Monday, November 18, 2013

Action Audio Apps Partners with the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association for 2014

First Professional Drag Racing Association to Bring Exclusive Live Audio From the Track to the Fans

(11-19-2013) Pleasantville, NY – November 15th, 2013: The live drag racing experience, as we know it is about to change! Action Audio Apps is pleased to announce a partnership with the North East Outlaw Pro Mod Association for the upcoming racing season starting April 2014.  NEOPMA will be the first professional drag racing association to give fans exclusive live access to on-the-track audio via Action Audio Apps.
This new partnership will revolutionize the way fans experience live drag racing by doing something no other professional racing sport has ever done before. During the racing event, select crew pit team members, drivers, starting positions, and finish line positions will be wired with the most technologically advanced microphones on the market. Fans will be able to hear all the inside action, in the car audio, fast decision making, thrills of victory and agony of defeat, live as the action unfolds. Through the Action Audio App, downloaded to their Android Smartphone, iPhone or other Apple device, mp3 player or tablet.
So how will Action Audio Apps transform the racing experience? Through the use of cutting-edge technology, everyone in the grandstands will feel like they're in the racecar, next to the crewmembers in the pits, and at the starting line and finish line positions.  Drag racing fans can tune in to Action Audio Apps' produced show to hear exactly what the driver and pit team members are saying.
Either pre-install the free app at home or download it once you arrive at the venue.  Within a few simple clicks, fans can access the interactive apps multi-channel keypad and select their channels for continuous action – whether it's their favorite driver, crew member, or even interviews with favorite drivers of the past or guest celebrities.
The app can also be accessed outside the live event so fans can listen to the library of archived audio and video content, which will be available in the Locker section of the app for continuous replay of exciting action to be shared and listened to over and over again.
"We are excited to offer our fans a chance to experience a professional racing event in a way no one ever has before," said Vito Micciolo of the North East Outlaw Pro Mod Association. "It will also give our fans a chance to feel like they are more a part of the racing experience."
Established in 1992, originally known as the Northeast Pro Shootout Association. The North East Pro Mod Association was formed to allow local Pro-Mod racers the opportunity to provide entertainment for spectators.  The Association increases sponsor promotions to help tracks drive more spectator business. Twenty plus years later, their continued success is proven by its longevity and performance in this arena. The goal of the Northeast "Outlaw" Pro Mods is to provide the drivers with a safe professional and competitive environment.
Catch all the action starting this coming April 2014 at a track to be announced. 
Hey fans, you can be part of a select group to be the first to participate in live beta testing and help give us feedback as we build the show! For full details, please keep checking Action Audio Apps' website  for updates on how to be a beta tester this coming spring!
Get ready, set, go, you won't want to miss it!
Action Audio Apps' founder, Sebastian Failla, first invented this system in 1999. Through further years of development, their new proprietary technology can now deliver this long awaited enhancement to every single seat in the venue. No matter where you are seated or what the event, from live sports to behind the scenes interviews, you the fan get to be a part of it all! For more information, visit Action Audio Apps at  or on Twitter at @ActionAudioApps