Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kyle CAP Christmas program

Hey guys and gals. The following is a copy of my 2008 Kyle Community Action Program Christmas Newsletter. If you can help by sending a few gifts for the program directly to the reservation, that would be wonderful. Kyle is located on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, in South Dakota. Pine Ridge is the #1 most impoverished area in America. Appalachia is #2.

I realize we are all having a tough time with the economy. If you are able, thanks for your help. Jackee


A warm holiday 'hello!' to those who care! I hope this letter finds you all well and ready to celebrate giving to others. This year's party for the Kyle Community Action Programe (Kyle CAP) will take place during the week of December 17th. Therefore, the gifts should arrive no later than December 12th ensuring that there is enough time for the gifts to be sorted by age and gender, and wrapped by the members of the community. (Note that CAP is an acronym for Community Action Program) Please plan for a week's shipping time to arrive at the reservation

There are hundreds of children looking forward to our gifts every year. The age group includes newborn to 18 years. Previous years, the gifts were a good mix for all ages and when one group was lacking, monetary donations were used to ensure that everyone received a gift.

ALL gifts are to be NEW and in the original, unopened packaging. Please do not wrap the gifts as they will be sorted by gender and age by the community. Gifts that are received wrapped will be unwrapped. However, please send along a sufficient amount of wrapping paper, ties, tags, bows, scotch tape, etc. If you prefer to make a donation by way of a check, please send it directly to Kyle Community Action Program. Gift cards for Wal Mart are a great gift as well. Small denominations are best.

These kids hardly ever get anything new. So PLEASE purchase gifts you would give a member of your own family. Native American kids are no different then your kids. They are bombarded with ads for all kinds of things on TV. Some suggestions are; stuffed animals, toys, games, winter clothing, coloring books & crayons, cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry, CDs, tapes, inexpensive tape players, CD players, watches, candles, basketballs, etc. Since the older kids are the hardest to buy for, gift certificates in small denominations from WalMart are a good idea. If you are sending a monetary gift (Money Orders preferred) make it payable to Kyle C.A.P. Send your new and unwrapped gifts to the following address:

Kyle CAP Christmas Party
c/o Charlotte Kills Straight - Treasurer
Medicine Route District Service Center
PO Box 496 – South Allen Road
Kyle, SD 57752
(605) 455-2448, 2304 [M – F normal business hours, Mountain Time]

We need to reach a lot of people, in order to make Christmas special for these children. I realize this is extremely short notice, and I apologize.

Thank you for not forgetting our native children. Merry Christmas and Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related)

Thank you for your support of these programs.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead, Anthropologist 1901-1978 - Jackee

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