Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Rocky Reports: Bowling Green Hot Rod Reunion!

The Bowling Green National Hot Rod Reunion has become a staple on our race schedule over the past decade. Each year the Pirrone & Ellershaw Race Team makes the 16 hour trip to Kentucky to not only compete but to enjoy all the reunion has to offer. This year, we packed up four hot rods to make the trek. We had the Big John Mazmanian 41 Willys Tribute car along with the Fred Bear driven K.S. Pittman 33 Willys along with the Boss Hydro and Frantic Ford Nitro Classical funny car...  The three blown Willys coupes were entered in the "Classical AA/GS" class and the Frantic Ford would be making shake down runs on it's maiden voyage to BG. The "Classical AA/GS" class had nine entries competing for eight qualifying spots. Freddy Bear in the K.S. Pittman 33 Willys tribute car had the number one spot with a 5.57 et  Bones Balogh, had the number four slot and the Boss Hydro was sixth. First round action saw Freddy Bear going a little too quick as his 5.59 broke the gentleman's rule and the two time Hot rod Reunion champ was on the trailer. Bones Balogh left a little too soon, and his day was done too. The Boss Hydro entry made it out of the first round with a hole shot victory over Steve Crook and his bad ass 56 Chevy. The holeshot win was paybacks as Steve did the same thing to the Boss a week earlier in the final round at Beaver springs! the Boss Hydro advanced to the final round with a all over the track win over Dave Cobb and his "Finders Keepers" 33 Willys. In the final round the Boss Hydro saved it's best run of the day carding 5.69 ET and .09 reaction time to defeat the red lighting 5.86 run of Micky Hale. The win gave the Pirrone & Ellershaw Race Team it's third straight victory lane appearance at the fabled Bowling Green event!