Monday, September 16, 2013

Stambaugh gets first nostalgia BB/FC 'five'

Congrats to Matt Stambaugh, who laid down a 5.956, 233.56 lap on Sunday, September 15, 2013, in  Bunny Burkett's 78 Corvette BB/FC at the Maryland International Raceway 'Legends at Budds Creek' event. This followed a then-terrific 6.252, 223.88 lap on Saturday. The car is powered by a Roots blown Hemi in a 15 year old Gordys chassis. The Vette body is about 300 lbs heavier than most. While there are no dedicated rules for what constitutes a vintage alky funny, Matt is the first guy to slam one into the fives. Dennis Whitestone, Mo Burkett, Bear Pritchett, Chop Moreland, Travis Waterman, and Robin Stambaugh did the tuning and flogging.