

The Heculiner Tough Luck Award also goes to Butch for a close race with The Old & Fuelish Corvette.

Thanks to our Sponsors: Peak Performance Products, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Good Vibrations Motorsports and Heculiner.
Thank you to all of the fine folks at National Trail Raceway and we hope too be back next year for this fun event.

Next stop 4th Annual Nostalgia Funny Car Nationals at Marion County International Raceway.
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