Thursday, February 14, 2013


02-14-2013 Huntington, NY – The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods [NEOPMA] is proud to partner with Reher-Morrison Racing Engines and Jan-Cen Motorsports as contingency sponsors in 2013.
Reher-Morrison Racing Engines out of Arlington, Texas will post a credit of $500.00 to the winner and $250.00 to the runner up at each event running their engines and sporting their decals.
Jan-Cen Motorsports out of Elma, NY will post a credit to supercharged Pro Mods of $500.00 to the winner and $200.00 to the runner up at each event using their products and sporting their decals. Jan-Cen will post a credit to Supercharged Pro Mods that do not use their product but display their decals of $200.00 to the winner and $100.00 to the runner up.

"Dave Reher and Mike Janis have stepped up in a big way to support our growing series", said John Mazzorana, President of NEOPMA. "More than six teams run Reher-Morrison power with great results, and several teams use Jan-Cen engines and products, so this is a great partnership for all involved".
The 2013 NEOPMA Series will consist of ten events starting with Door Warz at historic Maryland International Raceway on April 19th and 20th. Visit for more info.
About Jan-Cen Motorsports: Formed in 1958 by James Janis, Sr. and Tony Centra, Jan-Cen Motorsports has built its reputation as the number one stop for high performance products and service. What started as a mere dream for quality engine service almost fifty years ago, turned into a mark for perfection. Located in Elma, New York, Jan-Cen Motorsports specializes in a variety of areas which include race engine building, high performance products, snowmobile sale and repair, and ATV sale and repair.
About Reher-Morrison Racing Engines: "Drag racing has been my passion since grade school. I used to have Hot Rod magazines tucked inside my textbooks. Buddy Morrison and I started our engine building business in the back of an auto parts store in Mansfield, Texas in 1971. We scoured the junkyards for blocks, cranks, and cylinder heads. When Buddy and I started our business, we had big dreams but very little money, so we learned how to make the most of our limited funds, selecting components and developing combinations carefully to get the best yield for our investment". Dave Reher