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(7-2-2013) Mohnton, PA – Gary Courtier and Team had their 68' Courtier Home Improvement, Milt Decker tuned Jerry Bickel  Pro Mod Camaro ready for action and proved it with an impressive hole shot win at the "Rumble at the Grove" at Maple Grove Raceway this past weekend. Gary's reaction times were awesome, and he used it in the finals to take down Fred Scriba who has been a tear with consistent 6.0-6 teens for the last 3 events.

Conditions were hot and humid and made for tricky track conditions, and with days of terrible weather forecasted leading up to the event, 16 teams attended and prepared for qualifications after a change in forecast to clear and sunny skies for the June 29 event. Many of the teams struggled to get a handle on the track, but by the final qualifier many of the teams where ready for eliminations.
"Maple Grove is such a great track to race," Gary Courtier said. "The Camaro was working perfectly. Lex Dudas, and Track Manager Anthony Winchester and all the staff at MGR took care of all the racers, and prepped the track perfectly. My crew chief Milt Decker and Team had the Courtier Home Improvement Pro Mod running consistent. I would like to thank Reher Morrison, Switzer Dynamics, Ram Clutches, Goodyear, Moroso to name a few. Also thanks to my crew Tony, Frank, George, Craig, Jason, Buddy, Joshua, Bobby and Dominic."

"Several of the Pro Mod Teams chose not to make the trip due to the 40% or more chance of thunderstorms leading up to the event, event day and beyond. It's unfortunate that the forecasts change so much day to day. These weather patterns seem to be the norm, and affects drag racing across the US," states John Mazzorana NEOPMA President. "It's understandable and only the teams can make the go, no go decision. Overall for the year, we have had 40+ different Pro Mods attend at least one of our events. That says something positive about quarter mile Pro Mod action on the East Coast."

With the win, Gary Courtier assumes second place in points, with Fred Scriba maintaining the points lead.
The NEOPMA Pro Mod Series continues with the Super Chevy Show, July 19 - 21 at Maple Grove Raceway.  For more info of this event visit
Final round-by-round results from the NEOPMA Pro Mod Warriors Series following the "Rumble at the Grove" at Maple Grove Raceway.

ROUND ONE – Fred Scriba, Corvette, 6.072, 235.60 def. Angela Ray, Ford Mustang, Broke; Kevin McCurdy, Camaro, 6.599, 187.63 def. Matt Deitsch, Camaro, Broke; Steve Drummond, Mustang, 6.312, 232.67 def. Paul Atkins, Mustang, Broke; Steve Kramer, Camaro, 6.283, 228.23 def. Bruce Mullins, Corvette, 6.880, 180.67; Jeff Miller, Belaire, 6.112, 232.63 def. Matt Deitsch Jr., Cavalier, 7.745, 168.79; Dwayne Wolfe, Firebird, 6.229, 229.12 def. Dean Marinis, Camaro, 6.384, 227.61; Gary Courtier, Camaro, 6.108, 236.88 def. Mickey Rauff, Beretta, 7.223, 189.15; Dave Hance, Bel Air, 6.251, 229.08 def. Mark Wells, Mustang, 8.941, 98.95.

QUARTERFINALS - Scriba, 6.065, 236.26 def. McCurdy, 6.758, 175.66; Kramer 6.229, 228.31 def. Drummond, Broke; Miller, 6.146, 231.12 def. Wolfe, Broke; Courtier, 6.087, 230.13 def. Hance, 6.225, 228.81.

SEMIFINALS -- Scriba, 6.033, 236.01 def. Kramer, 6.226, 228.00; Courtier, 6.087, 230.13 def. Miller, Broke.

FINAL -- Courtier, 6.101, 232.75 def. Scriba, 6.038, 237.13.
Point standings (top 10) for NEOPMA Pro Mod Warriors Series following the Door Wars at Maple Grove Raceway.

1. Fredy Scriba 1801, 2. Gary Courtier 1372, 3. Steve Kramer 1268, 4. Jeff Miller 1155, 5. Dwayne Wolfe 1085, 6. Angela Ray 968, 7. Dave Hance 702, 8. Jeff Rogers 626, 9. Tim O'Hare 576, 10. Steve Drummond 568
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