Monday, August 12, 2013

8/12/13 Drag Racing News

Ford Announces Departure from NHRA Drag Racing Torque News
Ford Racing has announced that they will cease any factory backing of the highest levels of the NHRA drag racing series after 2014 – leaving Pro Stock and ...
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Grand Bend hosts great drag racing event Windsor Star (blog)
One of the best events Windsor puts on every year takes place two hours outside of Windsor in Grand Bend. Windsor weekend is a drag race put on by Chuck ...
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Drag Porsche 911 Does Crazy Wheel Stand [Video] autoevolution
Even though these sportscars weren't built for drag racing and very very few drivers would rather have them over altered musclecars, they can return great ...
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Drag Porsche Doing A Massive Wheelie CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews
Porsches don't get used for drag racing all that often. Sure, there are always some around, but cars with bigger-displacement engines are generally preferred for ...
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Speed demons lie low The Hindu
Chennai's drag racing and stunt riding enthusiasts have eased the pressure on the throttle. The change of heart is partly attributed to the July 28 Delhi police ...
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MHDRA president Toth fills many roles Medicine Hat News
On top of doing all of those things, Toth decided to fill the role as president of the Medicine Hat Drag Racing Association, when it opened up in the off-season.
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