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(7-22-2013) Mohnton, PA – Vinny Budano and Team "Bad Apples" had their 68' Shafiroff Sponsored, Tim McAmis built Pro Mod ready for action and proved it with an impressive win at the 2013 Maple Grove Super Chevy, Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods "Chevy vs. The World" event. Overcoming blistering heat all weekend, Vinny Budano and his team put the immaculate Scott Shafiroff powered Camaro into the winners circle running a 6.14 @ 234 against opponent Gary Courtier in the final when it was needed to keep the "Chevy's" on top. All non-Chevy entries were eliminated in the first round.
Conditions were hot and humid, with a July heat wave in full effect and with Saturday's temps at 105 with the heat index and Sunday eliminations not much better. Many of the 21 teams competing for 1 of the 16 qualified spots during the long hot days Friday and Saturday struggled to get a handle on the track, but by the final qualifier the 16 teams that figured out their tune up for the track conditions were ready for eliminations on Sunday and put on an exciting race.
"The NEOPMA Chevy vs. The World concept seems to add excitement to the Super Chevy events, and allows us to make the race a point's event," John Mazzorana said. "The track was in good condition considering the temperatures all weekend and the impressive 600 plus Chevy entries that ran down the track all weekend. Lex Dudas, and Track Manager Anthony Winchester and all the staff at MGR took care of all the racers, and prepped the track well."
Final round-by-round results from the NEOPMA Pro Mod Warriors Series following the Super Chevy at Maple Grove Raceway.
ROUND ONE – Fred Scriba, Corvette, 6.127, 235.23 def. Mickey Rauff, Beretta DQ; Kevin McCurdy, Camaro, 6.211, 235.80 def. Jim Barker, Camaro, 6.613, 224.02; Vinny Budano, Camaro, 6.165, 234.09 def. Dean Marinis, Camaro, Broke; Steve Kramer, Camaro, 6.232, 230.10 def. Jeff Rodgers, Mustang, 10.488, 85.42; Gerry Capano, Corvette, 7.058, 190.78 def. Frank Soldridge, Mustang, 10.331, 89.92; Gary Courtier, Camaro, 6.533, 230.25 def. Angela Ray, Mustang, 6.628, 221.78; Jim Bersani, Belair, 8.537, 117.88 def. Andrew Parise, Corvette, DQ; Tommy Gray, Corvette, 6.183, 234.49 def. Tyler Hard, Camaro, 6.498, 215.00.
QUARTERFINALS - McCurdy, 10.431, 83.56 def. Scriba, Broke; Budano 6.180, 233.92 def. Kramer 6.251, 230.33; Courtier, 6.476, 229.43 def. Capano, 6.517, 190.92; Bersani, 6.502, 226.20 def. Gray, 8.221, 110.62.
SEMIFINALS -- Budano, 6.219, 231.91 def. McCurdy, 6.429, 232.27; Courtier, 6.328, 231.48 def. Bersani, 7.125, 152.24.

FINAL -- Budano, 6.147, 234.66 def. Courtier, 7.127, 151.89.
Point standings (top 10) for NEOPMA Pro Mod Warriors Series following the Super Chevy at Maple Grove Raceway with 4 points events remaining in 2013.
1. Fredy Scriba 2042, 2. Gary Courtier 1804, 3. Steve Kramer 1505, 4. Jeff Miller 1155,  5. Angela Ray 1103, 6. Dwayne Wolfe 1085, 7. Jeff Rogers 756, 8. Dave Hance 702,  9. Gerry Capano 671, 10. Tim O'Hare 576
A huge thank you to all the staff at NEOPMA that help make these events possible, and all the Pro Mod Teams that participate in the quarter mile Pro Mod Series.

The NEOPMA Pro Mod Series continues with the Pro Mod Wars Series, August 17th at The New Capitol Raceway.
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