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2010 Maple Grove LODRS Final Results

Drag Racing Results: 2010 Maple Grove LODRS Final Results by NHRA. Final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event at Maple Grove Raceway, Mohnton, Pennsylvania.

Troxel thrills with fastest Pro Mod run in European history

PODINGTON, England (May 31) -- Melanie Troxel's competitive day at the FIA Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway was short, but she didn't leave the fans disappointed.

After losing in the first round of eliminations, Troxel returned for an exhibition run where her R2B2 Racing Camaro ran the fastest Pro Mod pass in European drag racing history -- a stunning 5.937 at 242.42 mph. Aside from the historic speed, her elapsed time was just the second five-second run on European soil.

The pass was the cherry on top of an interesting racing adventure for Troxel and team members Al Billes, Jim Elliott, Daren Mayer, Johnny Maguda, Mark Savage, Travis Rice, and Craig Wack, who all made the trip across the Atlantic.

"It definitely took the sting out of losing in the first round," Troxel said. "We finally figured out the track. If we hadn't lost a round or two to weather, we probably could have had a much better showing in eliminations. Maybe next time."

As was the issue with the R2B2 Racing Camaro Pro Mod most of the weekend, Troxel had to pedal and wrestle with her racecar to make it go down the track in Monday's opening session. About 30 feet off the launch pad, the car lurched toward the center-line and although Troxel expertly feathered the gas and heaved the car back into the groove, her efforts weren't enough, with opponent Adam Flamholc running a 6.304 at 218.22 mph ahead of Troxel's 6.601 at 228.90 mph.

"I was surprised, as crossed up as I was, that I was able to run any remotely respectable number," Troxel said. 

The car Troxel drove this weekend will stay in Europe with R2B2 part-time teammate Michael Gullqvist for the time being. There are no set plans to race it later this summer, but the idea is being investigated.

Johan Lindberg eventually took the Pro Mod title of the FIA Main Event when he ran an unopposed 6.042 at 236.09 mph.

In other classes, Urs Erbacher of Switzerland, a past FIA champion in both Top Fuel and Top Methanol Funny Car, beat Risto Poutiainen to take the early points lead. Erbacher, who has competed several times on the NHRA tour, did it in style, setting a European speed mark with his winning 4.785 at 314.87 mph. Poutiainen smoked his tires.

Micke Callin took a holeshot win over Michael Malmgren to claim Pro Stock. Callin left with a .032-second reaction time, just ahead of Malmgrem's .040-second start. He held on to beat the hard-charging Malmgren by .004 seconds, with his 6.792 at 203.50 mph just enough to stay ahead of Malmgren's 6.788 at 202.46 mph.

In Top Methanol Dragster and Top Methanol Funny Car, Dennis Habermann and Jurgen Nagel ended the day in the winner's circle.

2010 Brainerd LODRS Final Results

Drag Racing Results: 2010 Brainerd LODRS Final Results by NHRA. Final results from the Thunder at the Lakes event at Brainerd International Raceway, Brainerd, Minnesota.

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Chicago the site of Langdon's greatest triumphs

CHICAGO (May 31) -- Sophomore Top Fuel driver Shawn Langdon has collected a roomful of trophies and three world championships in his 15 years in drag racing, but in his estimation nothing compares to the two JEGS Allstars titles he collected at Route 66 Raceway, the site of the upcoming 13th annual United Association NHRA Nationals.

Representing his home division in the invitation-only event, Langdon outran the top drivers in the country on consecutive years (2005 and 2006) in the nip-and-tuck Super Comp category.

"It's probably the toughest race in the world," Langdon said of the JEGS Allstars event, which will take place once again this Saturday. "They take the best drivers from each of the seven NHRA divisions, throw in a couple of former winners as alternates, and then set up a ladder. It's like an impossible deal because you look at the drivers in there and think, 'there's no way.'

"I was lucky enough to survive and win that deal in 2005 and then I came back the next year and won it again. I'm pretty proud of that. I don't think I've ever had harder days of racing than those two, but the feeling you get when you win it all makes it worthwhile."

Langdon is excited about taking in this year's Allstar action, although the majority of his attention will be on his Lucas Oil/Speedco Top Fuel dragster.

"We're making a lot of progress with the dragster and I really expect us to have a good showing in Chicago," he said. "Maybe there's some good karma left at that track for me. 

"It's a completely different deal now, of course. Super Comp you're pretty much out there on your own, where Top Fuel you have a huge team involved. But I'd match my guys up against anyone as far as how hard they work. We haven't had much to show for it yet, at least as far as wins go, but they're coming, no doubt about it."

Professional qualifying begins at 4 and 7 p.m. CDT Friday.

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Memorial Day, 2010

Click to see the photo! Drag Racing Pictures: Memorial Day, 2010 by Chuck Carman. Chuck Carman inks a patriotic '62 Chrysler wagon for Memorial Day, 2010. - May 31, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things coming together for Troxel as FIA Main Event turns to eliminations

PODINGTON, England (May 30) -- The skies over Santa Pod Raceway cleared up on Sunday, but the season-opening FIA Main Event did exhibit more than its fair share of first-race stumbles -- chief among them was Pro Mod driver Rolf Amman of Switzerland running the Christmas Tree over during his burnout and Andy Robinson of England dumping oil down a large stretch of one of the lanes.

The mishaps and a six-hour-plus opening pro session cut the number of qualifying rounds from three to two.

American Melanie Troxel had no problems during her two Pro Mod runs during the day. She got down the track both times in the R2B2 Racing Camaro with a best pass of 6.243 at 239.85 mph. She is seventh on the ladder and will face No. 10 Adam Flamholc, who had a best pass of 6.436 at 166.07 mph, in Round 1 of eliminations.

"We finally got to run the car," Troxel said. "It just feels good to get your feet wet and get your bearings."

Troxel was in the first pair of Pro Mods down the track in Round 1. The car had some trouble at the hit, but she pedaled it well and cruised to a pass of 6.572 seconds at 223.63 mph. During both passes on Saturday, Troxel had to pedal the car but was able to get it to hook back up quickly both times.

"It probably didn't look all that exciting from the outside, but it was very exciting," Troxel said. "It shook early in the second run just like it did in the first run. We're trying to be a little too aggressive there. I pedaled it and it cleared up.

"Any time you can get to the finish line it's fun. We would have loved to see what we could do with it if we didn't have to pedal the car. But it was a big step up for us."

Atlanta Pro Mod winner Michael Gullqvist, Troxel's teammate for the weekend, recovered from a break in the first round to jump up all the way to sixth in the field with a 6.226 at 223.42 mph. He faces Marco Maurischat in the first round. Maurischat ran a 6.476 at 215.13 mph.

Troxel and her car were a star attraction all day. Wherever the Camaro was sitting in the lanes, fans always made sure to lean in to get a better look at things. English fans, many wear NHRA-related gear, crowded around the popular pro to get an autograph and pictures.

"There's been a lot of excitement about an NHRA driver coming over here," Troxel said. "We've enjoyed the enthusiasm of the fans and everyone who has come over to welcome us.

"I've had a lot of great experiences over here. I've met some great people, had an autograph session, and sat in a couple of nostalgia dragsters, including the first dragster built in England, The Allard. It was very cool to meet some of the people who've been part of the beginning of the sport over here."

Despite the rain Saturday and high winds and long delays Sunday, a strong crowd piled into the Santa Pod facility to watch the event.

"There was a great turnout today," Troxel said. "There's kind of a grassy hill on one side of the track and it's just packed with fans. There's a lot of people out here sleeping in tents, and you can tell they are very committed and serious about their race weekend."

Other highlights from Sunday include past champion Urs Erbacher of Switzerland putting up a big run of 4.754 seconds at 319.31 mph in Top Fuel, which put him on track to earn the European record.

Michael Malmgren was the No. 1 qualifier in Pro Stock with a best pass of 6.774 at 204.23 mph.

Eliminations begin Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. local time. To follow the results log on to's European media partner


(Commerce, GA – May 29) Weather reports predicted thunderstorms all weekend long, but that didn't stop racers from coming out for the first Summit ET event since March. The sky held out until the race was finished, allowing for a shift in points. However, the hot and humid weather played havoc with the runs, creating a challenging atmosphere for competitors.

Jesse Young (Danielsville, GA) advanced to the Super Pro finals in his '00 Undercover dragster, against John Hobbs ('71 Vega—Conyers, GA), semi-finalist at the last Summit ET event. Young was dialed at 4.76, and poised to wait for Hobbs' Vega, dialed in at 6.54. Hobbs left the line with a .044 reaction time, outdone by Young's launch with a .021 green light. Hobbs ran .02 seconds over with a 6.56 elapsed time at 104.60 mph; Young got the better package with a 4.77 run at 138.86 mph, taking the win with a .02 margin of victory. Young claimed consistency was key, his dragster pulling the same ET every run. "This one's for my daddy," Young attributed the win to father David, whose birthday was yesterday, and thanked his crew chief/son Lukas and wife Corie. Young also gave thanks to James D. Young Contracting. Sixteen year old former Junior Dragster competitor Brittany Vancica ('02 Worthy dragster—Lawrenceville, GA) made it to the semi-finals in her first ever Super Pro race.

Bruce Wilson (Tallapoosa, GA) took his blue '70 Nova to the Pro finals again, against Tim Prince (Middleton, GA) in a '69 Chevelle. Wilson cut the better light with a .016 reaction against Prince, who left the line with a .044 green. Prince ran 7.11 on his 7.09 dial-in at 95.44 mph, but Wilson's start made his 6.86 second run, on a 6.83 dial-in at 94.93 mph, a victorious one. With this second consecutive win under his belt, Wilson has claimed a solid number one spot in Pro points: "The car was good, it was dead-on all day." Wilson said, crediting the win as a big plus for his father's birthday. Wilson thanked his dad Jesse and mom Sue, his wife Cassie and kids Malone and Cole, and the rest of the team that helped out. Woody Bryant (Bowman, GA) made it to the semi-finals in his '82 Camaro.

Rickey Morris ('91 Mustang—Ellenwood, GA) came to the Sportsman finals seeking revenge against Mel Abney ('67 Camaro—Cumming, GA), who beat Morris's son Mickey Morris in the semi-final round. Abney, dialed in at 13.18, cut the better light with a .051 reaction; Morris (dialed at 14.87) lost ground with a .072 green. Abney couldn't catch Morris at the top end, running a 13.27 elapsed time at 106 mph, after Morris took the win running dead-on at 90.44 mph. "My car wasn't very consistent, but you get lucky every once in a while," Morris said modestly. "I'm just glad to be here racing together with my son." He then thanked friend Jason Camp, currently on leave from the Army, for helping. Mickey Morris (Ellenwood, GA) placed third in his '98 Trans Am.

Howard Bowman (Homer, GA) cruised to the Motorcycle finals on his '02 Harley, next to Brian Wilson (Tallapoosa, GA) on an '82 Suzuki. Bowman got the handicap tree due to his 15.10 dial-in against Wilson's 8.80 second prediction. Bowman cut a .019 light, and the wait may have been too much for Wilson, who launched a bit early with a -.002 red light, automatically handing the win to Bowman. Bowman finished his victory lap in 15.32 seconds at 85.74 mph, while Wilson ran it out in 8.82 seconds at 146.26 mph. Bowman enthusiastically called his split winnings "beer money for Memorial Day!" He thanked his wife Kathy for all his long nights in the garage, and thanked his sons Brett and Chad for all their help, with an extra congratulations to Brett for graduating high school yesterday. Scott Reynolds ('98 Buell S1—Cartersville, GA) and Tim Sutton ('83 Suzuki—Clermont,GA) were the Motorcycle semi-finalists.

The 8-12 Junior Dragster finals featured Maddie Lee (12—Campobello, SC) against Wesley Syme (10—Atlanta, GA); Syme was dialed in at 9.10, Lee closely following with an 8.98 dial-in. Syme left the line too early, setting off the red bulb with a -.012 foul. Lee cut a .038 reaction time, and crossed the finish line in 8.89 seconds at 73.01 mph, as Syme held out with a 9.11 second run at 69.95 mph. This is Lee's second consecutive Summit ET win, giving her the top position in the 8-12 Junior Dragster points. "Every race I have two angels, Carlyn and Chelsey, with me," Lee said, and gave special thanks to "Papa Kenny." Lee is on a mission, having made it to Junior Dragster finals eight times this year. Mackenzie Butler (11—Jackson, GA) finished third.

Wesley Mayfield (13—Gainesville, GA) has moved up to the 13-17 Junior Dragster category, and ran his first 13-17 Summit ET final against 2009 13-17 Junior Dragster champion Bailey Denton (16—McDonough,GA), who dialed in at 7.92. Denton lost the tree with a .156 green, far behind Mayfield's .026 launch. Denton chased Mayfield hard, finishing in 7.93 seconds at 82.30, but Mayfield's killer reaction time flashed the win light with his 7.95 run at 78.31 mph. Mayfield joked that while his sister Leighann is learning the ropes in Super Pro, he's showing her how to win in the older junior class. Mayfield thanked his dad, Whaley Motorsports, and the Lord for his success. Blake Griffith (16—Homer, GA) and Chris Bowden (13—Homer, GA) finished their day in the semi-finals.

RACE DATE: May 29, 2009
FROM: Amy Glover
EVENT: Summit ET event at Atlanta Dragway in 2010

Win: Jesse Young '00 Undercover Danielsville, GA 4.77 138.86 (4.76)
R/U: John Hobbs '71 Vega Conyers, GA 6.56 104.60 (6.54)
Semi: Brittany Vancica '02 Worthy dragster Lawrenceville, GA

Win: Bruce Wilson '71 Nova Tallapoosa, GA 6.86 94.93 (6.83)
R/U: Tim Prince '69 Chevelle Middleton,Ga 7.11 95.44 (7.09)
Semi: Woody Bryant '82 Camaro Bowman, GA

Win: Rickey Morris '91 Mustang Ellenwood, GA 14.87 90.44 (14.87)
R/U: Mel Abney '67 Camaro Cumming, GA 13.27 106.00 (13.18)
Semi: Mickey Morris '98 Trans Am Ellenwood, GA

Win: Howard Bowman '02 Harley Homer, GA 15.32 85.74 (15.10)
R/U: Brian Wilson '82 Suzuki Tallapoosa, GA 8.82 146.26 (8.80)(foul)
Semi: Scott Reynolds '98 Buell S1 Cartersville, GA
Semi: Tim Sutton '83 Suzuki Clermont, GA

Win: Madison Lee 12 Campobello, SC 8.99 73.01 (8.98)
R/U: Wesley Syme 10 Atlanta, GA 9.11 69.95 (9.10)(foul)
Semi: Mackenzie Butler 11 Jackson, GA

Win: Wesley Mayfield 13 Gainesville, GA 7.95 78.31 (7.90)
R/U: Bailey Denton 16 McDonough, GA 7.93 82.30 (7.92)
Semi: Blake Griffith 16 Homer, GA
Semi: Chris Bowden 13 Homer, GA

"Best Of" The Sam Auxier Jr Show

We have scheduled the "Best Of" The Sam Auxier Jr show for Monday night. The show will be approximately four hour in length and will include some of Sam's most memorable interviews including.....Buddy Martin and Herb McCandless....Tom"The Mongoose" McEwen....Don "The Snake" Prudhomme...and "Big Daddy" Don Garlits. The show will begin at 7 PM ET on RacersReunion(((RADIO))).

RacersReunion(((RADIO))) can be accessed by clicking the radio banner in the center of the main page or by logging on to

Have a great Memorial Day! God bless our troops!

Visit DRAG RacersReunion at:

Richard Parks Event Report, May 30, 2010

The Annual Literature Fair 2010 will be held at the Automobile Driving Museum, 610 Lairport Street, El Segundo, California.  The facility is located in the industrial complex on the southern edge of LAX.  The precise location is three blocks south of Imperial Highway and one block east of Sepulveda Boulevard.  The location is convenient to the I-105 Freeway that intersects with I-605, I-5, I-710, SR-110 and I-405.  This year the Fair will be held on Sunday, June 27, 2010.  Vendors will set up their booths from 7 to 9 AM.  The Fair opens at 9 AM and ends at 3 PM.  This year the operating managers for the Fair will be The Automobile Driving Museum.  The Society of Automotive Historians (SAH) have decided not to manage the Fair this year.

The event will take place as planned and all previous sales booth sizes and rental costs will remain the same as before. The major sales area will be outside the building but there will also be a smaller indoor area, which should be more comfortable for those who are affected by outdoor exposure. Food and drink service will be available from an on-site BBQ and a collection of over fifty beautifully restored cars will be available for viewing with a donation of $5 per adult.  The full docent staff will be in attendance to answer questions and the restoration shop will be open, and staffed, for visitors.  There is no admission charge for Fair attendance and shopping.  Space Reservation forms are available on request by contacting  Bob Falcon

Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion will be held on October 23, 2010 at Perris Auto Speedway on the county fairgrounds below the dam.  Tickets are $55 if ordered before September 1 and $65 if purchased after that date.  The admission also covers the USAC/CRA Sprint car races at the oval track following the reunion.  There will be a static display of some of your most beloved cars, bench racing, raffle, auction, program to pay tribute to the reunion's honorees and delicious luncheon and snacks.  This year's honorees include; Vel Miletich, Paul Jones, Evelyn Pratt, and Tony Simon.  The 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to Cary Agajanian; with special recognition for J.C. Agajanian Jr and Chris Agajanian.  Prepaid admissions will receive a special gift bag.  The Legends of Ascot Reunion is one of the largest such events honoring oval track racers on the West Coast.  It tends to sell out the maximum number of tickets early and there will be no tickets sold at the door.  Send your check to: Gator Supply, P.O. Box 5331, Torrance, California 90510.  Be sure to print your name clearly, because Don has to preprint your name on the pit passes.  The pit passes will not be mailed to you, but will be held at registration desk at the event.  For more information email Don at or go to

Harry Pallenberg and Harold Osmer are in the process of creating a documentary based on the research that Osmer did for his books on early auto racing in Southern California.  The show will air on TV stations and will have footage on oval tracks and drag strips.  There is a short video on that will give you an idea about the scope of the program.  The producers are seeking corporate and individual sponsorships for this very worthwhile historical racing documentary.  All sponsors will be listed in the credits and this is a chance to have our racing history recorded.  Just like other PBS fundraisers, DVD's are offered for certain amounts that are pledged.  The DVD will make a nice addition to your hot rodding library and the show will further the public's knowledge of our rich racing history.

Pomp, pageantry of Indy 500 has Lucas dreaming big about Chicago

CHICAGO (May 30) -- Top Fuel driver Morgan Lucas has spent the time since the last NHRA drag race enjoying the festivities surrounding the Indy 500, which is taking place in his hometown of Indianapolis. The hoopla has lifted his spirits considerably, and has motivated him and his GEICO Powersports/Lucas Oil race team to attack the upcoming 13th annual United Association Route 66 NHRA Nationals at Route 66 Raceway.

"This could be a breakthrough race for us," Lucas said. "The car's been getting better and better over the last month, month and a half, and we're confident we've found the right combination for us. We know we can run the numbers we need to run to be competitive and we know we can get the car down the track every time, which is crucial, especially in the summer months.

"The Indy 500 has been great because it's reminded all of us why we love motorsports so much. We're so lucky to do what we do for a living. We're so lucky to have the fans we have. We're so lucky to have sponsors like GEICO Powersports, Lucas Oil, MavTV, Speedco Truck Lube, Toyota, and all the others. 

"I'm totally fired up to get back to racing and to start winning races again."

To help Lucas shift his focus from Circle City to the Windy City, the sport's youngest nitro professional will arrive in town early for a special Toyota-conducted tour of the city's top pizza restaurants. The 26-year-old then plans to take in a Chicago White Sox game.

"It's shaping up to be a very fun weekend," Lucas said. "At least we know it's going to be a lot of fun at the start. I love Chicago. There's so much to do there and it's a city where I feel very comfortable.

"This particular race is one I've attended since it started and I like the racetrack a lot."

As a team owner -- Lucas fields his car and the Lucas Oil/Speedco dragster of teammate Shawn Langdon -- he's also keeping an eye on the Full Throttle points.

"I'm always worried about the points and where we are," Lucas said. "Both cars are comfortably in the top 10 right now and the way the Countdown (playoffs) work the points will reset later in the year and everyone in the top 10 will have a shot at winning the title. The main thing is we need to make sure we're up to speed by then."

Top Fuel qualifying begins with two sessions at 4 and 7 p.m. CDT Friday. Qualifying highlights will air Saturday evening on ESPN2.

Morgan turns to specialist to try and cure his Lucas Oil Mustang

CHICAGO (May 30) -- The excitement of bringing Ford Motor Company's big blue oval back to Pro Stock drag racing has been replaced by frustration for veteran driver Larry Morgan as the engine builder from Newark, Ohio, continues to search for an agreeable tune-up for his BOSS-powered Lucas Oil Ford Mustang.

Morgan insists his 500-inch motor is making plenty of horsepower and he's got plenty of data from the dyno room to prove his point. He says the chassis and body of his flashy red, white, and blue 2010 Mustang is definitely slick enough to carry him to the winner's circle. The problem, it seems, is the fuel delivery system, which has been so temperamental he's literally run out of parts repairing the stuff he's broken.

"I'm like a Top Fuel guy I've been blowing up so much stuff this year," Morgan said. "I love those guys but I don't want to be like them, especially in that department. I've scuffed up so much stuff my suppliers can't keep up. That never happens in Pro Stock.

"We've put ourselves in a big ol' hole and now we've got to dig our way out, and that's going to take some work. I'm plenty hard-headed trying to do things by myself but I've decided to bring in a specialist that is one of the top carburetor guys in the country to help us figure this out. We need to get this straight because as soon as we do, things are going to change quite a bit for us."

Properly regulating the fuel going into the combustion chamber should curtail the internal engine problems that have plagued Morgan since his surprise semifinal start to the season. 

"We knew we'd be on a learning curve this year," Morgan said, "and that's exactly what it's been for us. The good news is we're so much further along now than we were at the start of the year in Pomona. 

"We want to win as much as all those diehard Ford fans want us to win. We'll get there, without question, and I hope we start something in Chicago. I like that track and it will give us a real good platform to see if we're moving in the right direction."

Pro Stock qualifying for the 13th annual United Association Route 66 NHRA Nationals begins with two sessions at 3 and 6 p.m. CDT Friday.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Super Chevy Show gears up for back-to-back events

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (May 27) - The Super Chevy Show, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, kicks into high gear in June, hosting back-to-back events for the first and only time this season.

The touring series, which combines drag racing with a car-show, swap meet and a family carnival atmosphere, will make its first Midwest appearance when it visits Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio for the Micky Mart Rewards Super Chevy Show presented by Donald M Graham & Associates on Friday, June 11-Sunday, June 13.

The scene will then shift to Topeka, Kan. when the series will be hosted by Heartland Park Topekaon Friday, June 18-Sunday, June 20 for the Kansas Super Chevy Show presented by Rick Hendrick's Superior Chevrolet.

"I think going back to back offers challenges for everyone involved," said Bill Bader III, Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park owner. "But we're excited about this opportunity, because for this series to grow, we have to make it where (back-to-back events) are not unique, but part of an exciting national touring series that's a big deal."

The Micky Mart Rewards Super Chevy Show is expected to be a very big deal. It will include sportsman drag racing, including the new Shoebox class; a pro show that features eightNostalgic Fuel Altereds and Les Shockley’s Super Shockwave – the World’s Fastest Chevy Truck –Powered by two Pratt & Whitney J -34-48 engines; a car show; swap meet and car corral.

The event will begin on Friday, June 11 with a test-n-tune.

"We have a great event sponsor and we've booked in some really cool promotions," Bader said."We're excited about this event. The Shoebox class is a big deal. We run those type of cars weekly and we think its something that is unique to the Super Chevy Show."

The Kansas Super Chevy Show presented by Rick Hendrick's Superior Chevrolet will feature the car show, swap meet, super pro and pro bracket racing and exhibition runs by Pro-Mod doorslammers. The event will also feature an autocross.

"We've got a great title sponsor in the Rick Hendrick Superior Chevrolet group," Heartland Park Topeka general manager Chris Gallas said. "It's on Father's Day weekend, so we're expecting it to the be a really big event. We expect the Chevy gearheads to come out for a fun weekend."

The event begins on Friday, June 18 with a test-n-tune.

Here's the event information for both events:

At Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park, Norwalk, Ohio

Friday, June 11
Gates Open: 8:00 a.m.
Time Trials: Noon - 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, June 12
Gates Open: 8 a.m.
Time Trials: 9 a.m.
Box & No Box Bonus Race: 3 p.m.
Car Show Awards: TBD
Pre-Race Ceremonies: 6:30 pm
Featured Talent: 7 & 9 p.m.

Sunday, June 13
Gates Open: 8 a.m.
Main Event Eliminations: 9 a.m.
Pre Race: 1 p.m.
Featured Rounds: 1:30 & 3:30 p.m.
Car Show Awards: TBD

Adult Friday $12
Adult Saturday OR Sunday $20
Adult Weekend (F,S,S) $40
Child (6-12) $5
Child Weekend (F,S) $10
Child (Under 6) FREE!!

(Must be Chevy Powered or Chevy Bodied) $60
Car Show (Judged) $45
Car Show (Non-Judged) - Show 'n Shine $35

Swap Meet $45
Car Corral $45
Trackside Electric Motorhome $75
Primitive Camping $25


Ticket Prices
Adult GA
Friday, June 18 $10
Saturday, June 19 $20
Sunday, June 20 $20
3-Day $40
Child GA
Friday $5
Saturday $5
Sunday $5
3-Day $10
Parking (per day) $10
Camping in Lot 1 $50

Saturday Bonus Bracket $35
Sunday Bracket Race $50
Crew Entry $40
Car Show $45
Swap Meet $45
Car Corral $45
Show-n-Shine $35
Test n Tune (Friday) $25
Bracket 1 Buy Back $40
Bracket 2 Buy Back $30
DOT Buy Back $20
2010 Super Chevy Show - HPT Drag Racing Sportsman Classes Bracket 1 (Super Pro)
7.00-19.99 Electronics. .5 Full Tree. Compulink Cross-Talk
Bracket 2 (Pro)
7.00-19.99 Non-Electronics. .5 Full Tree. No Compulink Cross-Talk
Any Dial In Non-Electronics. .5 Full Tree. DOT Street Tires andMufflers required.
All classes must be Chevy bodies – or – Chevy powered.

Saturday Bonus Race - $2,500 total Payout, .5 full tree, no Compulink Cross-Talk
Winner: $1,200
Runner-Up: $500
Semi: $200
Quarter: $100
Saturday's bonus race will feature Electronic and Non-Electronic racers running in separate categories until the final round. Electronic winner and the Non-Electronic winner will face-off for the $1,200 to win and $500 to runner-up.
Sunday Bracket 1 (Super Pro) Payout
Winner: $3,000
Runner-Up: $1,500
Semi: $500
Quarter: $200
Eighth $100
Sunday Bracket 2 (Pro) Payout
Winner: $1,500
Runner-Up: $600
Semi: $200
Quarter: $100
Eight $75
Sunday D.O.T. Payout
Winner: $1,000
Runner-Up: $400
Semi: $125
Quarter: $100
Eighth: $75

More information can be found at

Rain allows Troxel's team to prep for Sunday's action in England

PODINGHAM, U.K. (May 29) -- As is at times the case at drag strips the U.S., persistent rain kept any cars from taking the track Saturday at Great Briton's Santa Pod Raceway.

Melanie Troxel's R2B2 Racing Pro Mod team didn't mind the delay in the action as their '67 Camaro arrived in the late afternoon as expected. The rain postponement has left the American-based team on the same footing as the rest of the field. The revamped schedule now calls for Pro Mods to get three chances at qualifying Sunday ahead of Monday's eliminations.

The word of the car's arrival spread quickly across the carnival-like setting of Santa Pod. By the time the Camaro was unloaded off the transport truck, a large crowd of fans had gathered at teammate Michael Gullqvist's pit to watch the car getting unloaded.

Despite not having a car to work on most of the day, Troxel used the downtime to meet the international media that had assembled to cover the FIA Main Event.

"This is a new track for us," Troxel said. "Part of the reason why we run the big numbers at home is because of the all-concrete tracks we race on. It may be a trick for us to learn how to run this racetrack. We don't know how different it's going to be compared to what we are used to."

The Santa Pod track is an all-asphalt raceway, so with no concrete launch pad Troxel said getting off the starting line is going to be the team's biggest challenge.

"We're going to try and take it conservatively and make it down the racetrack," she said. "We're not looking to bring the car out and run huge numbers. We want to make it down the track, qualify, then see what we can do."

Santa Pod owner Keith Bartlett said the R2B2 team's decision to race has sent a spark of excitement about the FIA Main Event through the European racing world.

"We're delighted to have Melanie here," Bartlett said. "When Michael called me about a week ago telling me they were going to try to do this I wasn't sure they'd be able to make it happen. But Roger (R2B2 owner Roger Burgess) being Roger, he was determined to make it happen.

"We're also delighted we've got a 28-car Pro Mod field here. It's amazing how far we've come in a short time in Europe. The next logical step is a form of a world series."
Burgess' announced World Wide Pro Mod Association and the Ryder Cup-style competition it proposes has piqued the interest of Pro Mod drivers and race organizers alike.

"I'm excited about it," Bartlett said. "I plan on putting (the) hosting the event very high on my priority list. That's something that has a lot of potential. We've got a common rule schedule and it's going to have wide appeal."

Saturday was also the first time Gullqvist has been before the European media since his historic NHRA victory in Atlanta, where he became the first European in history to win an NHRA national event.

"When Roger called me on that Tuesday night (before the Atlanta race, to fill in for Ray Commisso) I thought I was going to spend that weekend working on my own car," Gullqvist said. "It wasn't a hard decision to make. I checked the flights right away.
"I got going and I thought, 'This team is the best one out there.' I knew if I didn't mess up, I'd be able to do well."

Gullqvist said about 60 well-wishers met him at the airport when he returned to his native Sweden and he was whisked away to a wild celebration.

"I knew there was something going on, so during my layover in Paris I bought a new shirt," Gullqvist said. "I had the Wally ready in my luggage. When I got off the plane there was an old lady with a trolley (cart) in front of me. When she saw all these people, she kind of fell down.

"I had to lift her up. After that they took me in a special car with flags all over it to a restaurant with a lot of champagne. We partied all night."

Pro qualifying at Santa Pod begins at 10:30 a.m. local time (4:30 a.m. EDT) with three scheduled qualifying sessions. Fans interested in following the action can log on to's European media partner --

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Friday, May 28, 2010

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Troxel's travels: Getting familiar with her new surroundings

PODINGTON, England (May 28) -- The members of the R2B2 Pro Mod racing team took Friday to get familiar with their new surroundings at Santa Pod Raceway.

Melanie Troxel's Pro Mod car cleared customs in Amsterdam on Friday morning and was placed on a boat for shipment to England. The car is expected to arrive at Santa Pod on Saturday afternoon.

Even with the late arrival, Troxel's group might not be too far behind the other 28 Pro Mod cars entered in the race because rain is supposed to move in and sit over the area around the racetrack throughout Saturday.

Despite not having their own car to work on, Friday at the FIA Main Event wasn't a total loss.

With the weather cool, breezy, and otherwise sunny, Troxel walked the track to familiarize herself with the nuances of Santa Pod.

"Each track is a little different," Troxel said. "So it's important to know where to go and where not to go if you get in trouble. This track has a long shutdown area and a high retaining wall, but it still has its quirks you need to be familiar with before you make your first run."

When not on the phone keeping tabs on the status of his well-traveled racecar, crew chief Al Billes lent a hand to occasional R2B2 teammate Michael Gullqvist of Sweden, the first European in history to win an NHRA national event.

"We brought a new supercharger for Michael's car with us," Billes said. "We were able to look over some data with Michael and we put the new blower on his engine. Michael did such a great job for us in Atlanta, winning that race, it's only fair to return the favor and make the car he drives in the FIA get better."

Billes said the team also made a point to introduce themselves to their new European neighbors.

"We cruised the pits and met a lot of the other competitors," Billes said. "They are an awesome group of people, I can't wait to hit the track and compete with them."

Two rounds of qualifying are scheduled for Saturday, if the rain holds off.

Silver Dollar Raceway this weekend

Friday: Street Legal Drags. Gates open at 6 PM with runs from 7-11 PM. Spectator admission is $10 or $20 to run your car. Race the Strip ~ NOT the street!

Saturday: ET Racing Series for Summit points sponsored by Jerry Barker Motorsports. Gates will open at 1 PM; time trials begin at 2 PM; eliminations at 5 PM. Guaranteed purses. Run Super Pro, Pro ET, Sportsman, or Junior Dragster. For entry fees and purse information, check the website. Spectator admission is $10.

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NHRA Drag Racing - Harker Twins Featured in Girlracer Magazine
Atlanta, May 25, 2010: NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster drivers and twin sisters, Kate and Diana Harker took some time out of their busy schedule to talk with ...
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Motortopia: Car Event — "The Olympics of Drag Racing" Beginning ...
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